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Miller's Rules of Bible Interpretation 14. ----------------- 200 Sabbaths in Acts 15. ---------------- What's the Source of Bible Prophecies? 16. ---------------- The Big Picture of Prophecy! 17. --------------- The USA in Bible Prophecy! 18. ----------------- Why the KJV Only? by Bud Alavezos 19. ---------------- The Seven Bible Tests of a True Prophet 20. ---------------- THE TIME PROPHETS CHART 21. ---------------- Time Prophets of the Bible & Now 22. -------------- Prophetic Time Lines 23. ---------------- THE PATTERN OF CHRIST CHART 24. ---------------- The Pattern of Christ Study 25. --------------- When Jesus Almost Came! 26. ----------------- The Prophetic Pattern of Great Reformatory Movements of Bible History 27. ----------------- Rome Conquers the World in 3 Steps 3 Times 28. ----------------- ROME CONQUERS IN 3's CHART 29. ----------------- THE MODERN BABYLON IN 3 PARTS CHART 30. ----------------- 666, Rev. 17, The Kingdoms of Bible Prophecy 31. ---------------- The Structure of the Aramaic Chapters in Daniel +3 Final Tests 32. ----------------- Daniel 7 and the 1260 years 33. ----------------- Daniel 8 and the Little Horn 34. ----------------- Dan. 9:24-27 Explained in Chs. 10-11-12 35. ----------------- Daniel's "daily" by Dennis Hokama 36. -------------- Daniel's "daily" by Eld. FC Gilbert 37. ---------------- Daniel's "daily" by Eld. David Lin 38. ----------------- Daniel's "daily" by Bud Alavezos 39. ----------------- Mystery of "the daily" by John W. Peters 40. --------------- Compilation of SDA Pioneer Writings on "the daily" 58p. 41. ----------------- "The Daily" in the SDA Bible Commentary on Dan. 8 & 11 42. ----------------- The 3 + 1 Pattern of the Purification of God's Church & the Unsealing of Daniel 43. --------------- 1957 Prophecy Fulfilled in 1989 44. ----------------- Dan. 11:40 - 12:1 CHART 45. ---------------- Dan. 11:40 - 12:1 Josiah to Cyrus CHART 46. ----------------- Dan. 11:40-45 Introduction 47. ----------------- Dan. 11 for Dummies! 48. ---------------- SDA Theologians Reject Pioneers & 1843 Chart 49. ---------------- 1843 & 1850 Charts Handout 50. ----------------- 1843 & 1850 Charts T-shirts! 51. ----------------- The Seven Churches Chart 52. ----------------- EGW on the 7 Churches and 7 Seals 53. ----------------- 7 Trumpets 54. ----------------- MIRROR TRUMPETS CHART 55. ----------------- Miller's Dream & Notes 56. ----------------- MILLERITE TIME REPEATING NOW CHART 57. ----------------- Millerite Time Repeating Now (26 pgs) 58. ----------------- The 7 Thunders are the 7 Time Prophecies between 1798 and 1844 59. ----------------- MILLERITE TIME 7 THUNDERS CHART 60. ----------------- Millerite 7 Thunders Chronology 61. ----------------- 7 Thunders by Bud Alavezos 62. ---------------- SS Snow's Midnight Cry Sermon 63. ----------------- Reply to Gene Brown's Turkey 64. ----------------- The Temple Measuring book 65. ----------------- The Two 2520-Year Prophecies, or The "7 Times" 66. ----------------- Leviticus and the "Seven Times" 67. ----------------- 2520: Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar 68. ----------------- The 2520 "Scattering" & Times of the Gentiles by Hiram Edson 69. ----------------- The 2520 "Mirror" 70. ----------------- 2520 Facts! 71. ----------------- 2520 Critiques & Defenses 72. ----------------- 2520 & 2300 Extreme Analysis 73. -------------- Christ's Days in the Holy Place 74. ------------- The 3 Powers from the Bottomless Pit 75. ----------------- The Number 4 in Bible Prophecy 76. ----------------- Isa Loves Muslims! 77. ----------------- Islam's Long War & etc. 78. ----------------- Islam's three WOES 79. ----------------- Islam's "East Wind" 80. ----------------- 9/11 in the Bible & E.G. White 81. ---------------- East, North and 3 Constantines 82. ----------------- Renewal of the Covenant Chart 83. ----------------- 490 Years = Probationary Time 84. ----------------- Feast Days? 85. ----------------- Conspiracy Theories? 86. ----------------- Jeff Pippenger on the Trinity 87. ----------------- 16 Questions on Bible Prophecy 88. ----------------- 60 Present Truth Quiz Questions & Answers 89. ----------------- Prophetic Keys 90. ----------------- Time of the End magazine (52p.) 91. ----------------- The Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North. 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White 108. --------------- Country Living in the 1890's 109. -------------- Country Living Group Fail Story 110. ---------------- Country Living Now! 111. ---------------- Escape from the Cities Testimonies! 112. ---------------- The Cycle of Bondage 113. ---------------- "Anyway"

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2015 Class & Campmeeting notes:  

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3) Feb. Portola, CA. (4of4)……………………………..…Posted by Betterway66 & thefinaltrumpet.  

4) April, San Bernadino, CA. (5of5).………………….Posted by SDA144000.  

5) May, Sierra Convocation, Quincy, CA. (7of7) Posted by Betterway66 & thefinaltrumpet. 

6) Aug. Alberta Canada Campmeeting (15of15) Posted on Youtube by Future News Canada.  

7) Aug. Wales, UK (9of9) ............…………https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zYMJY-LThU

8) Oct. Walls of the Vineyard (8of8)………..........Posted on Youtube by FutureForAmerica.  

9) Oct. Rescue, CA. (7of7) ………………………………..Posted by Betterway66 & thefinaltrumpet.  

10) Dec. Eatonville, WA. (6of6)…………………………..Posted by Church in the Wilderness.  

11) Daily Class Notes ………………………………………….Posted by School of the Prophets.


Dec. 2015, Eatonville, WA. “Opening of the Temple”. Posted by Church in the Wilderness.  

- Jeff reviews some of the beginning history of this message in Eatonville, WA., back in the 1990’s, and  how that Dan. 11:40-45 contains every prophecy in the Bible, and that in a similar way Eze. 12:21-18  (the effect of every vision) applies to our last days also, while Hab. 2:1-3 applied primarily to the  Millerite time.  

- Jeff refutes those who accused him of “moving the waymarks” when we understood that 4-19-44 was  a more accurate prophetic date for the beginning of the year 1844 (according to the Karaite calendar)  than June 1842 when the Protestant churches began closing their doors against Miller.  

- Two Temple Cleansings: 1st Angel came down on 8-11-40 (Rev. 10) to empower the message (by  “divinity flashing through humanity”) when John (as God’s people) ate the “little book”. The Protestants  were completely separated (a 3-step Gospel separation process) by 4-19-44 (the 1st Disappointment),  and the “door closed” for the Protestants.  

- Jeff puts the 5 major Waymarks on the board and explains how Ezra 7:9 came to be understood, and  the “120” & “70”, when the Angels came down on 9/11 & will come at the SL, and the vision of the Ark  at the MC with the Angels on each end.  

- The Ark has the Decalogue in it which “folds together like a book”, so it has to have a hinge or “turning  point” that lines up with the MC “crisis-turning point”, and includes the story of 1 Sam. 3 when Samuel  was raised up as a “Prophet (writings of Moses in the side of the Ark [& manna]), Priest (Aaron’s rod that  budded) and Judge (the Decalogue)”.  

- EW 14, “light shone all along the path” from the MC to the City. SS Snow’s message began the MC, and it is a type of our time. 

- Our time has a “3-step testing process” from 9/11 > MC, and another “3-step testing process” from the  MC > SL, and the 3rd step is a “binding off” process that comes after the “wheat & tares” have been  separated during the previous 2 steps. The “3 steps” in the “binding off” time does not separate two  classes, but rather purifies & demonstrates the “wheat” of that testing time.  

- Isa. 61 = the work of the new, purified “ministry” after 9/11. Rev. 11:19 = 10-22-44 “the Temple of God  was opened in heaven”, an “imperfect” fulfillment, or type, that will be perfectly fulfilled at the SL. But  “fractals” show us that what happens at the SL also happens (to a lesser degree) at the MC, so the  “Temple of God in heaven” is being opened to us now, and when we see the Ark in the Temple of God  we will have the same experience as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel & Daniel when they saw visions of God,  either a humbling into the dust, or flee away in fear. (All the Waymarks are “crisis-turning points” that  either begin or conclude “high arches” of repeating patterns.)  

- PK 571, Moses’ message was empowered by circumcision, parallel to Jesus’ message being empowered  by His baptism, so baptism replaces circumcision as the rite of passage into the household of faith. 9/11  parallels Jesus’ baptism, and marks the descent of the Angels of Rev. 10 & 18, and Dan. 10 the first  Decree of Cyrus when the forces of evil are “restrained”.  

- 9/11 = 8-11-40 when Islam was “restrained” at both times (also in Rev. 9:4, Abu-Bekr “restrains” the 1st “Woe”). Islam as the “east wind” & “rough wind” (Isa. 27:8) “angers the nations” but they are “held in check” (EW85, 31 “Hold! Hold!”) until God’s people are ready through the “refreshing” of the “latter  rain”. (Joel 2:8 is not referring to suicide bombers, but the papacy who in Rev. 13 is “wounded by a  sword” yet lives.)  

Opening of the Temple, part 2.  

- Fractals. Rev. 14:6, 3 Angels’ Messages = “Everlasting Gospel”. Elements of all 3 are within the 1st.  There are many 3-step illustrations in the Bible. The 3-fold miracle of the “manna” = 3 steps of the  Gospel. Peter’s 3-step denial & reinstatement as a template.  

- After the 3 Angels’ messages (2 temple cleansings) were completed for the Protestants & Millerites,  then another 3-step process (just for the Millerites, no “public evangelism” at that time) went from 10- 22-44 to Jan. 1850: #1) 3rd Angel came down on 10-22-40. #2) “Covenant” waymark; a) White’s  marriage, b) name change, c) Sabbath. #3) The 1850 Chart (along with the 1843 Chart) finalized God’s  “covenant-making process” (1843 > 1850 = 7 yrs) with Millerite Adventism (1850 = “50” = Pentecost =  SL).  

- The time from Oct. 22, 1844 > 1850 (the beginning of Modern Israel, and no “public evangelism”)  parallels the 40 years of wilderness wandering (the beginning of Ancient Israel, and no “public  evangelism”) up to the conquest of Jericho (at the “7th Trumpet” Loud Cry + SL).  

- The 7-yr (2520 days) of Jesus’ covenant-confirming ministry from 27AD > 34AD included no “public  evangelism” (the 70 to Samaria were a “training mission”). Also the old “covenant people” (the Jews)  were passed by at 27AD, parallel to the “beginning of Ancient Israel” when the old “covenant people” 

(the 10 unbelieving spies) were passed by, which parallels the “beginning of Modern Israel” when the  old “covenant people” (Protestants) were passed by, and now at the “end of Modern Israel” when the  old “covenant people” (SDA structure) has been passed by at 9/11, and the Lord is choosing the  144,000.  

- The symbol of the final 3 tests within the 3rd test is what we “eat”, ie. “the little book–scroll parchment-Christ’s flesh-manna-every word of God”, and for the 144,000 it is the “two wave loaves” at  Pentecost, a 2-part “firstfruits” offering, the only offering that had “leaven” in it (but it gets baked out).  

- Pentecost (34AD) was also a “Jubilee” in heaven (6BC 1055), and therefore also a “Day of Atonement”  (Lev. 25:8-9), which was also 10-22-44 and will be the “Day of Atonement-Judgment” at the SL.  

- “Voice of many waters” (Rev. 14), “voice” = messages given by “many waters” = Ulai, Hiddekel,  Euphrates & Jordan at the MC = “the light from behind” (all the Millerite history from 1840-1850) that “shines all along the path” to the Holy City. (Millerite history from 1840-1850 = 10-year testing time.)  The 144,000 are “firstfruits” at the SL. The Spring Feasts are a type of the Fall Feasts, and “firstfruits”  was a 2-part offering, so the 144,000 is a “2-part” offering of both “Priests” & “Levites”.  

- The 5 Waymarks (1989, 9/11, MC, SL, CP) show a process of increasing power at each Waymark (of  both God & Satan), illustrated by David’s 4 anointings (and Islam is loosed and held at each Waymark  until the CP).  

- “Time of Visitation” from 9/11 > SL (also 27AD > 34 AD) was unknown to the apostate covenant people. There were 3 tests to weed out the “tares” of the old “covenant people”, and then 3 tests to solidify the  new “covenant people”, but the crux was at the center when the “door closed” on the old covenant  people, which is the Waymark of the Midnight Cry. Now, when the door is about to close on the old  covenant people, the “Priests” are being made up, and at the MC the “Levites” will begin to be made up,  and at the SL the “11th hr. workers” will begin to be made up.  

- “Every divine institution” to be restored (PK678) in the “time of the end”, ie. Marriage & the Sabbath  “twin institutions” MB63 (and symbolic sanctuary feasts & ceremonies). At the MC the “Image test”  begins with mild Sunday laws, but they get stronger until “THE” SL test that persecutes for keeping  Sabbath. Similarly, NOW, JUST BEFORE the MC we already see mild “marriage” laws, that will get  stronger.  

Opening of the Temple, part 3.  

- “Doublings” in Scripture apply primarily to the Midnight Cry time. “Awake!-Awake!” (Isa. 51:9, 17 &  52:1). At the MC the Church Militant begins to be purified into the Church Triumphant because all the  sinners will be purged out. Isa. 40:1, iniquity is pardoned, purified.  

- Purification of the Church happens in 2 steps. First the “Priests” from 9/11 > MC as the first group to be  fully purified and become the “Church Triumphant”, then the “Levites” join them from the MC > SL, then the “11th hr. workers” join the fully made-up Church Triumphant. 

- Dt. 18:15, raise up a prophet like their brethren. Acts 3:19, “every divine institution will be restored” in  the Latter Rain time, both the Spirit of Prophecy corporately, and Jesus personally as the Fulfillment, but  will be “perfectly” fulfilled in our time, and will be a “life or death” testing question.  

- Peter refers to Samuel as the first prophet, therefore the events of Samuel’s time at the beginning will  happen again at the end of the prophets (First = Last). 1 Sam. 2, (after 1989) a ”man of God” pronounces  doom on the house of Eli as Priest and promises to raise up a new Priesthood (those who accept Dan.  11:40-45). The old corrupt priesthood begins to “die” at the MC when the “Ark” begins to be “captured” at the first Sunday Laws. 1 Sam. 3:1, “no open vision” = no living active prophet in the SDA Church since  EGW’s death in 1915 because of ongoing apostasy. (Heb. 5:12, Dan. 12:3, at the “time of the end” [1989]  we are called to be “wise” “teachers” who can “discern both good & evil”, Heb. 5:14.) 1 Sam. 3:1 & v.13,  Word of God = “precious”, sons of Eli = “vile”, Jer. 15:19. v.2, “lamp of God”-candlestick went out, Rev.  2:5, Eli’s blindness coming on now but his children are slain and his “eyes put out” at the SL.  

