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If you are making plans to move out to the country where there is more peace and solitude, and to perhaps watch the flowers grow, be encouraged there are already thousands ahead of you who have made the move; settled in, living life, and preparing for the approaching economical storm and financial crisis that is upon us.

Fleeing these unruly cities is one thing, and living in the country is another thing: that is why it is important to get a little knowledge about the move before you make it. There are advantages to living both in the city, and in the country. Many are realizing that today cities of once opportunities have turned into dangerous havens of angry people who have no job, no money, no home, and no hope. This alone is all the reason to get out of them and move where your mind can reflect upon the peace of nature, and you can grow a garden, put up a small greenhouse, learn to can, dry, preserve, and store up foods for later.

There is a lot more space in the country, and running a business from your peaceful country home is the ideal reality for many today. Things are a lot different than they were 40 years ago. You can now ship anything, anywhere with just a phone call. Shipping and delivery services will pick-up from your location and deliver your product anywhere, national or international, the world over, and you don't even have to leave your home.

There are incredibly large numbers of family-run businesses throughout the United States and the world at large and increasing still as people take control of their own lives and destiny. You would be amazed at how many parents are now homeschooling their children, while running their home businesses: yes.. all from their country home settings.

There are businesses, and family businesses that make and package: candy, ice cream, cakes & cookies, clothing, personal inventions, drinks & beverages, specialty items, import & export, eggs, fruits, vegetables, butter, milks, chicken, sheep, cattle, raise and sell pets (exotic birds, cats, dogs, etc..), crafts of all kinds, books, transportation services, assisted living homes, adult home setting, medical home aid services, maid & cleaning services, mobile laundry pick-up & delivery, mobile salons, mobile barbers, mobile pet care, mobile mechanics, animal clothing, hat making, wig making, herbs, health products, roadside mini motels, etc.. many of these businesses operate from country home settings. In the country you can have a farm, or build your own out buildings for office or business use, or for any purpose.

Country living or living anywhere has to be practical. You will still need food, water, clothing and shelter. Your move should be a well planned smooth move.

#1 The first thing to do in making your plans to move is to sit down and make a list of all the people that you would like to make the move with. Consider a group of 5 to 10 persons or families. In your group try to include some professionals like a dentist, carpenters, and families with young men & women, and boys that can be trained to farm, chop wood, build and repair things including: caring for the elderly, food preserving, natural medicine, etc.

Don't be afraid of growing your group and letting someone else in. You can make each other's lives easier by: trading eggs for potatoes, pies or canned peaches. If your neighbor's tractor is down, you can help your neighbor harvest his field with your tractor before his crops over-ripe in the field.

There are social events, and churches meetings, and community events. This world is changing, and your neighbors may be all the help there is, so cherish your neighbors.

Moving to the country alone is not wise. You risk robbery and vandalism if you're away and there is no one to look out for your property and interests. So sit down and think of all the wonderful people who would make good neighbors.

#2 Decide with your group which location and areas that you are looking for land in. Use flood maps on the Internet to help determine if the area may be hazardous to live in later because of climate changes, which may save you a second move.

After you have decided what area or areas that you are searching for land, homes, or farms in, then everyone who is able should begin searching for land, homes, and farms in the areas of interest that your group has decided on. Use the internet, call realtors listed in for sale listings to get the latest on properties in the area. On the internet you can find a lot of information about property along with pictures of the property; acreage sizes, natural springs on the property, natural gas on the property, how much of the land is cleared for building and farming, how much of the land is wooded. You can use satellite maps to actually see the land and roads before visiting it personally.

Visit the area personally to see it for yourself. Then after you have decided on the areas that you are serious about, then set-up a tour with a realtor and view the areas together with your group. Have regular weekly meetings at a scheduled time either in person or by zoom, etc.. and then discuss what everyone has found about the land.

Things to find out about the land: if the soil is virgin soil, clay, rocky.. check with the realtor and with area residents about soil conditions. Information about the soil can also be located on the internet.

Check with the realtor to see if a well can be dug on the property: this is really important and is one of the determining factors to whether you should purchase the land or not. If you are interested in farming, check with the realtor to see if zoning for farming is in place, or is zoning possible. Try to make sure that you have some uncleared land with trees on it. This land can be used for getting firewood and even lumber if needed.

Check with the realtor, and on land records, and area residents to see if the land was used for any other past purposes like: land fill, dumping, farming, animal farming, etc.. If the property does not meet your specifications then consider looking other places for land that does. Check the history of the area. How close are the towns and cities around the area from you. How close are residents and schools, military, hospitals, airports, etc...

Look for land far away from people and off roads where no one would want to travel... stay secluded.

Use gates if you feel it's necessary to ensure your privacy. You can live really well in the country. You should discuss all these things in your weekly meeting.

#3 You must have realized by now that things have changed in this world that will never be the same. This why you see all the survival foods and personal generators, camping gear, water purifiers, etc.. No time to lose your nerve now. Make a concentrated effort to get out of the cities and into a country setting, this can be a life or death decision. Hungry and angry people have to eat too, and your small backyard city garden or fruit tree will only serve as a snack for them before it is all gone in just seconds...

The cities are no places to be during crisis times! God help you if you are still here when these man-made ungodly regulations are enforced upon and against your God given rights!

Even though you are purchasing land and are comfortably in the country, certain laws have it that the government can displace you and even move you to other lands... this is why you should know how to survive and forage for food in the wild. You will feel very comforted after you have studied how to eat most of everything around you. Yes!.. a table prepared for you in the presence of your enemies. Also despite these things God is with you.

In dividing land up, of course if you put more in you should get a few more acres out of it. Remember that nothing is stable anymore and you can never be sure when you will have to up-root and move out. A 4th of an acre is more than enough land to live and have a garden, and if you can afford more than the better.

When as a group you divide the land, make sure that you look out for the less fortunate families who are not as fortunate as yourself to have more to contribute. This is no time to be selfish, or foolish.

You will need each other, so show the love that Christ showed you in giving all for you. We are all God's children. Everyone should have a piece of land for themselves, but to work together as a group is the key to Christ-like living.

Learn to share and have love and care for one another. Unlearn the ways of the world and learn a goodly way. Pray over everything and let God by his Spirit lead you.

There is cheap and reliable housing all around you; trailer housing, RV's and more. You can get started with these and build a house later, if ever.
Time is of the essence.