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We need more encouraging miracle stories of God helping people to escape from the cities!

Please contact me!


Video interview with a couple who have very practical advice.



Blog of a young couple who moved off-grid.



Here is also a Facebook blog by a family:



Debbie Potts in Adventist Country October 15, 2022.

Sharing our testimony with this group from last year (last years photos) and we moved here 2 months after this. 1 year later, since then, so much has changed here on the property and we feel so blessed to be sent here by God. 

Praise and Answer to Prayer Report ☝🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😊 

On August 17th I sent out a post requesting prayer for us to find property and that God would send us where He needed us. Well your prayers and ours were answered!  

I am excited to say that our new to us farm, with a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in Missouri is God sent indeed! 

It was sold as a "Turn-Key!" So all the sellers wanted was their clothes and personal items and photos on the wall in the house. 

God blessed us with already structured buildings on site, vehicles (Truck & Razor) to get around the 86.2 acre property, tractors, lawnmowers, root cellar, a plethora of tools and equipment, house furniture (which helps since we have been living in our RV and traveling for 11 years). You name it and it was provided by God. 

When I saw this stenciled on the wall (Joshua 24:15), (Jeremiah 29:11) along with other confirmations I knew it was from God. This is were He needed us to be. 

I asked for the desires of our hearts and He came through with more than we could have ever asked. It has a 3 acre lake filled with fish (bass), a 1 acre lake, and a pond, a well, garden, greenhouse, barn, chicken house, solar and soooo much more.

God said He would send us where we needed to be and that He has a plan for us which I will obey and follow. He provided for our needs and for that we are truly and ever grateful! You can't tell me there is no God! HALLELUJAH!!! (Philippians 4:19)

#inspiration #countryliving



Ruth & Earl Wiehn, June 4, 2018 (from the "Remnant Preparing" page on Facebook)

I just want to say that God will lead each of us to our country home if we give him total leadership.

We became convicted about 10 years ago at some revival meetings led out by Jeremiah Davis I think was his name. We saw then that we are very close to the end of time and needed to ready ourselves. We had always considered ourselves good SDAs but now realized that we needed to make some serious changes.

We started praying 2 times daily to lead us to country wherever that country might be. We were over our heads in debt and had no savings but had 2 good jobs. We saw no way out. But we prayed and sat down and worked a plan to get out of debt. At first it was very hard to stick with the very strict budget but got easier as we began to pay down.

About a year later Endtime Preparedness came to our city and we were invited to go to their seminar. It was amazing and so helpful to us. With their Materials we began to develop a more focused plan to move to country and began looking online for property. We still were not sure where or when this would happen. There were some properties in KY that looked reasonable to us and we began to think this might be where we could go.

One criteria we used was from our study of Christ was to go help the poor. We looked for some of the poorest counties for property. Another year went by and our finances continued to improve. One day I told my husband it was time to have a yard sale. He asked why? I said to get ready for our move to the country! He wanted to know where and when? I said I had no idea but felt convicted it was time. So I went through our 5 bedroom home and cleared out the closets and kitchen cabinets. I figured we would have a 3 bedroom or less home so needed to slim down that much at least.

We had a massive amount of things!!! It was embarrassing to me to see how much we had collected and very freeing to get rid of it. After I did tis it was so much easier to get rid of stuff. I prayed for guidance on this also for help.

A few months later a job came open in southeastern KY in one of the counties we had been studying. Hubby applied and was hired! He was shocked - said this was happening too fast!!!! We had to sell our home and knew we would lose on it due to the economy at that time. Hubby wasn’t sure what to do but after praying realized as of that year he could access his retirement without penalties. So decide would do it if necessary when selling the house. We cleaned and decluttered some more.

Found a realtor who said we would not make what we needed and would probably take 2-3 months to sell. We agreed on a good selling price and on a Tuesday night it went on Internet. That night we were called for a showing next morning! Yes we were excited at a response so quickly!!!

Next morning I went to work. Hubby was already off work for summer so was home. He called mid morning and said realtors were lined up on our road waiting to show our house!!!! In 2 days we had 12 showings and 3 offers!!! 2 above our asking price by several thousand!!! Within 48 hours after our house went on market we had a contract on our home!! Wow! Our realtor was floored! God was working another miracle!!!