- 1d1m = 4-19-44 = 9/11 = tarrying time. Eze. 29:17, KofN given “Egypt” = Protestant “horn” given to the  papal KofN on 4-10-44 (for services rendered from 538 > 1798), and they completely fall at 10-22-44 at the “closed door” = SL. At 9/11 the Republican “horn” was given to the papal KofN (in the Patriot Act  change from English Law to Roman Law, which will be fully shown at the SL). Also “in that day” (1d1m = 9/11) the “horn of David” began to “bud” = receive the “sprinkling” Latter Rain at his anointing, and the  “opening of the mouth” more & more at each Waymark (but Zachariah’s mouth “closed-dumb” for  disbelieving).  

- 1 Sam. 16:13 = 1989 (Ps. 132:8-18, “horn” of David buds = LR, saints shout = MC, “Priests” clothed & “lamp” = Church Triumphant is ordained).  

- 2 Sam. 1, Saul dead (Saul, Ahab & Josiah all disguise themselves as “hypocrites”, and then die by the  “archers” = Islam at 9/11), then David’s 2nd anointing.  

- Isa. 61:1, Jesus’ baptism at 9/11, dove = Angel of Rev. 18. v.2 “Day of the Lord”. v.4 “waste places” =  “old paths” (Jer. 6:16, Isa. 58:12). v.6 named “Priests” & “Ministers of our God” & receive “double” for  their former shame at MC. v.9 the “seed” = 4th Generation (Ps.22:30).  

- Isa. 62:1, from the MC > CL = “a lamp that burneth” = Ch. Triumphant that was promised to David. v.2 ensign being lifted up.  

- 1 Sam. 3:10 “Samuel-Samuel” = MC. Old priest Eli’s house ending as David’s house is beginning, and  Samuel becomes the new Priest, Prophet & Judge. v.15 vision = “marah” that all the prophets were  given at their call from God. v.20 Dan to Beer-sheba = MC > SL when the world realizes “Samuel” the  “Priest/Prophet/Judge” knows the Bible correctly.  

Opening of the Temple, part 4.  

- The “man of God” that came to Eli parallels the message of Dan. 11:40-45 given from 1989 > 9/11. 1  Sam. 3:11 “ears tingle” (2 Ki. 21:12, Jer. 19:3) when they hear the MC of the KofN coming to conquer  Jerusalem at the SL. 

- Dt. 18:18, “a prophet like unto me (Moses)” = Wm. Miller in 1818 being raised up.  

- Samuel as “Priest/Prophet/Judge” parallels the Ark at the MC. The MC is a “turning point” and the 2  tables of the 10 Commandments (Samuel as Judge) divide into 4 + 6 at the “hinge” inside the Ark, where Aaron’s rod that budded is (Samuel as Priest), and writings of Moses “in the side of the Ark” (Samuel as  Prophet), and the pot of manna (3-fold miracle) = the Gospel testing message.  

- Samuel was given the “marah”-looking glass vision (1 Cor. 13:9-13). Gen. 46, Jacob’s covenant promise  is also a “marah” vision.  

- Jeff explains 7-21-44 as the “midnight” “midway” (GC398) of the Millerite time (“evening-morning” of Dan. 8:14), when SS Snow first preached his “midnight cry” message at the Boston Tabernacle.  “Midnight” parallels the beginning of the “binding off” time just before the MC in our time, and is the 3rd of the 3-step “everlasting gospel” from 9/11 > MC.  

- “marah”. For the “wise” who pass the first 2 tests this 3rd test is the purifying “marah” experience of  humiliation when the “wise” see the Lord’s glory (Isa. 6:5, 2 Cor. 3:18, James 1:23, Num. 12:6, 1 Sam. 3:15, Eze. 1:1 [5d4m = 7-21-44 using the Karaite calendar as SS Snow did, & Ezra 7:9]). Dan. 10:7,  “foolish” flee the “marah” but the “wise” fall as “dead” [as part of the family of the 1st Adam] and are  “touched” 3x and strengthened, sealed & “resurrected” [as part of the family of the 2nd “Adam”] (Rh 12- 20-81, 1 SAT104, 3SM390).  

Opening of the Temple, part 5.  

-EW 119, 3rd Angel seals or “binds” the “wheat” for the heavenly garner, but the “tares” are gathered  first (Mt. 13:30). The “binding off” time is both a “period and a point” of time (BEcho 8-26-95). SS Snow  gave his two studies at “midnight” = MD at Boston, PA, and again at the MC at Exeter, NH, but it was the  same studies both times. Lot’s door is said to have been closed twice, but it was the same door both  times.  

- 9/11 as a “crisis-turning point” for both the USA (Patriot Act that changed the USA from “English Law”  [innocent til proven guilty] to “Roman Law” [guilty til proven innocent], and the SDA Church [IBMTE  Handbook opened the door for study in Spiritual Formation to be required of Church employees]).  

- Judas. Illustration from the life of Judas, a “feast & footwashing” at both ends of his sequence. Light  was given after 9/11 by “eating the little book” (Christ’s flesh in Jn.6), but Judas had “fallen away” from  that “eating” idea (at “midnight”= MD), and met with the evil priests the 3rd time, and got “30” pieces of  silver, and later “fell away” from his tree (both a “point and a period”, one process with 2 events) at the  MC. Same process from Pergamos > Thyatira (2 Thess. 2:6-8, the “falling away first”) of pagan Rome,  then “30” yrs to papal Rome, the “man of sin” (Bar-abbas) who was then revealed.  

- Jesus (Jn. 14:6) as the “Way” (old paths at 9/11, but some rebel at the sound of the “Trumpet”); the “Truth” (controversy over “truth” [to wean us away from our dependence on men], results in attacks on 

the “messenger” rather than his unbeatable message of Truth, and “binds” the “tares first” so they  won’t later pull down the “wheat” when they go out at the MC when the “Church Triumphant” is rising  up); and the “Life” (at MD > MC the wise “die” to self [as Daniel fell “asleep”] and are “resurrected” like  Lazarus/Eleazar to be “helpers”).  

- “marah” experience. Isa. 6 (Rh -12-2-96), Eze. 1,2 & 3, TM213, 5T753, “wheels within wheels”= perfect  order. Those who have resisted the 1st & 2nd messages since 1989 (EW259) can’t see the “glorious  manifestation of the power of God” is to be displayed during the MC > SL time, just before His executive  judgments fall on the wicked at the SL.  

- During the 3-step “binding off” time Moses asks 3 questions of God (Ex. 33:13) “Show me Thy way” (Ps.  77:13 in the Sanctuary), v. 16 “Will Your Presence [the Shekina on the Throne of the Sanctuary] go with  us?”, v.18 “Show me Thy glory.” God put Moses in a cave and covered him with His “hand”. When God’s  “hand” is removed, then there is prophetic light & glory, ie. the disciples on the way to Emmaus, the  1843 Chart, so now during the “binding off” time = more light & glory.  

Opening of the Temple, part 6.  

- Moses & Elijah both meet God in the same cave at Horeb and mark the two ends of the “binding off”  time just before the MC, just as SS Snow’s two presentations do; one at the Boston Tabernacle on 7-21- 44 and then again at Exeter, NH on 8-15-44, and the 25 days between is also a prophetic marker .  

- Judas fell away, and the character of the “Priests” is sealed at the beginning of the “binding off” time.  

- 1 Sam. 25, David & Abigail at “Carmel”, both a mountain (Church) and city (State). Same with Joshua. In  Josh. 5 as military leader he sees Christ as Captain of the Lord’s Host (military), and in Zech. 3 as the High  Priest (religious) he sees Christ again, illustrating the two parts of the Church Triumphant. Satan also  wants to sit in God’s throne (political authority), and also “in the sides of the North” (God’s religious  authority).  

- The 3-step testing process from 9/11 > MC is illustrated in a variety of ways. The first two steps are a  separation process that requires a spiritual “death to self” for the wise “Priests” who survive it, but at  the 3rd step they are “resurrected” at the “binding off” time (EW259), from MD > MC, as they partake of  the “marah” experience, which itself is a 3-step purification and preparation process that “seals” them  (5T216) and gives them their message and empowers them to proclaim it.  

- Isa. 6, question of whether it belongs at 9/11 or MC, or both, because they are one connected and  developing experience for the “Priests”; first Justification (where Isaiah receives Christ’s imPUTed  righteousness), then Sanctification (where Isaiah receives Christ’s imPARTed righteousness, the coal on  his lips), then finally Glorification (where Isaiah receives his commission and message). The same  sequence applies to the sins of the “4 Generations” of Adventism (meaning the 4 generations of  increasing abominations of the fathers in Adventism as shown in Eze. 8), which sins the “Priests” must confess and repent of (as in the prayers of Daniel 9 & Nehemiah 1), and accept the truths that the SDA

fathers have rejected (most notably the 2520), and then they become the first part of the “Church  Triumphant” and never sin again.  

- During the “binding off” & “sealing” time of the “Priests” (their 3rd step), the “Levites” are going  through their first 2 steps (their “plowing” and separation, and “death to self” time), and their 3rd step of  their “resurrection” and “marah” experience will be from the MC > SL as they also cease from sin and  join the “Church Triumphant”. The same process repeats for the “11th hr. workers”, a 2-step “plowing”  before the SL and the “marah” humiliation and repentance, and then victory over sin after the SL to the  CP.  

- A deadly trap; dwelling on “precious truth” when it is time for “Present Truth”, and the question of public evangelism. Illustration of Abram (Gen. 15, 17, 22). Instead of trusting, “tarrying” and waiting  upon God to bring the promised “seed”, they worked in their own human strength and produced  Ishmael (the symbol of “converting the world” with human strength), and then later Abraham had to  prove his implicit trust in God by offering Isaac. Isaac proves his implicit trust in his father by “tarrying”  40 years, and trusting his father’s helper Eleazar (“God is Helper”) to bring to him his “bride-church” out  of “Babylon”.  

- The MC “Image of the Beast” test is the close of probation for SDAs. The first “image test” was with Adam & Eve as symbols of State & Church. Their marriage became an “image of the beast” when Eve  took control of her relationship with Adam and led him into sin. Therefore the corrupt “marriage” at the  MC becomes a symbol of the “Image of the Beast” test where the “woman-Church” leads the “man State” into sin. Marriage was instituted on the 6th day (a symbol of the MC-“corrupt marriage-Image”  conflict), and Sabbath on the 7th day (a symbol of the Sunday-Sabbath conflict).  

- The run-up to both the MC “marriage-Image” test and the Sunday-Sabbath test is demonstrated by  both “internal” and “external” events. The “internal”-Church controversy over the “marriage” centers in  the “Woman’s Ordination” conflict, and the “external”-State controversy over the “marriage” centers in the “gay marriage” conflict.  

- Mal. 4:5, Elijah. Jeff represents the 3 Angels’ messages as arcs that begin at 1989, 9/11 & MC, then arc  over the next Waymark (symbolizing their empowerment), and then closing at the MC, SL & CP  respectively. The ministry of “Elijah” now in our time is from 1989 > MC.  

- When we study the prophetic Reformlines the Holy Spirit is enabled to shine light into our personal  lives, and reveal our personal sins to us. Therefore, in order to participate in the MC “marriage-Image”  controversy the Holy Spirit has to show us how to get our personal marriages in order so that they do  not reflect the “Image of the Beast” (the woman-Church controlling the man-State) in our own  marriages, before the MC “marriage-Image” controversy really begins.  

- The promise of Mal. 4:5 is for the “healing of our families”, that when we study the prophetic  Reformlines the Holy Spirit is enabled to shine light into our personal lives, and God will work to “turn  the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers”, before the MC  “marriage-Image” controversy really begins. 

-(ST 1-15-85.10) Under Christ’s teaching “line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept” the disciples learned  that “meekness, humility and love were essential to their growth in grace, and their fitness for the work  they were soon to enter.”  

Opening of the Temple, Q&A.   

- Questions re. the numbers 40, 120, 126. The Judgment of the Living & Sealing of the 144,000 as it  connects to the Two Temple-Cleansings. The imperfect then perfect fulfillments of the 3 Angels’  messages. The Midnight Cry and the Living Testimony. 5T214 & character perfection before the Latter  Rain. The Two Temple Cleansings & the 3-step Everlasting Gospel (the Two Temple Cleansings can be  used to teach different lines of truth, and it is easy to get them confused).  

- The 1st step of the cleansing process is “eating” the Divine writings that the 3 Angels bring, so that is  the union of the Human & Divine. “Divinity flashes through humanity” when the human teaches the  Divine Words, and people either accept them or flee.  

- The 2nd step of the cleansing process is a “visual test”. For the Protestant temple cleansing in the  Millerite time it was the 1843 Chart in May 1842, and then in June the closing of the Protestant doors against Miller’s lectures (1T21) until 4-19-44 when the Protestant door was completely shut.  

- The 3rd step for the Protestants was the 1st step for the Millerite Temple Cleansing, and began with the  “tarrying time”. The Millerites 2nd step (visual test) was the MC = “living testimony” that began on 8-15- 44.  

- “Combining the messages at 9/11” is a different symbol from the Two Temple Cleansings. Don’t mix  them. Combining the messages at 9/11 has to do with their “arrival” & “empowerment”, and the 1st  (Islam), 2nd (Babylon) & 4th Angels’ messages (lightens the earth & call out of Babylon) can all be shown  at 9/11. Ezra 7:9, when Ezra comes out of Babylon on 1d1m (4-19-44) = 9/11, he has the 3rd Decree (SL)  with him at 9/11, so the SL was latent and imminent at 9/11.  

- Transition from Elijah to Elisha at the Jordan = MC = John the Baptist’s transition to Christ at the Jordan  “Descender” at Beth-bara (ferry-boat). Jeff illustrates the “arc of influence” of the 1st Angel from 1989 >  MC, the 2nd Angel from 9/11 > SL, and the 3rd Angel from the MC > CP.  

- Prediction re. Islam (Josiah Litch) before the MC; includes Elijah’s warning to Ahab (as the SDA GC, married to the Catholic “Jezebel”) that he is the real “troubler of Israel”, and a warning to the USA (to  both religious & political leaders collectively as “Egypt”) is about to be given to the KofN at the SL. The  “marriage” controversy is included at the MC. Greater apostasies lead to greater Islamic hits.  

- Suggestion that the apostate “Present Truth” ministries (formerly linked to FFA) will come out with “a  message” soon (the false before the true), so the true message may be soon to come also. 

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11-22-15, June 1842 #2 - Jeff addresses the question of when does the 2nd Angel arrive & be  empowered, either at 9/11 with the 1st Angel’s empowerment, or in June 1842 when the Protestants  begin closing their doors. Both Angels can be seen in both 3-step “temple cleansings” from 1840 > 4-19- 44, and again from 4-19-44 > 10-22-44.  

- Another question is in Eze. 3:8-9. Is the “forehead” given with the “bitter” message at the MC? v.15,  Are the “Priests” “astonished 7 days” of silence after Islam hits at the MC? Does eating the “sweet”  message coincide with giving the “bitter” message at the MC?  

- 3-step Protestant “temple cleansing” from 8-11-40 (1E) > 5/6-42 (2A) > 1843 (MC/Litch/2E) > 4-19-44  (3A). (Protestant “MC/Litch/43/2E” = Millerite “MC/Snow/8-15-44”.)  

- 3-step Millerite “temple cleansing” from 4-19-44 > 8-15-44/MC includes Millerites still giving the  message, but without the definite time.  

11-21-15 Daily & Yearly Ministration (Sabbath afternoon).  

- Eze. 3, Does the “forehead of flint” happen instantly at the time of one’s “call” from God, or does it  grow over a period of time and conflict?  

- In the 3 steps of the Gospel the first 2 are Justification and Sanctification, imputed in a moment but  imparted in the “work of a lifetime” (“daily service” 9/11 > MD), but the 3rd Step is the final test of  purifying, not a separating time, but a death to self (at MD), then the “mitre” saying “Holiness to the  Lord” is placed on the forehead (PP351). See Zech. 3:5, Joshua the High Priest, representing a  “corporate justification” of all of the “Priesthood” at MD = Day of Atonement (“yearly service”) at the  MC.  

- Sealing time has been since 9/11 as the “disciples of 9/11” (Priests) try to give the Truth to their brethren in the SDA Church (3T266-7) up to the MD/MC.  

- Joshua and the Angel (Joshua 5). Joshua as “Moses” (not Priest). Circumcision & Passover = covenant in  38th/40th year before taking Jericho at the MC (fractal level) = SL. Gilgal = “turning point”. God’s “Army” is  raised up over a span of time (Eze. 37 = 5 Waymarks) to take Jericho. (PK587-589, COL414-417), God’s  “Army”, repenting of their sins, justified, and increasing in power & light of the Holy Spirit from 9/11 to  “midnight” (MD of this world’s history), are established as the “Church Triumphant”, as a “corporate  entity”, before the final SL test, and as the “ensign” they lift up the character of Christ before the world.  

- Daniel’s 3 “touches”, 1 for the Chazown, 1 for the Mareh, and 3 at MD>MC for the Marah. 

11-19-15 The Sealing Time  

- The empowerment of the 1st Angel’s message does not always coincide with the arrival of the 2nd Angel. The 1st Angel’s message continues through the Waymarks to Oct. 22, 1844.  

- (GC 395, Damsteegt p.93), Wm. Miller & others continued to give their message even after the Tarrying  Time (4-19-44) began.  

- The Sealing is a process that takes a period of time, even though Eze. 9 portrays it as a point in time.  EGW said the sealing time was delayed by opposition in the 1888 era, but it has restarted since 9/11.  

- Eze. 37 overview. 1st prophecy = 1989 > 9/11 = Dan. 11:40-45. 2nd prophecy = 9/11 > MC =  Resurrection. MC > SL = joining the two sticks. SL = covenant.  

- Isa. 6, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” = (3 steps) Justification (Daniel’s 1st “touch”) & Sanctification (Daniel’s 2nd “touch”) from 9/11 > MD then Glorification (Church Triumphant, Daniel’s last 3 “touches”) from MD >  MC.  

- 9/11 > MC = the sealing time period, and the individual is gradually sealed in their “forehead of flint”  and made ready to join the “Church Triumphant” BY giving the message to the “covenant people who  are about to be passed by”.  

11-18-15, June 1842  

- (Eze.3 shines new light on the “marah” experience.) Jeff reviews the “two temple cleansings”. In the  “Protestant cleansing” the 1843 Chart in June ’42 marked the arrival of the 2nd Angel (visual test). Then  Fitch proclaimed the fall of Babylon in 1843 = the MC for the Protestants, an “external” work, before 4- 

19-44 when the Protestant door closed. Protestantism was the “covenant people who were being  passed by” at that time. Today it is Adventism from 9/11 onward that are the “covenant people who are  being passed by”. The 2nd temple cleansing was for the Millerites from 4-19-44 > MC, which was an  “internal” cleansing.  

- Today, 9/11 marks both the 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages, and the 2nd Angel’s message has both  “external” and “internal” aspects. The “internal” is the “tarrying time”, “staying in their tents”, not  carrying a message to the world, no “public evangelism”. The “external” is “Fitch’s” call to the “covenant  people who are about to be passed by” (Adventism) to come out of Babylon, and coincides with the  empowerment of the 1st Angel’s message at the same time.  

- Elements of the 1st message extend to the 3rd message (Alpha-Omega, Zerubbabel-Zerubbabel,  foundation & capstone). For the Millerites it was the Day/Year principle. Now it is to overcome sin since  9/11 or be lost at the Sunday Law. 

- In the Millerite temple cleansing, 8-11-40 = 1d1m (4-19-44), the 1843 Chart (in ’42) = SS Snow at  Boston = 1d5m (7-21-44), Fitch in ’43 = SS Snow at Exeter = MC (8-15-44), and the “shut door” in 4-19-44  = 10d7m (10-22-44). Class wrestles with the concepts.  

11-17-15, The Second Angel  

- Jeff reviews the “2 temple cleansings” in the Millerite time. When the Protestants (covenant people) of  Miller’s time began closing their doors in 1842, the Lord had already impressed Charles Fitch to print the  1843 Chart, and buy a big tent to continue holding meetings ….. campmeetings, which were the  “external”, visual (2nd) test for the Protestants (the covenant people who were about to be passed by).  

- The “Protestant temple” was fully cleansed by their “external” 3rd test on 4-19-44 (2nd Angel arrived,  “Babylon is fallen”), which was the 1st test for the “internal” Millerite temple cleansing (then 8-15-44 &  10-22-44).  

- No Millerite “evangelism” from 4-19-44 to 8-15-44 (MC), but they “stayed in their tents” (tarrying time)  trying to figure out their “internal” 1st Disappointment.  

- At 9/11 we combine the 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages for the 1st test for SDA’s (the covenant people who  are being passed by).  

- (Referring to an email in the Notes from 11-12.) The correspondent says that at 9/11 we are given our  (1st Angel) “foundation” message (which is the “old paths” and “line upon line” methodology, ie. the  1888 message Latter Rain/Loud Cry) to be given to the “external” “covenant people” (Laodicea, Isa. 58);  while at the same time (at 9/11) Present Truth people “internally” have the (2nd Angel’s “writing”)  “hidden” “new light” during the “tarrying time” that grows out of the “old paths” using that same  methodology. Jeff says both messages are “hidden” and have to be dug out.  

- The 1st Angel’s message contains all 3, as Dan. 1 contains all 3, and Chs. 2 & 3 give the 2nd & 3rd Angels’  messages), but all 3 Angels’ messages are combined in the 3rd too. Dan. 1:1 = 1st Angel, Eze. 1:2 = 2nd Angel (visual), Jer. 1:3 = 3rd Angel.  

- Email says the “forehead of flint” (Eze. 3:9) is granted instantly supernaturally, while Jeff says it is  developed in the process of carrying the message to obstinate Adventism, to wit, Eze. 1:1 is the vision by  the river Chebar, which with the “plain” is referred to in Ch. 3:23 (and the “forehead” reference), and  the “plain” is noted again in 8:4, which is the same vision as Ch. 9, where EGW says the “mark-seal” on  the “forehead” is a gradual settling into the truth (LDE 219). The “forehead” is our frontal lobes where  our morals are seated, which are fortified in a process, not instantly.  

11-16-15, Candlestick #3  

- Zech. 4, the “candlestick” isn’t understood even though Zechariah represents those who should know  it when they are suddenly awakened at the MC. Ch. 4:6, Zerubbabel = “out of Babylon” = 2nd & 4th Angel’s messages at the MC. 

- v. 10, a review of the “plummet” (2 Ki. 21:13 [2520 “scattering” is a foundational truth for the Present  Truth movement], Isa. 28:17 [refuge of lies, covenant of death, overflowing scourge], Zech. 4:10), the promise of God’s future judgment on the world and the victory of righteousness. “7 eyes” = 7  candlesticks, lamps, stars [messengers], spirits (Rev. 1:4, 20. 4:5, 5:6).  

- 10 candlesticks in Solomon’s Temple = light 10x brighter. Latter Rain will come with 10x the power of  the Midnight Cry, Miller’s jewels 10x brighter, and his “loud cry” wakes him up. Also 10 virgins (5 are  wise “Priests”) “wake up” to realize they don’t fully understand the Sanctuary at the MC. “Levites”  “wake up” from the MC>SL. Many “10’s” both before and after the MC.  

- The different rivers represent different messages that come out of the Throne of God, and all  represent different aspects of the “water of life” that goes under the “tree of life” that goes into the  “crystal sea” of life (which is the Laver, made of looking-glasses/marah vision that humbles and cleanses  the beholder). (Class comments again on the false charge that studying the Bible fails to sanctify the  student.)  

11-15-15, Candlestick #2  

- Led by Brittani, lots of analysis of how the candlestick was constructed, and some ideas about the  meaning of the parts.  

- The class addresses and refutes a foolish false accusation that the School participants are “ever  learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth”. It is fellowship with the Teacher that  changes one’s life, as much as the material that is taught, though the material under discussion is  important too.  

11-12-15, Candlestick #1  

- Jeff read a commentary on the 1888-1988 centennial "celebration" that pointed out the obvious  symbolic meaning of the "unlighted candlesticks" the SDA Denominational leaders held up during their  ceremony…………not posted for the general audience on FB.  

- 4MR57, re. J.H. Kellogg's pantheistic "Living Temple" book, EGW says to not try to pry into the nature  of God or there is danger of falling into a species of spiritualism. Discussion follows as to whether  exploring the symbolic meanings of the Sanctuary furniture falls into line with her admonition. At one time EGW discouraged discussion of the "daily" in Daniel, but the time came when it became  appropriate to do so, in the 1990's.  

- The "Priests" are the "golden bowls" that receive the "golden oil" of messages from the Holy Spirit.  

- Ex. 25:31-40, the class analyzes the directions given for the candlestick (Jeff notes there are no external  dimensions given), also Ex. 37:17-24. Assignments are given for further study. 

11-11-15, Zechariah’s Vision  

- (The "voice as many waters" could be the messages characterized as given while the prophets were  standing by various water-sources.)  

- Zech. 4:9, the Church Triumphant is complete at the MC, and then others join it.  - Lots of discussion re. the candlestick, olive trees, pipes, in relation to the Ark, etc.  

11-10-15, Nehemiah  

- Neh. 1:1 > 2:1 = 4 months = 120 days. Ch. 2:6, "How long?" is reviewed; asked at the end of Thyatira (end of the darkness), the 5th Seal, Zech. 1:12 (1989), until the SL. (Also the 2 "falls of Judas", first  spiritual then literal (Nabal also). Nehemiah's prayer of repentance for the "father's sins" (Lev. 26:40,  Dan. 9). 

- Much discussion of where to plug in maybe two "120" symbols. "20th year of Artaxerxes" can be at  both 1989 & 9/11 on different prophetic lines, as well as other symbols.  

- Ch. 2 discussion; king & queen, wine, sad, fear, request/question, prayer. v.8, "king's forest-timber" =  people to be built into the Lord's house. v.10, "2 enemies". v.11, where to put the "3 days".  

11-9-15, 49 & 50  

- “3” is often connected with 49 & 50.  

- At the beginning of Ancient Israel they were given "2 tables", and at the end of Ancient Israel they were given the "living testimony", the "2 tables" (Law) revealed in the life of Christ. Same for "Modern  Israel/Adventism", in the beginning we were given the "2 Charts", and at the end of "Modern Israel" the  world will be given the "living testimony", the "2 Charts" (Prophets) revealed in the life of God's true  people.  

- Firstfruits, the two Pentecostal "wave loaves" had leaven in them, but it gets baked out of them,  representing the 144,000 at the end of the world in the "furnace of affliction". Each loaf is made from a  tenth or "tithe" of flour, representing the "remnant" left after the Sunday Law (Isa. 6:13). They are made  from the "outcasts" of Israel (Isa. 66:5) which are lifted up as an "ensign" to the nations (Isa. 11:12), a  "wave offering" of "Priests", then "Levites".  

- Discussion re. the idea of whether or not the SDA Church is Babylon. 

- Daniel is "touched" in 3 chapters, but 3x in the 3rd chapter (10). Nehemiah is in Jerusalem 3 days but  makes his circuit the night of the 3rd day.  

- "50" marks both Pentecost and the Jubilee, sometimes with a "3" before the "49" (Lev. 25:8-11).  Provisions need to be stored up for every 7th year of "Rest" (the "sabbath-of-the-land" law), and at the  49th year provisions need to be stored up for two years to include the Jubilee 50th year. The Jubilee  Trumpet is sounded on the 10th day of the 7th month (Day of Atonement) in the 49th year.  

11-8-15, Mystery of Godliness  

- Jeff fills in a couple gaps from his Lambert Sabbath sermon (11-7-15), the 6th Trumpet (2nd Woe)  begins at md before the MC, which has to do with the “marriage” on the 6th day of Creation, and the  7th Trumpet “prepares to sound” at the MD "binding off" for the "Priests", and from the MC > SL  (Sabbath= 7th day of Creation) “binding off” for the "Levites".  

- BEcho 8-26-95, “Crisis turning points” at 9/11, MC & SL (7th Trumpet, 7 circles around Jericho,  Nehemiah visits 6 [7] points around Jerusalem). Zech. 3:8, "thy fellows" = 144.000.  

- At "midnight", the "incarnation" = "mystery of Godliness" (1 Tim. 3:16), development of the 144,000 or  the "incarnation" & union “marriage” of Christ with His people (Mary), or admission into the "family" of  the 2nd Adam. Eph. 5:25-32, "mystery" of the Church Triumphant.  

- "Hidden" mystery Col. 1:26-27, to be manifested at MD for the “Priests”, and from MC > SL for the  "Levites".  

- Intro to Nehemiah based on 4 "line upon line" witnesses.  

11-7-15 Lambert, “Ark & Most Holy Place 2” (see 10-3-15)  

- Marriage on the 6th day of Creation and the Sabbath on the 7th day are "twin institutions" from Eden,  and "every divine institution is to be restored" (PK678), therefore the "marriage crisis" at the MC and  the "Sabbath/Sunday crisis" at the SL share some of the same features (decree [law-wall] at each  Waymark, Image of the Beast test 1st in USA then in the world, "Priests-firstfruits" are lifted up at the  MC & "144k-firstfruits" are lifted up at the SL, Midnight Cry & Loud Cry at the Sunday Law). The same  features appear at both of their "binding off" periods.  

- Ex. 33:11-13, Begging for God's presence & favor (Lot & angels, Emmaus disciples & Jesus) is a  prophetic marker.  

- Judas' "falling away first", a spiritual death before a physical death. French Revolution = spiritual  persecution first then physical persecution (MC & SL). 

- Ex. 33:13-33, "Thy way" = old paths. v. 16, "separated from all people" = 9/11. v. 22, "glory passeth by"  = 1 Ki. 19:11, Elijah = "binding off" time. "Clift" = cave = hidden by God's hand from 9/11 > MD/MC.  

-(Lk. 24, "Emmaus" = hot springs. Also a pleading for the Divine Presence, eyes holden, then God's hand  reveals "hidden truth" at MD.)  

- Ex. 34:1, first "two tables" broken by James White (as Moses) in 1863. v.6, "The Lord-the Lord" =  doubling at MC. v. 7, "3rd & 4th generation" = 3/4 at MD/MC "binding off". v.8, "bowing down” at MD.  

- Zech. 9:12, "prisoners of hope" receive "double" at MC. "Judah & Ephraim" = 2 sticks joined in the  Church Triumphant against "Greece" = world. v. 16, "lifted up as an ensign" at MC. 10:1, An asking,  "pleading" for the Latter Rain.  

- Gen. 18:17, A "hiding", then revealed what is going to happen to the two cities = two "horns" of  America = Protestantism & Republicanism from the MC & SL onward. (Gen. 11:7, "city" = State, "tower"  = Church, union of Ch. & State = Image of the Beast.)  

- 1 Sam. 25:20, "covert" = "hiding" ends, then bowing down at MD.  

- Abraham's 3 "covenant experiences"; Gen. 15, (Day of the Lord, sleep = 10 virgins, bondage &  deliverance, lamp-smoking furnace in the center of the MC, 4th generation, 10 nations); Ch. 17,  circumcision-covenant, name-change. Ch. 22, 3 days' tests 9/11 > MD = Mareh (Moriah) vision, as MC  "shines light all the way to the end".  

- Same test today, Would God require what He once had forbidden (human sacrifice), or today, would  God forbid what He once required (public evangelism)?  

- Ps. 77:10-11, 15, Right hand = Old Paths. EW 56, Jesus is ahead of us on the pathway to the City as our  High Priest on the Day of Atonement (we see His "back parts"), and His right arm & hand waves (old  path) light from the Father back over the Advent band. (Isa. 6:1, Shekina is "high & lifted up" above the  angels' wings.)  

11-5-15, Twin Institutions  

- The characteristics of the MC also appear at the SL, so they are twin events. There are decrees, letters,  walls-laws, marriage (union of humanity & divinity does not sin = Church Triumphant), a doubling, etc. at  both Waymarks. (Jeff has recently noted that he sees "things coming together" into one "big picture"  now.)  

- Discussion of "family" as an organization, and the possibility of working outside of the SDA  Denomination without creating "a new organization", because Adventism went off-track into a "new  organization" back after the 1919 Bible Conference and "books of a new order" began to be written. 70  yrs from 1919 > 1989 = 3rd generation of Adventism. EGW's vision of SDA workers as a "Catholic  procession" (1T577). In the 1930's the GC wrangled for years to get control of EGW's writings from her family. 

- Litch called for informal organization in 1840-9/11. Millerites worked on both their organization &  theology until 1849 (49 = Jubilee), and put the 1850 chart out to the world in 1850 (50 =  Pentecost/SL/Church Triumphant).  

- The "Priests" are presently getting organized to carry a message to the "Levites". "Priest" Ananias was  sent to "Levite" Saul/Paul to connect him with the "Church Triumphant".  

- At the MC/marriage the "two tables of the Law" are "opened up like a book" and explain the Sanctuary service. 4 & 6 Commandments = the "46" building of the Church Triumphant time. They parallel the  "two charts" which are the "foundation & pillars" of the Church Triumphant, and as “pillars” they "go no  more out" (Rev. 3:12, Philadelphia).  

- In Abraham's covenant the 4 divided offerings represent the "firstfruits offerings" of the "Priests" &  "Levites" on either side of the MC.  

- The two pillars (Boaz,L & Jachin,R) represent Christ's legs & feet as we follow Him up the pathway to  the Holy City, so we only see His "back parts" (Ex. 33:23).  

11-4-15, Jerusalem  

- Jeff, Tyler & Michael discuss when Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem (before or during the "binding off" time), then discuss Neh. 2:17, the "reproach" as compared to Isa. 4:1, the ecumenical movement at the  MC/SL. God's people (Jerusalem, “Priests”) have their reproach removed at their marriage with God at  the MC/SL, and become the "Church Triumphant" (Isa. 61:4-6), while the fallen churches have their  reproach removed by marrying the "man of sin" and taking his name.  

- Zech. 1:12-17, "line stretched forth" = judgment at the MC & SL when God is "choosing Jerusalem"  again. "4 horns scatter" (2520) the 4th generation of Adventism. "4 carpenters" are in the "binding off"  time. "Choosing Jerusalem", to "put My name there" = MC (Zech. 2:12, 1 Ki. 11:36 [David + light], 14:21,  2 Ki. 21:1-7, Ps. 132:13).  

- Ex. 33:11-23, Moses is "hidden" (9/11 > MC) until God removes His hand, then light-knowledge  increases (as in the 1843 Chart) for the "Priests", and in Ex. 34:1-10, humanity united w/Divinity  ("Priests" "marriage" at the MC) to make the 2 tables = 2 Charts.  

11-3-15, Jewish Economy  

- EGW statements give the example of the "line upon line" approach to study as the correct method of  study to produce light at the end of Adventism & the world. At the beginning of Adventism Miller's 14  Rules was the approach to produce the light in the two Charts that parallel the 10 Commandments  inside the Ark. 

- As the 10 Commandments given at the 1st Passover at the beginning of Ancient Israel were a type of  Christ (the "living testimony") at the last Passover at the end of Ancient Israel, so the two Charts given at  the beginning of Modern Israel (Adventism) are a type of Christ (the "living testimony") as revealed in  the lives of His last-day people.  

- The "two wave loaves" at Pentecost/50/SL are symbolic of the 10 Commandments (1st 4 for the  "Priests", last 6 for the "Levites" = 46), only they are a symbol of our human offering with leaven in them  (symbolic of sin), but their sinfulness is baked out of them, and then they are "lifted up as an ensign".  

- The ceremonial offerings and feasts are to be fulfilled, not literally (as Feast-keepers), but spiritually by  Christ & His last-day followers.  

- As Moses had to veil his face because the glory shining from the 10 Commandments was too bright, so  since 1863 Adventism has had a veil over its face that blinds from seeing the light that the Sunday law  was almost upon us at 9/11.  

- When Jesus came to Ancient Israel at the end of their history "the veil of uncertainty was removed"  from the Law & Prophets, the Jewish ceremonies because He fulfilled them; and now at the end of the  world we can EXPECT Jesus to come in the Holy Spirit and remove the "veil of uncertainty" from us as He  fulfills the prophecies that are revealed "line upon line". The "mid-night" of the world will be the "mid day" of glory and light for God's last-day people.  

- Tyler explains how Ezra, Nehemiah & Zerubbabel illustrate our time. Nehemiah's prayer references the "sins of their fathers" and their "old paths" of Lev. 26 (the 2520). "Cupbearer" = Jer. 25:15, Gen. 40:11- 21. "Nisan" = 4th month = 120 days from 9/11 > MC. Inquiry/request, marriage, "how long" = MC.  Letters = "decree", "beams" = "Levites". v.10 = break, repeat/enlarge. "3 days" = 9/11 to SL, (mid) night,  beast = ass, v. 14 dismounts (Abigail at MC). v.16 = secrecy/hidden to MC. Neh. 6:15, "52 days" = 3 days  9/11> MC (firstfruits) + 49 days MC (firstfruits) > SL/Pentecost.  

11-2-15, Plowing & Ark  

- Hos. 10:12. For the "Levites" to be "plowed" between 9/11 > MC, they have to be aware of the  "Priests" stand on the Millerite time repeating now, that was adopted before 9/11, but in a sense it is  "hidden" because "plowing" is a below-the-surface activity, until the "midnight" when the "Priests" are  "unhidden" and the "Levites" begin their 3-step testing process based on what the "Priests" have been  teaching.  

- In the Millerite time the Lord "held His hand over" the mistake on the 1843 Chart (hidden), and when it  was removed and the mistake fixed, then suddenly they were at the Midnight Cry.  

- The Millerites "lived by their faith" (Hab. 2:4) by their faith in Miller's Rules, his methodology, and the  disciples of 9/11, the "Priests" will "live by their faith" in "line upon line", the Reformlines, their  methodology. 

- Jeff compares characteristics of the time from the MC > SL (Images) with SL > CP (Perfect fulfillments).  - Brittani reviews the placement of the Ark in the MHP, with much class discussion.  

11-1-15, Levites  

- Jeff contrasts the "plowing" times for the "Priests", "Levites" & "11th hr. workers". Class discusses the  "point & period" aspect of the "binding off" time. Mark suggests Islam is "loosed" at the "midnight beginning of the binding off" time, and "restrained" at the end of the "binding off" time. Class discusses  the "falling away" of Judas at MD before he hangs himself, at each Waymark. For the "Priests" from 9/11  > MC the "wise & foolish" are separated as groups, but for the "Levites" from the MC > SL they are  separated individually. Lots of discussion re. the first two tests for "Levite" Saul/Paul from MD > MC.  

10-29-15, Judges 19b, Mark  

Vigorous class discussion as Mark tries to explain his points. There is a "doubling" both at the MC & SL  (couple of "asses"). Persecution of the Message at MD > MC, and persecution of the messengers at the  SL. They enter the "old man's" house on the 6th day (marriage). The concubine/woman/11th hr.  workers get abused to death by "spiritual homosexuals" after the SL, which is then cut into 12 pieces  (representing the 144,000), which lifts her up as an "ensign" "from Dan to Beer-Sheba" = the Loud Cry  from the SL > Close of Probation.  

10-28-15, Judges 19a, Mark Bruce  

- Bethlehem-Judah "House of Bread Celebration". "4 months" = 120 from 9/11 > MC. "Couple" of asses =  MC. v. 3 "Father" rejoices to see him as the "prodigal son". "5 days" = 5 days from the Triumphal Entry  at the MC to the Cross at the SL. v.10 "not tarry" = tarrying time over at MC. "Jebus-Jerusalem" =  Threshing place of Peace = SL. "Two asses" at SL. Ramah = "height", Gibeah = "hill". v. 20 "old man" = Lot  as "Christ" inviting travelers in off the street. "washing feet" = 2nd Passover ("Dan to Beer-sheba") for  both "Priests" (who were not ready at the MC) & "Levites" at SL (Gen. 19:2 feetwashing = Passover for  "Priests" at MC). "Homos surround the house" in Gen. 19 = spiritual persecution at the MC; in Judges 19  = physical persecution at the SL.  


Gold Country Convocation at Rescue, Ca., Oct. 2015, “Evidences of the Advancing Truth of God”  weekend. Posted by (Betterway66) & The Final Trumpet.  

Rescue #7 “marah”  

- (A question leads to a review of the “4 generations” in Joel, the last of which needs to “repent of the  sins of the fathers”, as in Neh. 1 & Dan. 9. There are 4 “generational sins” of Adventism (Eze. 8) that  need to be repented of: #1. The “image of jealousy” = 1863 chart. #2. The “secret chambers” =  spiritualism in 1888, & Spiritual Formation that came in on 9/11. #3. The “women weeping for Tammuz”  = false “latter rain”. #4. The “25 elders bowing to the sun” = Sunday Law, and the 3rd & 4th connect  together.  

- At 9/11, Joseph, David, John the Baptist and Jesus were all 30 years old, the age to begin serving as a  “Priest”. “Levites” begin serving at the MC, at age 25 and served for 25 years, and 25 + 25 = 50 =  Pentecost/SL.)  

- Dan. 10. Daniel is “humbled into the dust” at his “marah”, as one “dead” = to self. He is “touched” 3x,  but only to “be strong” (2x at the MC), not to purify him.  

- Eze. 1:1 (also Isa. 6), 5d4m (7-21-44). Ezekiel sees the “marah” vision (glory of the Lord) at “midnight” >  MC, which is both a “point” in time AND a “period” of time (“time dilation”), ie. Lot’s same door closed  twice in his story, and SS Snow’s same 2520 studies at Boston & Exeter. The purpose of the “marah”  vision is to prepare the “Priests” to give a message.  

- The “marah” visions show “crisis turning points” in prophetic history, and at the Waymarks in our  history… (illustration of Balaam’s “ass” being struck 3x [9/11, MC, SL], crushing Balaam’s “foot” against a  “wall” and then “speaking”), which are the “wheels within wheels”. Another illustration is the 1st Angels’  message, beginning at “the time of the end” in 1798 (for us in 1989). The “messenger” was Wm. Miller  (for us the “Time of The End” magazine), and both are typified by Elijah the bold messenger from 1989  to the MC (when Elisha, who was “plowing” from 9/11 to the MC, takes over).  

- As we begin to study we first see the “chazown” vision of prophetic history, then the “mareh”  encounter with Christ in the Sanctuary, which causes us to have the “marah” experience of falling down as one “dead” (4BC1139).  

- As we study the prophecies of Christ in the Sanctuary (especially in the Most Holy Place), we develop  the “prophetic” faith (Hab. 2) of the Millerite “old paths” (as shown on the 2 Charts), and that faith typifies the prophetic faith now of the 144,000, that the Millerite events are repeating in our time, as  illustrated in the parable of the 10 virgins, 7 Thunders, etc., but the methodology that gives this  prophetic foundation faith is “line upon line”, as marked in Isa. 28, which IS the “Latter Rain =  Refreshing” = the “faith of Jesus”. But the SDA Denomination (and some pseudo “Samuel Snows” lately)  have “rejected [the increase of] knowledge” (Hos. 4:6), the 1st Angel’s Message for our time, and  therefore they “shalt be no priest to Me” from 9/11 > MC. 

- Rev. 9, Islam is the “smoke” at every Waymark. The Ark is at the MC Waymark with two cherubim  watching it from the 9/11 Waymark & the SL Waymark. In Solomon’s temple there were 2 more Angels  watching the Ark from the 1989 Waymark and the Close of Probation Waymark, and in Rev 8:4 the  “smoke” from Christ’s censer also rises up at every Waymark, and the Holy Spirit-Latter Rain-“fire of the  altar” is cast down at every Waymark.  

- The Ark contains the “covenant” which connects to Abram’s original covenant sacrifice (Gen. 15) of 4 offerings, divided on each side of the Ark at the MC Waymark, where the symbol of God’s presence  (burning lamp [Shekina] & smoking furnace) passed between them, at the MC Waymark.  

- Unfortunately Abram’s faith lapsed and he created Ishmael and the “smoke” of Islam. Therefore God  required the great final test of the offering of Isaac (God now requiring what He had once forbidden). The same test is for the final generation “children of Abraham” in that God is forbidding what He once required (public evangelism). His act of faith at that time is a “pillar of light” for all succeeding ages  (PP153), paralleling the MC that illuminates the pathway to the heavenly city.  

Rescue #6  

- Line of Elizabeth is put with the Line of Rev. 9, the “5 months” before the final “1 month” which is also  the “4 years” of the “binding off” time (or MD) before the MC, also before the SL. (Based on the pattern  of Ezra 7:9)  

- Line of the “Priests”; 3 tests = gospel (1 = Old Paths, 2 = Visual [separating truth from error in the  Present Truth movement], 3 = “bound-off” in bundles or sealed to be saved, or lost, the “litmus test” of  the 3rd Angels’ Message).  

- Line of the “wildernesses” (PK714), literal Israel’s literal captivity in literal Babylon for 70 yrs = spiritual  Israel’s spiritual captivity in spiritual Babylon for 1260 years = literal Israel’s 40 yrs after Egypt = Jesus’ 40  days in the wilderness. There is a “wilderness” between each Waymark, with a “shortened” or “binding  off” or “sealing” time at the end, either a 3 or a “4”, or in Dan. 9:27, the 70th week. (Rev. 11:3, the “two  witnesses” in the “wilderness-1260” time, for Zech. in 3:12-14 = Law & prophets [Moses & Elijah], for  the Christian Church = OT & NT, for us = Bible & EGW… but are “killed” or “bound off” or “sealed” for 3.5  “days” at the end of the “1260-wilderness”, before being “lifted up as an ensign” to the world at the SL.)  

- SDA leadership was bypassed at 9/11. Priest Eli, king Josiah (who disobeys a warning message,  disguises himself & dies by the “archers”/Islam, also Saul & Ahab) = SDA leadership, who are passed-by at 9/11, and Samuel = new priesthood, prophet & judge is appointed at the MC. (Sanhedrin also  bypassed at Jesus’ baptism at 9/11, and He raises up a new class of “Priests” at the MC.)  

- “Marah”. Focus of the MD > MC time is the “marah”= mirror, “looking-glass” vision for individual  “Priests”. Gen. 46:2, the marah at the beginning of Jacob’s part of the story of Joseph in Egypt and the  “joining of the two sticks”, reuniting of the “family” (of “70” “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers)  from the MC > SL. 

- Jacob also had a “marah” vision of the “ladder” up to heaven at his beginning [Gen. 28], “tarrying” at  “midnight”, “sleep” & “gate of heaven” at the MD > MC, and he set up a “pillar” for a covenant with God  at the SL.  

- Covenants are represented by both “pillars” & “salt” (each occur 35x = 70 in Scripture), and are “2  horns” which represent “2-horned” powers (Medo-Persia, France & the USA). France’s “2 horns” were  Sodom & Egypt, which represent the USA’s homosexual Sodomic “marriage” at the MC, and Egypt’s  “atheistic” rejection of God’s Law of the Sabbath at the SL. (In the story of Sodom Lot’s wife gets turned  into a “pillar” of “salt”, a symbol of Sodom breaking the “marriage covenant” with license for  homosexuality.)  

- “marah” = looking-glass (Ex. 38:8 “laver”, 1 Cor. 13:9-13 “see face to face”, 2 Cor. 3:18 “changed”, James 1:22-25 “choice” to “do” = die to self [or to flee as Daniel’s companions did], Num. 12:6 “gift of  prophecy” to be restored). In the “mareh” (masc.) we see Jesus as our “Husband”, and our response is  the “marah” (fem.) humbling of self, as the Church-“Bride”.  

- Dan. 10, the “mareh” = the cause that leads to the “marah” = effect on Daniel at MD > MC. Other’s flee  to hide.  

Rescue #5  

- The controversy over the “true” SS Snow message led FFA into deeper study of the subject in God’s  providence, and a better understanding of the Millerite history as it applies today in “the effect of every  vision”.  

- One “new light” is about the “Church Triumphant” that begins at the MC, the beginning of the purified  2 loaves “wave offering” of the 144,000 “firstfruits” lifted up as an “ensign” at “Pentecost/SL”. The 2- part offering is those who are the called, tested & purified “12 Priests” from 9/11 to the MC, and the “70  Levites” from the MC to the SL who join the Church Triumphant with perfect victory over sin. Together  they answer the question of Dan. 8:13 re. the restoration of both the Sanctuary (2300) and Host (2520),  with the “220 restoration” between them (Ezra’s 220 Nethinim “stem-cells” or “11th hr workers” who  also have perfect victory over sin), and the Church Triumphant has an “organization”.  

- 1 Sam. 2:31, the end of Eli’s priestly family. A prophetic warning at 9/11, then (Ch. 3) Samuel gets the  “marah” vision and becomes the new prophet, priest & judge (PP603). It’s the night of this world’s  history, leader-Eli’s eyes are dim, he’s going to sleep (Laodicea), and the “lamp of God” has gone out. At  the MC “wake-up” call Samuel gives the message of doom to Eli to make his “ears tingle” (2 Ki. 21:12,  Jer. 19:3), and the Ark is captured at the Sunday law. V. 20, all Israel from Dan to Beer-sheba (well of  covenant-judgment & 2520-style scattering from MC > SL).  

- Hos. 10:12; plow, sow, reap & then Latter Rain comes at each Waymark. Applies from the MC onward,  “Priests”, “Levites” = 144,000 “firstfruits” bring in the “harvest” of the “11th hr. workers”, and all are the  “Church Triumphant” (Joel 3:17, no more strange-“tares” in it). 

- “Angels” as the voice God’s people and their Latter Rain messages, and Christ, depending on the  context (Rev. 7, 10, 14, 18 & Eze. 9). The “3 Angels” represent 3 tests, wherever they occur, but the 3rd test, judgment (Jn. 16:8) only reveals the character developed during the first two tests. (Video hangs  with about 90 sec to the stop.)  

Rescue #4  

- Jeff reviews the false accusation of modern “Samuel Snows” that SS Snow and Miller were not in  harmony, when Snow’s message actually grew out of a letter by Miller.  

- EGW (GC 398) referred to “midway” between the 1st Disappointment (4-19-44) and Oct. 22, 1844  which was 7-21-44 (when Snow first gave his study for 10-22-44 in Boston), which is 25 days before 8- 15-44, when Snow gave his study at the Exeter, NH campmeeting which set off the MC. (The number  “25” often appears in the “binding off” time from “midnight-MD” to the MC.)  

- Ezra 7:9, 1d1m (4-19-44) > 1d5m (8-15-44) = 120 “days-years” of probation, because of the “mystery of  iniquity” = corrupt marriage unions (Gen. 6), 6th day of creation to > the MC (beginning of the close of  probation when the virgins wake up). Then “70” from the MC to the 7th day-Sunday Law crisis, final close  of human probation.  

- 1d1m = (4-19-44) = (9/11) in the Bible indicates the Protestant “horn” of the USA/Egypt is conquered (Eze. 29:17) at (4-19-44), and the Republican “horn” of the USA is conquered at 9/11 (Patriot Act), but at  the same time the “horn of David” begins “budding out” = sprinkling of rain = beginning of the change  from “Church Militant” to “Church Triumphant”.  

- 1d5m, 120 Death of Moses (political leadership, replaced by Joshua) & Aaron (religious leadership,  replaced by Eleazar) at the MC, and the resurrection of Lazarus (symbolized by Aaron’s son Eleazar who takes over).  

- 8-11-40 & 9/11 are both about Islam. EGW says the 1st Angel of 8-11-40 “lightens the earth” (like the  4th Angel of Rev. 18), and the 4th Angel’s message is also the 2nd Angel’s message (“Babylon is fallen, is  fallen”). Therefore the 1st, 2nd & 4th Angels’ messages all apply at 9/11.  

- Jeff reviews the “new light” that has come out since the first 2014 student-led prophecy school campmeeting at FFA. (There has been NO “new light” from the “ministries” that have stepped off the  “platform” of Present Truth since the split over Joel.)  

- #1. Line of Elizabeth from 9/11 > SL (5 mos.) Zacharias is dumb until the SL, then he (as the USA)  “speaks” (and so does Balaam’s ass [Islam] “speak” then).  

- #2. Line of Rev. 9, a “key” is turned in 1989 (1449) and the 5th (5 mos.) & 6th Trumpets (1st & 2nd “Woes”) are replayed from 9/11 > SL. Many “walls” come down at the MC as the “4” or “binding off” or  “marah experience” time comes to view. 

- #3. Line of David’s 4 anointings = H.S. 1) 1989, “increase of knowledge”, horn of David “buds” (and Saul  gets an evil spirit). 2) 9/11 (sprinkling), king of Judah. 3) MC (doubling), king of Israel. 4) SL (full  outpouring), anoints himself.  

- #4. Line of Joseph & Pharaoh. 7 yrs of plenty to the MC, then 7 yrs of famine (Amos 8:11), when  “Joseph” hands out the stored up “grain = little book”.  

- #5. Line of Balaam’s ass, turns Balaam/USA “out of the way” of enacting the SL at 9/11, and at the MC  (between two “walls”) & crushes Balaam’s “foot” = marriage (Boaz/Ruth) at the MC (Marriage at  Cana/Elijah at Mt. Carmel).  

- # # # # New Light, at the MC: Line of Nehemiah the “cupbearer”, Esther, marriage/Sabbath, the “two  horns”, Eze. 21 “binding off”, “25 bowing” (Eze. 8, Abigail, Nabal-Carmel of the Mount. [Church] and city  [State]), “wildernesses” = Paran = Arabia = Islam. “Time Dilation” = MD > MC = “both a point and a  period of time”. Samuel anointed as the “restored” Prophet, Priest & Judge = Ark of the Covenant-Most  Holy Place, watched over by angels at 9/11 & SL, but who are looking at the Ark at the MC. (Also,  “mocking”, “loosing & restraining”, “organization”, “Priests” & “Levites”, etc.)  

- Korah, Dathan & Abiram challenged Moses & Aaron as God’s appointed leaders, but at the test only  Aaron’s rod “budded”… the only one getting the “rain”. The evidence of who has the “advancing light of  the 3rd Angel” truth is wherever the RAIN is being poured out.  

Rescue #3.  

- (Isa. 8:15 & 28:13, snared & fall backward.) Those ministries who reject the “line upon line”  methodology adopt the methodology of Spiritualism (placing man’s word above God’s Word). Korah,  Dathan & Abiram claimed the whole congregation was holy (universalism) when they knew they weren’t  (EGW at 1888). V.20 Those that have only partial truth (even if only 5% error) “have no light in them”.  

- BEcho 8-26-95, “crisis turning points” (wheels within wheels) at each Waymark. 9/11 was a “crisis”  (twin towers), and a “turning point” (Spiritual Formation in Adventism). 9/11 > SL is our “covenant  history”.  

- Joseph’s life had 2 “turning points”. Focus is the “Covenant” with Abraham (Gen. 15) with the 144,000  at the end of the world. Joseph (a type of Christ) was sent to Egypt in advance to prepare the way for the covenant people. Both “saved” by Islamic traders from the “East”. Both are “messengers of the  covenant”.  

- At Joseph’s 9/11 crisis he returned to his “old paths”, the faith of his fathers. (9/11 = 1d1m, Ezra 7:9,  Nehemiah has the king’s 3rd Decree [SL] ready to implement at his arrival at 9/11, but was held up by  Islam.) 2nd “crisis turning point” was butler/baker and being lifted up before Pharaoh. 

- Capernaum (SDA Ch.) “turning point” = 9/11 too, where the judgment of the living, the blotting out of  sin & Latter Rain begins. DA719 (Crisis in Galilee = “Turning Point”, Jesus had just before “restrained” the  “winds = Islam” on the sea at 9/11.) Capernaum is a turning point for Judas (he wants an earthly king, takes 3 steps down & is possessed, note: his offence at a feast-footwashing at both ends of his  downfall.) Did not want to “eat” (Jer. 15:16) Jesus’ (words = Little Book, roll) & take its message back to  the rebellious SDA Church (Eze. 3). Tares fall away at MD just before the MC.  

- At 9/11, the “Rabbis” affect to take Jesus’ words literally as did Nicodemus, not symbolically. Many EGW quotes to show prophecy is to be interpreted symbolically, not literally, esp. the prophetic symbol  of “towers” (“there are tower-builders in this our day“).  

- The beginning of Ancient Israel (rebellion at Kadesh, 1st attack on Jericho) mirrors the end of Ancient  Israel (rebellion at Capernaum).  

- The “Church Militant” gets “organized” before it becomes the pure “Church Triumphant” at the MC (ie. Jethro to Moses, ie. Pentecost, deacons), but there is going to be great opposition to it.  

Rescue #2.  

- Jeff addresses the “no public evangelism” controversy in this movement. Connect Ezekiel’s visions in 1- 12 with John of the Angel in Rev. 10, eating the little book. The beginning and ending of Ancient Israel  both had a time of “private study”, “an exclusive, internal work” with God before taking their message out to the world. Same with the Millerites from 1844-1850, they weren’t sure what their “message” was  yet.  

- Joel problem re. “the Day of the Lord” (4 generations & insects) is based on misunderstanding  Abraham’s 4th generation covenant (Gen. 15:18), and a rejection of the “line upon line” methodology.  “Egypt” = the secular world. “Euphrates/Babylon” the religious world.  

- Ever since Abraham, when God has entered into covenant with a people He has had to break His  covenant with a previous covenant people (& includes something to “eat”). He had to break/make a  new covenant with Joshua & Caleb (manna), the Jews/Christian Church in 34AD (Jesus’ flesh/word), the  Protestants/Millerites in 1844 (little book), and the Adventist Ch./Present Truth believers at 9/11  (hidden manna, Reformlines). Ezekiel eats the roll & is told to give the message to the Jews. 1846 marks  the “covenant” of marriage of James & Ellen White, and the “covenant” of the Sabbath.  

- Rejection of the “line upon line” Reformlines (Isa. 28) is to reject the Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain  “refreshing” time.  

- Abraham’s test was to do something (offer Isaac) which before was wrong. Our test is to NOT do  something (public evangelism) which before was right, from 9/11 > SL.  

Rescue #1

Tracking the shaking that has been going on in the Present Truth movement, and how the enemy is  trying to turn people away from the Present Truth.  

- Jeff reads EGW quotes comparing Wm. Miller & John the Baptist (refers to the “Day of the Lord” & “4th generation” in Joel controversies). Our work is to “prepare the way of the Lord” like Miller & John the  Baptist. Miller’s Rules are the “foundation of the foundation” but we use them to go farther into Bible  prophecy by the “Reformlines”, and the “testimony of two” (but if you reject the first witness you can’t  accept the second witness either). Jer. 6:16, the “old paths” also have a call to become “watchmen”  with a “trumpet” at 9/11, and EGW connects Isa. 58:1 with the Laodicean message. In 1888 Jones &  Waggoner presented the (rejected) message of Rev. 18 that came into history again at 9/11. 5T 298- 300, EGW endorses preaching against popular errors in Isa. 58:1 (esp. in the NPUConf., and more  especially by other “independent leaders” in the Pacific Northwest).  

- 7 Thunders = Millerite time & our time since 9/11. 1SM 413, danger of refusing truth. Conference  ministers have had no “new light” for decades while FFA is almost unable to keep up with all the “new  light” being given to them!  

Rescue, California.  

=======================================================================  =======================================================================  ======================================================================= 

10-26-15, “Wilderness” by Krebecs.  

Pre-Script: The "Good Guys" are the ones with the white hats, right? ;-)  

- As Jim presents the "binding off" in all of the "wilderness" periods the class contributes related and  tangential information.  

- At 45 mins the class begins to discuss the orientation of the Ark in the Most Holy Place.  10-25-15, Isa. 6.  

- Michael discusses with the class the principle of spiritual growth in the context of Isa. 6 (each "Holy!" =  a greater manifestation of the power of God at 9/11, MC & SL). The purifying coal off of the altar  touches our lips at each stage of spiritual growth (seed, blade, ear, corn, harvest).  - Tyler addresses the problem of using Daniel's "21 days" of mourning and Michael coming down (Dan.  10:2) both before 9/11 and at the point of "midnight" before the MC. The resolution is to understand  the whole time from 9/11 > "midnight" as the "21st day" (or the 24th day as from 9/11 > SL). Each  "Holy!" of Isa. 6 lines up with each time Daniel is "touched".  

10-20-15, Doctrinal Developments 

- Jeff and the class review the development of the Present Truth message from about 2012 to current.  10-19-15, Holy! Holy! Holy!  

- Class opens with EGW readings re. the moral and ceremonial laws, and how the Jews misunderstood  them by applying them literally rather than spiritually, which led to their misunderstanding and rejecting  the Messiah's mission.  

- The veil that Moses wore parallels the veils of the Sanctuary. The inner veil could only be entered by  the High Priest on the Day of Atonement, which in our time moved to the cases of the living at 9/11,  when the “Priests” have to begin "sending our sins beforehand to judgment" even though we "see  through a glass darkly".  

- The three institutions that are restored at the "times of refreshing" are the spiritual, "anti-typical"  Feasts (not literal), which parallel the 3 veils of the Sanctuary: Passover at 9/11, Marriage at the MC, &  Sabbath/Pentecost at the Sunday Law.  

- At the fractal level the 3 veils are the 3 steps from 9/11 > MC ("Holy! Holy! Holy!") which begins the  sinless Church Triumphant when we "see face to face" (1 Cor. 13:12). Jesus in Gethsemane took the  "cup" 3x as He denied His own will, which showed His holiness 3x.  

10-15-15, Progressive Destruction  

- Mark begins a study on the "voices" in Revelation by starting at Rev. 8:1 the "silence in heaven for half  an hour" and connects it to "30" from Midnight > MC, and another "30" from the MC > SL. Other Bible  references to "silence" are considered.  

- Jeff explains that in the Millerite time the opening of the 7th Seal happened when SS Snow proclaimed  the clearest light, the fullest understanding of what they had been studying, the date of Oct. 22, 1844.  Hab. 2:20, Heaven was keeping silence while God was revealing light on earth.  

- Mark shows the location of the 7 Trumpet judgments on the Reformline from 1989 > SL. The "noise" &  "shaking" in Eze. 37 = the "voice" & "earthquake" at 9/11. Rev. 18:1-4 "voice" at 9/11.  

- Rev. 10:7, the "voice of the 7th angel" (3rd Woe) began on 8-22-44, and had an imperfect fulfillment at  9/11, but the perfect fulfillment is at the SL, plus 11:15-19 = SL > CP & beyond.  

- Rev. 16:17, 7th Last Plague, earthquake (includes a resurrection). "It is done" is announced at the Cross  (MC), the SL, COP, & end of the 7th Last Plague.  

10-14-15, The Sanctuary  

- Comparison of the Reformline Waymarks and the location of the Sanctuary furniture, and discussion of the names and locations of the two pillars before Solomon's Temple, and some ideas about the spatial  relationships of the furniture indicating parts of the "body of Christ".  

10-13-15, Rev. 8 

- Jeff reviews "Bro. Richard's" thrice repeated dream of the Most Holy Place with an angel standing at 9/11 and the Sunday Law, with the Ark located at the Midnight Cry, and notes how that fits with what  we already know. Also there recently seems to be more focus on the "messenger" more than the  "group" from 9/11 > MC.  

- "voices", Rev. 4:5, 8:5, 11:19, 16:18. Lots of discussion re. casting down the censer in Rev. 8:5. 1) Eased  of burdens, 2) Rejoicing, 3) Voice of the prophets [messages of God's Spirit-angels], 4) Unholy  condemnation, 5) Languages.  

- "smoke", All the Waymarks have the "smoke" of Islam, which is also a "cloud" of God's presence that  brings the "Latter Rain".  


- Jeff brings up the idea suggested by some that since there's no public evangelism from 9/11 > SL, that  there shouldn't be any "inreach" to Adventism from 9/11 > MC either, and the class discusses it.  

- God's "smoking furnace" & "burning lamp" at the MC also discussed.  

- Isa. 52, true watchmen. Isa. 56:10, false watchmen.  

Walls of the Vineyard, Sept. 2015 # 8, The Marah 4. 

- Jeff reviews the "marah" in Daniel, the 3-step gospel separation process, the fall of Judas and the  "making up of the number of the disciples" afterward, and the 3rd step of purification and sealing of the  fully made up numbers of “Priests” at the MC, “Levites” at the SL and “11th hr. workers” at the CP. He  also reviews the "5 months" of Rev. 9.  

- Jeff points out the transition that happens at "midnight", Elijah/John the Baptist and Elisha/Christ, one  "going down" (Jordan) and one ascending. Also Abigail's "bowing down" at "midnight" to David whose  "10 men" before "midnight" mirror the "10 days" before Nabal dies after the MC.  

- The "4 generations" of Adventism parallel the "4 abominations" of Eze. 8 and ends with 25 men  "bowing down" to the sun at the MC. Also the first 4 Churches of Rev. 2, with Pergamos (Judas) "falling  down, going down, bowing down" at "midnight" to allow for the rise of Thyatira (Rome, Barabbas) at the MC, so the 3rd & 4th generations are connected by the "cause-effect" relationship, then Judgment is  executed.  

- "25" appears in the "binding off" between "midnight" and the MC. A Levite had to be 25 to begin  serving, and served for 25 years, and retired at "50" = Pentecost = SL. There were 25 years between the 

Lisbon, Portugal "earthquake" (1755) and "dark day" (1780), so there is an "earthquake" at MD and a  "dark day" at the MC. Dt. 18:18, "prophet raised up", 25 yrs from Miller's message in 1818 > 1843, and 25 yrs from 1863 > 1888.  

- To the Millerites, "midnight" was 7-21-44 ("midway", 5d4m, Eze. 1:1) between the 1st Disappointment  on 4-19-44 (9/11) and 10-22-44, and 7-21-44 was 25 days between SS Snow's prediction at Boston  (arrived) and his prediction at Exeter which started the Midnight Cry, 8-15-44 (empowered).  

- "38" parallels 1838 when Josiah ("foundation") Litch ("secure", name corresponds to his work, also SS  Snow) made his prediction re. Islam, 8-11-40 (GC335), which proved the soundness of Miller's  methodology (Miller's Rules = secure foundation).  

- Those former "Present Truth" leaders of the "disciples of 9/11", who have got off the path since 9/11  (exodus from Egypt), erred by accepting the methodology of using "Old Protestant" commentaries, and  they're all "dead" by the “38th/40th year” at the MC (Dt. 2:14) when the true "disciples of 9/11" are  "rising up" to "pass over the river" and "make the nations afraid" at the SL.  

- Jn. 5:5, 38 years before "rising up". 1 Ki. 16:29, 38th yr of Asa (was king during 7 kings of Israel [7  Thunders connection], the last being Ahab/Jezebel/Elijah [Image of the Beast connection] story), and the  building of Jerecho. 2 Ki. 15:8, in the 38th yr (of Azariah king of Judah), Zachariah, the 4th generation of  Jehu (in Samaria), begins to reign, but dies in 6 mos. at the SL.  

Walls of the Vineyard 7, The Marah 3.  

- Dan. 10, Daniel is struck with a "deep sleep" or "dead" at the "marah" vision at "midnight", but after  being touched 3x and strengthened in the "binding off" time from MD > MC he is ready to receive the  message of the MC.  

- Jeff briefly explains the growing denial of the American Constitution after 9/11 (Patriot Act), the  Midnight Cry (Marriage laws) and the Sunday Law (Sabbath laws).  

- "marah" & "the two sticks joined" in Gen. 46 , Ex. 38:8 looking glasses/laver, 1 Cor. 13 now we see  "darkly" in the looking-glass, but in the "binding off" we begin to see perfectly, and are fully changed (2  Cor. 3:18) into the image of Christ.  

- Eze. 1, the "chazown" vision of the Reformlines of prophetic history from 9/11 > MC > SL shows each  Waymark as a "crisis turning point" (wheels within wheels, very confusing at first) , but at the "binding  off" from MD > MC (where the Ark is) we are empowered to give God's message.  

- Num. 12, through the "marah" vision God's people receive a clearer understanding of prophecy by a  double outpouring of the Spirit of Prophecy (marah) at the MC (where the Ark is).  

- 1 Sam. 3:10-15 "Samuel, Samuel" = "marah" vision at the MC (where the Ark is), where the new  priesthood is set up (Aaron's rod that budded), also judge (10 Commandments in the Ark) and prophet  (Moses' statues "in the side" of the Ark). 

- Esther, "not called" for 30 days before the MC (which is 9/11), and 18 days before that (1996) parallels  the "prophet" (Time of the End magazine) that was sent to Eli (before Samuel was called) who first told  about the fall of the house of Eli (Adventist structure) at the SL.  

- "midnight" is the "midway" date (GC398.3) between the 1st Disappointment (4-19-44) and Oct. 22,  1844, or 7-21-44 (SS Snow at Boston, MA), 25 days before the MC at 8-15-44 (SS Snow at Exeter, NH).  

- Eze. 1 the "marah" visions (plural) at the 5d4m = 7-21-44 = "midnight" = "midway" includes ALL the  visions, even the "chazown".  

Walls of the Vineyard 6, The Marah 2.  

- "4" in the "binding off" time as applied to Manasseh & the last 3 kings of Judah, and the "image of  jealousy" in Eze. 8 (Aaron's golden calf, 1863 chart), and the 1st 4 Churches of Rev. 2-3 are also parallel.  - "cause and effect", Ephesus (spiritual power) naturally leads to Smyrna (persecution) which leads to Pergamos (compromise) which naturally leads to Thyatira (takeover by Rome).  

- All the prophets had the "mareh" vision, which leads to the "marah" (looking-glass) of self-abhorrence  and humility "into the dust", and so must all of God's last-day people in preparation to give their  message at the MC.  

- The "two sticks" that are joined together at the MC are the "two staves" that carry the ARK into the Loud Cry.  

- 1 Sam. 3:11, 3 messages of doom that make "ears tingle" (Manasseh, Eli, Zedekiah) are the bells on the  High Priest's garment on the Day of Atonement today.  

- Gen. 15, Abraham's covenant, 3 animals of 3 yrs + a bird = 10, and are divided at the MC (smoking  furnace [Islam] & burning lamp). So, 9/11 > "10" > (Abram asleep, horror of darkness = "midnight") >  [Islam]-MC > (4th generation comes out) Egypt/USA to Euphrates/Babylon + "10" kings (Rev. 17) given  to Abram at the SL.  

- The Reformlines pull back the curtain into the Most Holy Place so we can see by faith what Jesus as  High Priest is doing at the ARK (mareh vision, Ex. 33:22 His "back parts") and prepare to cooperate (our  marah-looking glass response) with Him as "Priests".  

Walls of the Vineyard 5, The Marah 1.  

- Jeff fills in some gaps in Brittani's study on Esther. Dt. 18:18 "prophet like unto thee" parallels Wm.  Miller in 1818 doing his studies.  

- Mordecai and David both wax greater and greater in their stories, parallel to the power of the Holy  Spirit increasing at each Waymark. Joseph, David, Jesus, and the Priests were 30 yrs old at 9/11 when  they began their ministries. Levites were to be 25 and worked 25 yrs until they were 50 at the  SL/Pentecost. 

- All the "wildernesses" all have a short "binding off, sealing, persecution, bitterness, death, character manifesting, covenant" time at their ends, from at least 1863 to the Close of Probation.  

- Dan. 1-3 = 3 Angels' Messages. Dan. 4 = 2nd dream of both Nebuchadnezzar & Miller = 2520. Dan. 5 =  Belshazzar's (& Adventism's) refusal of the "old paths, Charts, 2520". Dan. 6 = praying w/o ceasing.  

- Rev. 10 (an Angel comes down at each Waymark with a special message for that time); since 9/11 the  "7 Thunders" have been opened up to the "Present Truth" movement (7 last kings of Israel & Judah  [joining of the two sticks], and 7 kings of Persia). V. 11 begins the awakening of the nations at the MC  when the "Church Militant" becomes the "Church Triumphant".  

- Rev. 11, "two prophets" get persecution from an apostate Church (SDA) and the State, that appears to slay them for a 3 1/2 "binding off" time, then a "lifting up as an ensign" for each, the "Priests", "Levites",  & "11th hr. workers" as "fire" from heaven empowers their messages. v.13, "earthquake", 10th part of  “the city” of world kingdoms (the 10 kings of Rev. 17) falls (the USA). GC 267-269.  

Walls of the Vineyard 4, The Priesthood.  

- Jeff opens with a brief review of Haman's wife (as the "horn" of apostate Protestantism in the USA)  unlawfully controlling their relationship by suggesting that Haman (as the "horn" of the State in the USA)  build a gallows (50 cubits tall, 1 cubit per State). Mordecai as a "Priest" to Esther.  

- Samuel is ordained by his "marah" vision as "Priest, Prophet & Judge". (The Spirit of Prophecy ceased  at EGW's death in 1915, but it is to be restored at the Midnight Cry when the Church changes from the  impure "Church militant" to the purified "Church triumphant".)  

- Aaron's rod that budded (showing who was the chosen Priest) is in the Ark at the MC. (Moses was in  the place of God to Aaron as the appointed leader paralleling the appointed leader of the Present Truth  movement today, and those who resist the appointed leader today parallel Korah, Dathan & Abiram  who opposed Moses.) Priest Aaron died at the MC & was replaced by Eleazar/Lazarus who is the  resurrected Priesthood.  

- Moses & Aaron (as symbols of the Law & the Prophets [Moses/Elijah in Rev. 11] at the MC) were sent  to Egypt (a symbol of the USA) and warned Pharaoh that a plague of the "east wind" (Islam) would  destroy the country, and Pharaoh responded with stiffer laws (Sunday Laws), then national apostasy  leads to national ruin, along with the false SDA leadership (false "Priests" & "Levites") and then the Gentile nations.  

Walls of the Vineyard 3, David  

- GC 425, a "special work of purification" progressively in "Priests", "Levites", "11th hr. workers"  beginning at 9/11 as they join the “Church Triumphant” at the MC before the "real war" begins at the SL.  Joel 3:11, wake up the heathen at the MC. v.17, no sinners in it anymore (Isa. 52:1, 56:1-8). 

- Jeff explains which Waymarks to put the 4 "Hold!" calls on Islam, based on the subsequent  "manifestation of the power of God". (BTW there's no manifestation of the power of God at the WTC  bombing in 1993.) Num.22, Balaam (USA) is "turned out of the way" (to start the Sunday Law) by the  "ass" (Islam) at 9/11, so that buys time for the 144,000 to start getting ready. The "ass" then smashes  Balaam's foot between the two "walls" of "marriage" at the MC, and "Sabbath" at the SL and the USA is  "crippled". Also at the SL the "ass" sees the angel-messenger and both the "ass" & "Balaam" fall down, and "Balaam" then beats the "ass" (speaking as a dragon) which then also "speaks". (Several entities  "speak" at the SL, and as the conflict grows stronger so does the Latter Rain power of the Holy Spirit empower God's people to bear their message.)  

- Gen. 11, Nimrod's union of Church & State in the City & Tower of Babel is a symbol of the final Global  Babylon, the "covenant of death".  

- The "foolish" that are sifted out at each Waymark become "hypocrites" COL 411, and the "wise Priests"  made a prediction re. Islam that is at first rejected but is later seen as true, then they are lifted up to the  world.  

- The last 7 kings of Israel & Judah (joining of the two sticks) at the SL mark the beginning of World War  Joel 3.  

- The "Angel" that came down on 9/11 (Christ, "that prophet" Dt. 18:18) is also the "man with the  writer's inkhorn" of Eze. 9, and also the "Priests", who are the 5 wise virgins who "slaughter" the foolish  by their use of the (s)Word.  

- 1 Sam. 3, the choosing of the new Priesthood, & "marah" vision in the "binding off" = restoration of the  Spirit of Prophecy at the MC.  

- BEcho 8-26-95, "crisis-turning points" (wheels within wheels) at each Waymark where light for that  time is given. Illustration of the rebels trying to conquer Jericho, & Judas wanting to proclaim Jesus king  (in Galilee = "turning point") to conquer Rome. Joseph's "turning points" also.  

Walls of the Vineyard 2, “Abraham’s Covenant”.  

- Gen. 15:16, "4th generation" (re. Joel's "4 generations" and "Day of the Lord" [Sunday Law, progressive  close of probation for the world] where most "Present Truth" teachers went off-track), "iniquity of the  Amorites not being full", 10 nations-kings indicates last-days application. Ch. 16, Lack of faith-patience,  human works, Ishmael, Islam against all. Ch. 17, covenant, furnace, lamp. (Isa. 28, "covenant of death").  Jer. 25:15 “wine cup” = Day of the Lord (Eze. 9, sword), Jerusalem = Adventism, Pharaoh = USA.  

- The prophets are signs, representatives of last-day peoples, and prophetic symbols that are  determined by their contexts.  

- Image of the Beast test is the "external" manifestation of the "internal" Midnight Cry. The power of God has to be manifested before God can close Probation for the world.  

- Those making predictions re. the close of probation because of the Pope's visit are into spiritualism, 

because the modern parallel to Josiah Litch's prediction re. Islam in 1838 & 1840 has not yet happened.  There will be a visible conflict and separation between those who have the true prophetic message  (Elijah) and those who have the false prophetic message (prophets of Baal).  

- The eating of the "sweet" little book-scroll now will result in a "bitter" conflict at the MC and again at  the SL for those who are being raised up to give the message.  

Walls of the Vineyard 1, “Binding off”.  

All the angels of Revelation are symbols of Christ, and have His message for the last days, which are  proclaimed by His people as they themselves are being sealed for eternity, and they are the "sealing  angel" with the "writer's inkhorn" of Eze. 9.  



- Jeff questions the class on how to present Saul/Paul as a "Levite" both at the MC & SL, then questions  them about how to present this material to SDA churches and under what circumstances. Discussion re.  authority in the Present Truth movement to teach, baptize and conduct other services either in or out of  SDA churches.  

- The post-1844 Adventists had no organization, and did no evangelism, because they were occupied  with studying out their message. When they had their message figured out they published the 1850  Chart and began doing public evangelism.  

- Conclusion is that since we are not yet the "Church Triumphant", the number of the "Priests" is not yet  "made up" (as per the choosing of Matthias to replace Judas) we are not yet organized enough for  "Levites" like Saul/Paul to come to us for guidance. We are still in the studying or "tarrying" time that  parallels the time between 1844 & 1850.  


- Jeff reads a progress report from SOTP-ZW (Zimbabwe), and the class reads & discusses some  observations in an email from Lorenz re. Paul’s status as a “Levite”, who is well-educated in biblical things but is just mis-directed up to the Damascus Road “marah” vision. Class examines aspects of Paul's  experience in AA 155-165 that illustrate the experience of those opposing "Present Truth" believers  today. 

- Stephen was stoned at "midnight" when the persecution began, and Saul was "plowed" by his  conscience, and finally converted at the MC, then led to seek instruction from a "Priest".  

10-5-15 Hewing  

- Hewing of "foundation stones" of Truth from 1989 onward before being put into place at 9/11. (Class  discusses who was resurrected with Christ, wheat & tares in the Church, 11th hour workers.)  - In response to a class member's interaction with a long-time critic, Jeff reviews the very beginning of  the message and how light was brought to his mind on Dan. 11:40-45, which repeats the events of Dan.  11:30-36 ("eleventh of Daniel", RH 11-24-04 [LDE 12], GC 356).  

- v. 31 the "daily" was the first point of controversy ("ruwm" & "sur"), then the 1843 & 1850 Charts  confirmed paganism, and became the foundation of the message, before 9/11. The Charts also  confirmed that the "restraint of Islam" and the beginning of the "3rd Woe" at 9/11 was parallel to Aug.  11, 1840.  

- Assignments made to study the "5 effects" of "fire thrown down from heaven" Rev. 8:5.  10-4-15 Earthquake  

- Rev. 6:12, 8:5, 11:19, 16:18. The present “perfect fulfillment” of Rev. 10 is after 9/11 where the 7 Thunders are unsealed rather than sealed up, and “time is no longer” refers to the Sunday Law when  probationary time ends.  

- We are called to "measure the temple" that was built in 46 years (1798-1844), which is the Millerite time, because we are repeating that time and need to know the details re. the judgment of the living  that has been going on since 9/11. Therefore we study the "Priests", "Ark" and Most Holy Place.  

- Study of the "two olive trees" (Zech. 4:11) & "two witnesses" (Rev. 11:4), and Moses & Aaron in the  rebellion of Korah, Dathan & Abiram against God's appointed leaders (civil & religious).  

- DA780, 786, 2 "earthquakes", at the cross & resurrection. EW16, resurrection. Rev. 11:11-13 the  resurrection & earthquake at "the same hour" = 1 hour = the "binding off" after the 1260. Main point is  resurrection.  

10-3-15 Lambert “Ark & Most Holy Place 1” (see 11-7-15)  

- The message has progressed from learning & teaching Dan. 11:40-45 from 1989 to 9/11, then learning  & teaching the Reformlines from sometime after 9/11 to now, and now to learning & teaching the Most  Holy Place, the Ark and the "Church Triumphant".  

- Like those who accepted the 1st or 2nd Angel's Messages but rejected the 3rd, those who after 9/11  followed the Reformlines for a time, but no longer see light in the "patterns", will see no light in the  Most Holy Place either. 

- 1 Sam. 2 a prophet gives Eli the same message that Samuel did, a review of their past that he had  forgot. Samuel as prophet, priest and judge at the MC.  

- The people asked for a king, rejecting God by rejecting their chosen representative for their  Reformline. Dt. 18:18, either their chosen Prophet or false prophets (Acts 3:22).  

- Eze. 9, the man with the inkhorn (whiteboard marker) arrived with a message before 9/11 to seal the  disciples.  

- Num. 16, (PP 397ff) lessons from the rebellion of Korah, Dathan & Abiram. Meriam's (SDA Church's)  "leprosy" at 9/11. Spurious claim that the opposers are "all holy". God's final warning to the rebels  comes just before their destruction, and the people have one more night (midnight/MD) to repent  before their destruction, and then God chooses the Priest by Aaron's rod that buds and bears fruit at the  MC.  


- Gen. 28:12 & 46:2, Jacob's first & last visions, at Beer-Sheba. (Num. 22, 1 Sam. 3, Eze. 8:3).  - Abrahams' covenant sacrifice: 1/2 of 3 animals 3 yrs old & 1 bird (10 years) on each side of the MC  where the "lamp" (Shekinah/Church Triumphant) goes up the middle. 3 halves + 1 whole animal = 3+1  combination, and the 4 animals are at the "4" binding off time.  

- "Priests" & "Levites" are divided by the MC, but together they make a "whole offering" at the SL.  

- Smoking furnace: 2 Trumpet/judgments have "smoke", therefore all 7 Trumpet/judgments have  "smoke", and are marked at the Waymarks beginning at 1989, external. Also, internal HS/fire/"smoke"  as the "prayers of the saints" are at the Waymarks (1989 = increase of knowledge. 9/11 = sprinkling. MC  = doubling. SL = full outpouring).  

9-30-15 Marah  

- Marah "mirror" (reveals our unclean hearts). The class compares the experiences of the prophets who  saw visions of God with our time from 9/11 to the MC. History repeats as "wheels". They are primarily  visions of the external working of the nations around God's people (the Chazown), but when the  prophets see this they are impressed with the uncleanness of their own hearts and humbled into the  dust.  

- Michael leads the class in examining Dan. 10 where the final 3 steps (3 touches) during the "binding off" or "sealing" do not produce a separation of classes of people, but refines (by realizing the impurity  of their own unclean heart, Isa. 6:5) the one who gets to that point in their experience with God. Same  in Eze. 9 where the "marked" or "sealed" ones are those that "sighed & cried" (not only for the impurity  of the Church but also their own unclean hearts) up to the sealing time. Also in Rev. 10:9-10, after  "eating the little book" that was sweet, there is a "bitter" experience at MD, the "4" time just before the  MC (as they realize the impurity of their own unclean hearts). Then they understand their message more clearly, and begin progressively to be "lifted up" as they remain humble. 

- Appearances of "marah" at "midnight"; Gen. 28, Jacob at the "gate of heaven". Ex. 38:8, lookingglasses  (doubling), laver/water = cleansing. 1 Cor. 13:12, "see through a glass darkly". 2 Cor. 3:18, beholding  changes us. James 1:22-25, "glass" = Law, obeyed brings blessing. 1 Sam. 3:10. "Marah" = restoration of  the Spirit of Prophecy.  


- Jeff points out that Joshua's dirty garments (Zech. 3) were unknown sin (he had confessed and  forsaken all known sins), and like Isaiah (Isa. 6) didn't realize his own Laodicean condition. The  "bitterness" of "eating the little book" is suddenly realizing what our previously unknown sins are.  

- Rev. 7:1-3 & 9:4 (earth, sea, grass, trees). 9/11>MC = "earth"/USA/"Priests". MC>SL =  "sea"/heathen/"Levites". SL>CP = "trees"/nations/"11th hr. workers". "Hurt" = external/secular. "Seal" =  internal of God's people. Change from "Church militant" to "Church Triumphant" at MC.  

- We presently see (marah) the "back parts" (Ex. 33:23) of Jesus with His "left foot on the earth" (Rev.  10:2) in the time of the "earth/Priests" from 9/11>MC. His "right foot" is on the "sea/Levites" from the  MC>SL.  

- 1 Sam. 3:1-3, by 9/11 leadership's "eyes" are dim & "lamp of God" has gone out. People follow either the "precious" Word of the Lord or "vile" (Jer. 15:19) personalities/word of men. Samuel becomes  leader of the Church Triumphant, "Judge/Commandments", "Priest/Faith" and "Prophet/Testimony"  (Rev. 12:17).  

9-28-15 Elijah/Elisha cont.  

- Transition from Elijah to Elisha. Eze. 9 = 5+1 combination, man in linen = Elijah + 5 men w/weapons =  Elisha. Elijah raises up the 5 men who then give the Elijah message. Jn. 2 (marriage at Cana = MC) = 5+1  combination, Jesus + 5 disciples, v. 6, 6 waterpots of stone (#6 = "man"). Lots of discussion re. the  blending of Elijah & Elisha in giving the "Elijah message", and the "doubling" at the MC.  

- Wherever "waters are divided" = MC (Josh. 5) Gilgal = "turning point", stone rolled away = resurrection.  

- Dan. 12:3, The wise "shine" (Shekina-glory) with their Most Holy Place experience. v.6 = man in linen =  Christ above the midst of the river "Jordan" at MC, with angels on both banks at 9/11 & SL.  

- Understanding these prophetic messages gives us spiritual power to understand and overcome our  own sinful "gadal" in our hearts by God's power. Internalizing the message makes us the "living  testimony" to be revealed & lifted up at the MC.  

- There is "1260" from the MC > SL, and "1290" from the MD > SL, plus "45" from the SL to the "1335" at  the CP where the "blessing" is given.  

9-27-15 Elijah/Elisha 

- When to get out of the cities. Recently released EGW quotes on the Apocrypha.  - Mark shows how the 3 Angels' Messages combine, blend and overlap on a chart.  

- The Dt. 18:18 "Prophet" connects with 1818 when Wm. Miller first understood his message as "Elijah", and then becomes the Dt. 18:18 prophet again as "Elisha" at "midnight/MD" and the "25" years from  MD to the MC in 1844, which is also Rev. 18.  

- Also Josiah finds the 2520 scroll in his 18th year at 9/11, and when he goes to Samaria at the MC  ("altar-altar") he sees the "bones" of the foolish prophet (Adventism) and the false prophet  (Protestantism) in the same grave, and leaves them there.  

- 1 Sam. 2:27 the prophet before Samuel = Elijah (message of sin), Samuel = Elisha (message of  righteousness) at MC.  

- Mordecai = Elijah, Esther = "Priests"= Elisha.  

- Eze. 9, 5 + 1 men = message/messenger in linen w/writer's inkhorn. 5 men w/weapons = 5 wise virgins  form 9/11 > MC = union of human & Divine. Also Jn. 2, 5 + 1 = Jesus & 5 "wise" virgin disciples.  

9-24-15 “30 days”, Campmeeting recap.  

- Brittani lays out the chronology of Esther (13d12m of the 11th year to the same time in the 12th year).  The story takes just over 1 year because the gallows of Haman's 10 sons (10 kings of Rev. 17) is right after 13d12m, 12th year. ("30 days" from 13d12m [1996] > 13d1m [9/11], 3:12.)  

- Michael shows that the 4 days of Esther's 2 feasts (13th, 14th, 15th, 16th) prophetically apply to the  "binding off" of the "Priests" before the MC, plus in a larger fractal the 4 days apply to a 4-step "binding  off" process of the "Levites" from the MC > SL. (Rev. 9, "4" from 1449>1453 & 1840>1844 are a "second  witness" to the "4" time, also the 25 yrs prep time for the "Levites" before the MC & 25 yrs of service  after the MC.)  

- Three days, 14th, 15th, 16th, apply from 9/11 > MC, and also from 9/11 > SL (16th being Passover).  

- Gallows. Haman's gallows (idea of his wife/apostate Protestantism, controlling their marriage) applies  between MC & SL (the 15th & 16th), but the Baker & Judas are both hung (cursed) just before the MC.  

- Michael explains the 2-month gap between 8:2 & 8:3 (Haman hanged & reverse decree).  

- Symbols at the MC = 120 yrs at Moses' death, plus 120 "upper room firstfruits" raised up (resurrected  by the Early Rain as an offering on "MC-Pentecost") out of Laodicea, to be Elijah (12 stones/disciples sent out) "Priests", to the SDA "Jews" (gallows/Image for the foolish). Cross. 8 days Temple Cleansing before MC ("Priests"), and 8 days after the MC ("Levites"). 15d1m (Sabbath). Walls of marriage and Ch &  State. Esther's marriage to the king. Esther's 15th day feast. 3-step test & Close of Probation for the  "Priests".  

- Symbols at the SL = 120 yrs at Moses' death, plus120 years of Abraham at offering of Isaac (obeying the  Word of the Lord that went against the previous Word of the Lord, to not do public evangelism by 

attacking Jericho until the SL), Latter Rain on the Loud Cry/Pentecost, firstfruits, Elisha, "Levites",  144,000 to the world (gallows/Image for the foolish). Cross. Temple cleansing before SL ("Levites"), and  after the SL (11th hr workers). Sunday/Sabbath issue. Walls of Sabbath & National Sovereignty. Ruth's  marriage to Boaz. Esther's 16th day feast. 3-step test & Close of Probation for the "Levites".  

9-23-15 “Habakkuk”  

- Habakkuk is about the "drunkenness" (self-deception) that comes upon the world, the Church, and  even some who profess to be in the "Present Truth" movement. (Jeff comments on the failure of some  future time-setting fanatics.)  

-Further analyzing & discussion of Hab. 2. 2:18-19 = false 3 Angels’ messages (graven, molten, dumb). v.  4 = wise virgins, v. 5 = foolish pope (& others like him in pride).  

- Hab. 3 reading & analysis verse by verse.  

- Ark review, the numbers 1>12 at the MC, and their Present Truth meanings & other points that were  brought out at Campmeeting.  


- Reading and discussion of the symbols in Eze. 1.  

- Reading & discussion of the symbols in Hab. 1.  

- Hab. 2 as Millerite & current history.  

9-21-15 “The Ark”  

- Discussion of the symbols associated with the Ark of the Covenant being situated at the MC, with  emphasis on the number "4" at that Waymark.  

- Discussion of the location of the Ark in the order of the procession of the "ensign" at the fall of Jericho  from the MC > SL.  

- Josh. 5:12, manna ceased = Litch's "year-day" methodology ceased to be a point of contention on Aug. 11, 1844 when it was confirmed.  

- Our present "line-upon-line" manna-methodology (presently a point of contention) will cease to be  controversial after the MC when it will be confirmed.  

- THEN, just before the SL, the manna-methodology under contention will be the restoration of the Spirit  of Prophecy (along with all the other gifts in the Church Triumphant, 1 Cor. 1:7).  



(Last review before campmeeting). The "binding off" or "4" time before the MC is also represented by  the 4 time-periods of the 6th Trumpet ("hour, day, month, year"), as well as the 4 years on both ends of 

the 6th Trumpet (1449>1453, 1840>1844). It is also represented by the last 10 days of Josiah Litch's  prophecy from Aug. 1> Aug. 11, 1840. In the larger "Fractal" sense the "4" also represents the whole  time from the MC > SL.  

- Jeff presents that the time from 9/11 > MC ("Priests") = Church Militant, and from the MC > SL  ("Levites") = Church Triumphant, which then calls in the "11th hr. workers". The making up of the  number of all 3 groups is progressive, each individual going through their own private "3-step testing process" and sealing. Saul/Paul as the first "Levite".  

- Lots of discussion re. the meaning of 1838, and the short "10" at "midnight" just before the MC.  

- Message of the "Priests & Levites" is both “external”; about the Sunday Law, Image of the Beast  (Church & State), Islam, marriage & Sabbath, and "internal"; that the SDA Church is about to be swept  away as the Sunday laws increase in severity.  


- In Esther, Michael blends the lines of the "70 days" and "3 days" to illustrate that the "30 days" comes  before the MC, with much class discussion.  

- Michael also explains AA 114-120, Saul's conversion, as a prophetic illustration of the “Levites” from  MC > SL.  

- Jeff explains the transition from "Church Militant" to "Church Triumphant" for the "Priests" & "Levites"  separately, but both as "firstfruits" offerings before the SL. "Priests" are all "sealed/bound off" at the  "midnight" > MC "4" time, but the "Levites" are "sealed/bound off" in a process from the MC > SL.  


- Lots of analysis & discussion of Zech. 10-11. Mark's focus is Zech. 11:8 & 12, the "one month" or "30  days" and “30 pieces of silver” from the MC to the SL. Many parallels between the Millerite time and the  present time are suggested.  


- Study & discussion of Dan. 6 and the role of the United States as typified by Medo-Persia.  

- Num. 11, eating manna or lusting after flesh (strong delusion), weeping in the door of their tents (3rd  & 4th abominations of Eze. 8). The "70" elders fit between the MC & SL. 3 days gathering quail = a  sealing.  

9-6-15 “30 days”  

- "10 days" before 1840 & 9/11 = the "binding off" time as "Ephesus", Josiah Litch "fine-tuned" his  prediction, and is ridiculed. 

- "10 days" before the MC = a prediction and the persecution of ridicule during "Smyrna" during the  "midnight". Other parallel histories are 1755 (earthquake) > 5-19-1780 (dark day), 4 yrs; 1449 (ass  loosed) >1453, 1840-1844; 10 days, 8-1-40 > 8-11-40, upper room, 10 unfaithful spies.  

- "30 days" Elizabeth is revealed before the MC.  

- "Bitter": Eli, Mary, Naomi, Mordecai, Jesus on the cross, the 3rd Trumpet "fallen star", and any  unsettled or divided marriages all become "bitter" at "midnight" before the MC. John the Baptist  imprisoned because of his rebuke of an unholy marriage. ("Samuel-Samuel" is called twice at the MC.)  

- "3rd test & 4th generation", Mordecai's "gate" and Lot's "2 door closings" at "midnight" & MC.  - "30 days" Esther "not called" as a "Levite" during the time of the "Priests"  

- Dan. 10, fasts 21 days (3x7) to July 21 (5d4m), then 7 days "binding off". Therefore "7 days" = "30  days". Discussion of whether Esther's "30 days" are before or after the MC.  


Wells. Beer-Sheba: The well of "the oath", or "seven" (Lev. 25-26).  

- (Need of understanding the principles of prophetic interpretation, to "make it our own", rather than just assenting to the logic of prophetic teachings, before attempting to interpret prophecy ourselves.)  

- John 4; 11th hr workers, literal vs spiritual water. Sychar = "strong drink" = MC. Husband = "marriage" =  MC. 4 months = 120 = MC (or larger = SL). Harvest (Hos. 10:12, sow, reap, plow, rain). Fields = Priests,  Levites & 11th hr. workers.  

- Gen. 16:12 (Ishmael), "every man's hand" = global conflict & One-World Gov't. Beer-lahairoi, "the well  of Him who sees me". Son of the "bondwoman" = foolish virgins that are cast out, the fruit of Sarai &  Abram's lack of patience (tarrying time, 9/11>SL) with God (Rev. 12:17). Gen. 21, "the wilderness of  Beer-sheba". v. 21 "archer" = war (Isa. 21:17), archers in Paran "embellish, boast, shake something" = 9/11 (Num. 12-14, 1 Sam. 25).  

- Gen. 26, Beer-sheba and "oaths-covenants" with Abraham & Isaac.  

- Gen. 46, Jacob, "marah" = "binding off" for "Priests" before "Jacob/Jacob" = MC. (The "binding off" for  144,000 = MC > SL.) SL = "Church Triumphant" = "11th hr. workers" who come into the Truth "sealed".  

- Discussion of the "binding off-sealing" time for the "Priests", "Levites" & "11th hr. workers".  9-2-15  

A new idea is that the angel that comes down at each Waymark actually arrives at the beginning of the  "binding off" or "sealing" time ahead of the Waymark (because he is a sealing angel). Lots of discussion  re. if the "binding off" time is more of a "time" or an "event" that takes time. ;-) 

========================================================================  ======================================================================== 

Wales, Aug. 2015.  

Lorenz Von Werder #1, the 7 Thunders.  

The names of the 7 last kings of Judah (the ones that were attacked by the King of the North at the  beginning of the 2520 in 677 BC) illustrate the primary events in the Millerite time at the end of the 2520, and also illustrate the primary events in the decline and fall of the United States at the end of the  world, beginning in 1989.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #9.  

- Isa. 6. (Purification & preparation to be the messengers to the next period of time after the "binding  off" & Waymark.)Isaiah as in the "binding off" just before 9/11 because EGW describes his "Laodicean"  state before the vision (4BC 1139.4). He saw the "manifestation of God's power" = line upon line  repetition (Eze. saw "wheels within wheels").  

- "Crisis turning points" (BEcho 8-26-95) at 1989 (fall of the USSR), 9/11 (Patriot Act, switch to "Roman  Law" [guilty til proven innocent] from "English Law" [innocent til proven guilty]), MC (where Islam will  cripple the USA), SL. Each "crisis turning point" as a "wheel" in repetition.  

- Isaiah saw the "marah" (fem.) vision, which "humbled him into the dust" (TM 456.3), then the question  "How long?" (until David's 4th anointing at the SL & Rev. 18:4-6 & the judgment of the Papacy), also at  the fall of the house of Eli (1Sam. 3:11, which makes "ears tingle", Jer. 19:3, 2Ki. 21:12-14), but the "holy  seed" (Isa. 6:13) will teach the 11th hr workers.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #8.  

- Review of Islam's "3 Woes" and how Rev. 9 fits over the template of Ezra 7:9, with emphasis on the  two "4" periods at the beginning and end of the 6th Trumpet.  

- Islam's "5 months" of Rev. 9 parallels the "5 months" of "hiding" in the line of Elizabeth. Also Zacharias  (as a symbol of SDA Church leadership) being "dumb" at 9/11 and "speaking" at the birth of John = SL. In  Jer. 15:16-21 the faithful Millerites could also "speak" (after the 1st Disappointment on 4-19-44) at 10- 22-44, and the faithful of the "Present Truth" movement will also "speak" at the SL.  

- (Too many points line up for this to only be a human construct, it has to be divinely led!)  

- Elizabeth's "5 + 1 months" parallels the "4" times at the beginning and end of Islam's 6th Trumpet,  which are also known as the "binding off" times before the MC & SL. The "binding off" time is also the "3rd test" and contains "3 tests" of its own. 

- All of the characteristics (beginnings & endings) have to be combined to understand the "binding off"  time.  

- The "binding off" time from 1840-1844 was preceded by a "prediction" about Islam in 1838 by Josiah  Litch (then fine-tuned 10 days before the event). Litch confirmed the methodology of the Millerites  (yr/day principle) at 8-11-40 with Islam, and SS Snow confirmed the methodology of the Millerites (OT  types & symbols) at 10-22-44 with the 3rd Angel. (Gen. 19, Lot's door being closed 2x show that both  1840 & 1844 are one "binding off" point in time.)  

- Before each "binding off" time there is a "plowing" with "rain" & "seed" (Hos. 10:12) preparing each group to GIVE A MESSAGE at their Waymark. (Since 9/11 is the beginning of the sealing of the 144,000  there had to be a "plowing", etc., with the "marking" of the Angel with the "writer's inkhorn" [Eze. 9]  before 9/11 too.)  

- Isa. 6:3 (at 9/11, Rev. 18 "Holy" 3x), Isaiah (as the man with the "writer's inkhorn") takes the MESSAGE  back to Adventism (Eze, 2 & 3), and "marks" the faithful "Priests".  

- Review of the "no public evangelism" concept from 9/11 > SL, but study of the "advancing light" and  preparation. Also fanaticism comes in only between 9/11 & SL.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #7.  

- Dan. 1:1 = 1st Angels' Message. Eze. 1:2 = 2nd Angels' Message. Jer. 1:3 = 3rd Angels' Message. Isaiah =  4th Angel.  

- Dan. 1 = 1st Angel, Dan. 2 = 2nd Angel, Dan. 3 = 3rd Angel, Dan. 4 = Miller's 2nd dream/2520, Dan. 5 =  fall of Babylon/2520, Dan. 6 = Sunday Law/Death Decree.  

- Eze. 21:27 "overturn, overturn, overturn" = Fall of Israel, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and the  "crown" was given to Jesus during Pagan Rome. Its the same sequence of the 7 Churches; Ephesus =  Babylon, Smyrna = Medo-Persia, Pergamos = Greece, Thyatira = Pagan Rome. Also (in Rev. 17, the 8  kings) if Babylon = Papal Rome, then Medo-Persia = the USA, Greece = the U.N., and Papal Rome =  Modern Global Rome.  

- Dan. 10:19 "be strong" x2 (doubling = MC), v. 20 inquiry = MC; Medo-Persia = USA, Greece = U.N.  

- Dan. 9, he confesses the "sins of the fathers", and he is given the explanation for the "mareh" vision =  2300 days and told to mentally separate "byin" between the "mareh/2300" and the "dabar"/matter  (chazown).  

- Dan. 10:1, Medo-Persia = USA, name-change = covenant at 9/11. Daniel now understands both the  "dabar"/matter (chazown) and the vision "mareh"/2300/appearance of Christ. Daniel is on the "Day of  Atonement" fast for 21 days (Jer. 15:16) from 9/11 (v.4 by a river) as a "Priest". v.6 "appearance" =  mareh, v.7 vision = marah (fem.) "mirror" response. Separation of men at the 21st day "midnight". v.8 

no strength = Isa. 6:5 = as dead, but lips touched = preparation to give a message. v.10 Daniel is  "touched" 3x. v.13 Persia = 2-horned power = USA. Closing thoughts on the Midnight Cry, "Priests",  "Levites" & "11th -hr workers", 144,000 & schools popping up all over the world...  

Wales. “Binding Off” #6.  

- The "binding off" at the MC is both a "point" in time, as well as the beginning and the ending of a time period (July 21 "midnight" and Aug. 14-15, 1844 "Midnight Cry" = 25 days). Jeff compares to Einstein's Theory of Relativity or “Time Dilation”.  

- Compared to the Cross, July 21 = "3rd hour" when there was "darkness", and Aug. 15 = "9th hour"  when there was an earthquake. Therefore the MC will contain both "darkness" and an "earthquake".  

- Other "25" at the MC; 1773-1798 (persecution shortened), 1755 (earthquake)-1780 (darkness), age of  Levites to begin + duration of their service, 1863-1888 (SDA apostasy, Eze. 8, 25 leaders bow to the sun).  Also "4" at MC, 1840-1844 (earthquake & darkness).  

- "Cause & Effect" ("midnight" > MC), 508 > 538 (30 yrs), Pergamos > Thyatira, Paganism > Papalism,  Judas falls > "man of sin" revealed (30 pcs of silver), Eze. 8, 3rd & 4th abominations = Tammuz/false  "Latter Rain" > 25 leaders bow to the sun.  

- 3rd & 4th abominations > Judgment (Ex. 20:5); Amos (x7) 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 2:1, 4, 6.  

- 38 yrs of wilderness wandering & death of the rebels (Dt. 2:14-25) compared to Josiah Litch's  prediction in 1838, 2 yrs before the "earthquake" (Amos 1:1) or 2 yrs before Jeroboam II at MC. God's  message "rising up" after 38 yrs (John 5:5-8).  

Wales. “Binding Off” #5.  

- Rev. 11, the Two Witnesses suffer 2 kinds of persecution that leads to a “death” during the "binding off/sealing" time (paralleling 1840-1844) before both the MC & SL.  

- Discussion of "Chazown" (prophetic history), "Mareh" (masc., the appearance of Christ, as "Cause"),  and "Marah" (fem., the looking-glass, the "Effect"). The Marah at the beginning of the "binding  off/sealing" prepares the “prophet” (by humbling him into the dust, as Daniel was, "slain in the Spirit" or  not breathing) for a work that begins at the upcoming Waymark. .. ie. to be the "man with the writer's inkhorn", marking the “Levites” who accept the message before the next Waymark.  

- Marah (Ex. 38:8), Laver, looking-glasses. 1 Cor. 13:9-13, 2 Cor. 3:15 & 18, James 1:22-25, Num. 12:6, 1  Sam. 3 (leadership, blind, Laodicean, lamp out, about to die, Samuel anointed as the new prophet, priest  & judge at the MC -doubling, before the SL), