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The Millerites, Trumpets, and Today


"After these seven thunders uttered their voices, the injunction comes to John as to Daniel in regard to the little book: 'Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered.' These relate to future events which will be disclosed in their order. Daniel shall stand in his lot at the end of the days. John sees the little book unsealed. Then Daniel's prophecies have their proper place in the first, second, and third angels' messages to be given to the world. The unsealing of the little book was the message in relation to time….

This time, which the angel declares with a solemn oath, is not the end of this world's history, neither of probationary time, but of prophetic time, which should precede the advent of our Lord. That is, the people will not have another message upon definite time. After this period of time, reaching from 1842 to 1844, there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844."  7BC 971


There are no more time-prophecies in the Bible. The last six verses of Dan. 11 are what we should be focusing on now at the end of time, and if we can find patterns of events in history, or "events…in their order" as EGW said, then we have a template for the immediate future, the final movements on planet earth as human probation is closing. We must now focus on future “events …in their order” and the 7 Trumpets are the “events” we should be studying now. We can line up the events of the first six Trumpets by seeing how the reverse of them is described in Dan. 11:40-45, during the 7th Trumpet.


The 6th Trumpet (the 391-year, 15-day prophecy of Rev. 9:15 from July 27, 1449 to August 11, 1840) began when the last Constantine, the last "Christian" emperor, voluntarily refused to accept his throne without the permission of the Turkish power, and thereby loosed the "4 angels", the four leading Turkish Sultans, who then invaded and conquered Constantinople in 1453 which marked the end of the Eastern Roman Empire.


The 6th Trumpet was about Turkish Islam's attacks on the "armies of Rome". When compared with Revelation 17, we see that Islam was to kill or slay the beast "that was" (Rev. 17:8) which was Eastern Pagan Rome with its capital in Constantinople. (Also, the Beast that "yet is" or Papal Rome, was slain by atheistic France in 1798, near the end of the 6th trumpet, Dan.11:40, first part).


The 6th Trumpet ended, on Aug. 11, 1840, after a three-way war between Egypt, Turkey and Europe, when the Turkish Sultan voluntarily gave the Ottoman Empire into the hands of Christian nations, “the four great powers of Europe", on Aug. 11, 1840. It was the same dynamics as existed in the time of Justinian who voluntarily gave his kingdom to the pope of Rome in 533 AD, and as the last Constantine, who voluntarily gave his kingdom to the Ottoman Turks in 1449 AD. (Then after WW I the Ottoman Empire was divided up.)


Islam is one of the three "manifestations of Satanic power" that ascended from the "bottomless pit" (The Great Controversy, p. 269). They are (1) Islam in Rev. 9:2; (2) Atheism (in France) in Rev. 11:7; and (3) Catholicism in Rev.17:8.


At the end of another long, three-way war (the Cold War), between Russia's Communist Atheism, Catholicism and the USA, the USA (after having secret “intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant” [compare Dan. 11:30] using the head of the Central “Intelligence” Agency no less!), voluntarily gave its "kingdom" away in 1984 when it sent an ambassador to Rome, prophetically meaning the USA was no longer officially a "Protestant" nation, and had become the "False Prophet" of Rev. 16:13, and "apostate Protestantism" (GC p.445, 615). And the USA also made itself Rome's new “army" by helping the pope overthrow the USSR in 1989. Therefore, Islam is warring against the USA now just as it warred against the armies of the Eastern Roman Empire previously.


Russian Premier Gorbachev voluntarily gave his atheistic empire (the then-ruling atheistic King of the South) to the pope, just like Justinian, the last Constantine, and the Sultan of Turkey all voluntarily gave away their empires. Then the USSR collapsed in 1989 (just like the political powers of Europe did after 538 AD, and just like Eastern Rome did after 1449 AD, and just like the Ottomans did on August 11, 1840).


However, even though the atheistic aspect of the King of the South (that opposed the advance of Rome for control of the world) is gone, and today Catholicism is marching on to gain control of the rest of the world (quietly, stealthily, from behind the scenes), with the USA's (voluntary) help, prophecy still shows more military conflicts between Russia and the USA.


The 5th Trumpet parallels the events of Dan. 11:41. Arabic Islam was the power of the bottomless pit which was to "torment" (not slay) the beast "that was" (which was Eastern Pagan Rome with its capital in Constantinople), and also “torment” the Beast that "yet is" (Rev. 17:8), which is papal Rome, by attacking the armies of the nations that support Rome.


A long, drawn out war between East and West, ending with the battle of Nineveh, about 620 AD, in which both pagan Rome and Persia exhausted each other militarily, was the "key" (Rev. 9:1) that released Islam out of the bottomless pit, until it fell again on Aug. 11, 1840.


Another long war (the Cold War) between East and West, culminating with the moral fall of the USA in 1984, and the political fall of the USSR in 1989, was the "key" that released Islam out of the bottomless pit again. So now Islam is "tormenting" the new army of Rome, the beast that "is", which is the United States, and eventually Islam will be allowed to “slay”.


The USA is “conquered” by Catholicism three times. It fell first when the various churches closed their doors on Wm. Miller, clung to their old Catholic theories of prophetic interpretation, missed the Sabbath question, and were left holding the pope's Sunday. It fell again, both morally and politically, when it gave up Protestantism “reached over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power” (GC 588), and sent an ambassador to the Vatican in 1984, and its third and final fall will be when it accepts and enforces the pope's Sunday Law.


In Dan. 11:41 a power from the bottomless pit, the Papacy, will “enter” (meaning defeat) the USA (for the third time) at the Sunday Law (paralleling 1842 when the churches of the USA fell by closing their doors to Miller, and 1984 when the government of the USA fell by sending an ambassador to Rome). And then Islam, the other power from the bottomless pit, will be allowed to “slay” the USA (by disrupting commerce until the US economy collapses).


The 5th trumpet ends with a king, the Eastern Roman Emperor, voluntarily surrendering to Islam; and Dan. 11:41 ends with another king, the USA, also voluntarily surrendering, to the papacy, at the National Sunday Law.


When Islam was tormenting Rome, the "sealed" (Sabbath-keeping Nestorian Christians) were protected, and at the End the "sealed" Sabbath-keeping 144,000 will also be protected.



We can parallel Trumpets 1-4 (the fall of pagan Rome and the rise of papal Rome in Europe) with the events of Dan. 11:42 to 12:3, the fall of apostate Protestantism (and atheistic paganism in the world), and the rise of Modern Global Rome to the throne of the world.


The principle that "national apostasy results in national ruin" applies all through history. The whole world is now playing out the events of the Trumpets in reverse order, which is apostate empires heading toward eternal ruin!


This principle is illustrated in the first four Trumpets. Constantine decreed a Sunday Law in 321AD, and just nine years later, in 330AD, pagan Rome was broken into two pieces, the beginning of "national ruin," and right after that the Barbarian tribes invaded to finish it off.


When the Imperial Roman Emperor Justinian declared the Pope of Rome as the head of all the churches in 533AD (which was an even more apostate move), and uprooted the last of the three “horns” opposing the pope’s rise in 538AD, he essentially ruined his own Imperial Rome politically.


Therefore, whenever the USA enacts a National Sunday Law decree (thereby voluntarily giving away its national sovereignty to Rome), it will be in a time that parallels Justinian's political, economic and religious crisis (caused by Islam), and it will be the beginning of ruin for the USA, and eventually the whole world (just as it was for Justinian and Constantine), and it will signify the Closing of Probation for Adventism first, then for the whole world.