We were able to rent a trailer near our work so we could walk to work in the tiny town we moved to! It was truly a culture shock for us! We immediately began looking at properties using the materials we had for the criteria we needed. I became good at being my own realtor! I think I talked to more than 40 realtors - most were not real helpful and did not understand. So I developed a list from my internet search and we started driving around all over country roads - and yes we got lost sometimes but learned the area and began to see where we might live and where we didn’t want to live. We prayed over each property that God would make it clear to us where we should be and wow did He ever! When doors shut, they shut tight!! There was no wondering - it was clear!

The property we did buy had been on the market when we moved here but was WAY over what we could even come close to so I put on my list to watch and we kept looking at others. Then it went pending and taken off market.

2 years later after we had looked at nearly 100 properties - yes we were busy!!! This property popped back up again! Wow! But it was same price. This time we were much better off financially - had paid all our debts and had a savings and also willing to dip into retirement. I called the realtor - she was great and immediately emailed me a plat and survey of property! Also said she could have the owner meet and show us property - we were thrilled! The owner was nice - we walked the boundaries with him of the 55 acres and asked questions. He made us note that his price was a good deal. We agreed but we also knew we didn’t have that price!!! We loved the Property. It had what we needed and wanted. Could we get him to come down significantly? As we were leaving he shook my hand and commented that we should try him with offer - he might accept!

We went home and prayed and then did our due diligence in checking the property out. It checked out perfectly. Hubby looked at our money and said the highest we could offer was 20% less than his asking price! We prayed again and I told him to make the offer. The owner counter offered 2 times but we made it clear this was all we had. At the end of the day he accepted our offer!!!!!!!!

We found out later that the reason it was taken off the market the first time was not because it was sold but because the deed was not clear and the owner spent a year getting it straightened out with a lawyer, so if we had tried to buy it the first time it would not have gone through and we would have lost it and been very discouraged. As it was the title search showed everything in order and the sale went smoothly! So God was leading again and his timing was perfect!

Sorry this is so long but hopefully will help someone understand that it is not impossible to leave the city if we place it in God’s hands and let Him show us where and when! And your journey will be so amazing!





June 2017

Donna Lawrence McDonald Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing these beautiful stories.
I've moved from crowded suburbia to the country twice. Each move involved a long search; the 2nd property took 2 years to find!

The 2nd property was found 10 years ago; we found 1 acre of land 30 minutes from my job at an SDA Christian school in the suburbs, surrounded by forest [no visible neighbors]. After we stepped out in faith, determined to obey the counsel, God soon blessed my husband with a job in which he works from home for a company in New York. We built a home, planted fruit trees, created raised beds, cut down trees, built a greenhouse and quail coop. Lots of physical labor has been needed, which is invigorating and brings us into close contact with nature. As a family, we really enjoy the peace and beauty. God gives us wisdom as we work, and others have been encouraged to do the same.

I aspire to buy a larger acreage and build several smaller homes for family members / loved ones who also long to be in the country. Our story is not dramatically miraculous [or very interesting!], :) however, our experiences [successes and failures] are described here and there in either this group or other country living groups.

My advice: Trust (God), Work/Save ($), Prequalify for a Loan / Rent (if you can't save all the money), Seek (real estate).

Another note: while moving can be expensive, country properties [sales & rentals] are often more affordable than city properties.

"Seek and ye shall find."
Trust God to help you seek and find a suitable country home.
His biddings are His enablings!



Submitted in 2016

I would like to share my testimony on how we got our Country Home. It is indeed a miracle from our loving Father:

I grew up in the country (a 10 acre hobby farm) and then in my adult years moved to the city. My husband and I decided around 4 years ago that we had to take heed of Sister's White's warning message to get out of the cities. We had a general knowledge of how far we wanted to live out (considering we work in the city) and what area. We got our pre-approval - all was set. Our Church then asked us if we could "host" a speaker that we were bringing in the from the U.S. and we gladly agreed. He was to stay with us for 5 weeks. Unfortunately, during this time I got laid off - what was going to happen now? By rights, the bank was likely NOT going to give us a mortgage with me being unemployed.

My husband encouraged me saying we should still pursue our house hunt, so after our visitor was gone we started. The real estate market was very hot at the time and twice we made offers on homes we thought would suit us only to end up in a bidding war where we lost the opportunity.  :( Despite having a real estate agent helping us, I knew I had to be aggressive by looking online for any new properties that opened up (I utilized the MLS - multiple listing services portal).

One came up as a new listing (only 2 days old). I called our agent and we viewed it that same evening. It seemed to tick off almost every box of what we wanted! The land was reasonably flat with no swamp, large trees for privacy and protection from wind, rain and snow, a fireplace, our own well & septic, enough kitchen space, a large enough space for our bible study group and the list went on! There were even extras like a big quonest/work shed (40 foot x 30 foot) and another 5 outbuildings (small sheds), established apple, raspberry and saskatoon trees and a piano for our Sabbath evening bible study group! Some of the spaces in the house seemed like it was custom-made as it perfectly fit my belongings - it was like this house was waiting for us!

We made the offer, they countered and we accepted. We had a home but did we have financing? During the pre-approval process I brought the pertinent financial info required including my last year's tax assessment notice but for some reason I could not find hubby's. Apprehensively, we made our bank appointment with the lady who pre-approved us and we presented our offer & acceptance papers. I dreaded hearing those words..."can we see your latest pay stub?" What would I say to her? She looked at the offer/acceptance and then she said, "Kathy, I have your notice of assessment from last year but not your husband's....could I get your husband's latest pay stub?" Hubby and I could not believe our ears - we handed it to her happily. She then said, "I think we have everything. I will send this in and let you know later today whether you have final approval."

The hours slowly ticked on...she phoned around suppertime. The words, "congratulations, you are approved" sang in my ear and my heart jumped for joy! My husband and I directly got on our knees and thanked the Lord for answered prayer. God was the one who shielded the bank officer from asking me for MY recent pay stub, He was the one who closed the door on the other 2 offers and opened the 1 we now have. God and God alone performed this miracle!

It is now 2 years since we moved to our acreage home and we give God glory and thanks everyday. It has been hard work preparing the land for suitable veggie growing and we now have 2 greenhouses (30 ft x 15 ft) and 3 very large garden plots for our organic veggies. Next year perhaps some honey bees. Our home is God's and it is dedicated to His work which must be finished. We are the humble stewards.

My prayer is that this witness will encourage those who want to move to the country, to please do it before it is too late. Step out in faith and God will take care of the rest. Praise God's holy name forever and ever!



Nov. 19, 2016

Cynthia Dandridge Johnson My husband still worked in DC when we were looking for a country home. We wanted to be an hour from DC so he could commute to DC to work. It didn't work out that way. God led us to a place 3 hrs from the city. We trusted in God and made the move. We had no idea how he would get to work or where he would stay. The church we decided to go to our first Sabbath in the country was a blessing.

We met a family who told us about a man who had a room for rent, and my husband had a place to stay when he had to go to go back to work that Monday morning. Then 5 months later, he was able to move home because he found work closer to home. You never know what God has in store. You will have your faith tested in so many ways on this country living journey. God has it all worked out, we have to give Him a chance by trusting in Him.




Email sent April 11, 2011

(Posted with permission from kcodrington123@yahoo.com. You have her permission to contact her if you want more details or info.)

My location is a blessing from God. 

I've been living in East Stroudsburg Pa. since July of 2010. I lived in New York City mostly all my life. When I read the SOP and she said we should be living in the country, I had to pray. 

My husband is an architect and he was the sole provider for many years. He became unemployed in 2008 and God and I have been taking care of my family of eight. By the time I learned about country living there was no money to spare and at times no money for food. 

However, once we decided to believe that God would get us out of the city,  I received $5,000 to move, and He found us a house in 1 week!

The lord provided us with a huge house for the kids, and they play with deer that walk right past the window while we eat breakfast. What a blessing! 

It even had freshly planted fruit trees and some lot of vegetables growing in the yard. 

Praise God I'm so thankful. I still want to move further out into the mountains though. For right now, from where I am I can get to work in 90 minutes.

Sent April 12, 2011

Brother Patrick, You are not going to believe this one. My husband was just offered a job at our church school! 

The principal/teacher is leaving and they are looking for a man to teach the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. 1) because the boys are little rowdy, and 2) they need someone good in math.

I'm in shock! I didn't see this one coming. He volunteers on Fridays to teach art class, but we never thought in our wildest dreams that they would ask him to teach! 

What a mighty God we serve!

Too many blessings have happened since we've stumbled onto this "present truth" message and believed. We got out of our cramped New York home into a beautiful country house. My kids go to a small Adventist school instead of public school, and my husband is about to get a job as an Adventist teacher! 

We got baptized as a family. We're vegetarian and eating healthy. We made new "present truth" friends! 

All this with no money! Praise the Lord! 

I'm going to study, Bye!       

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *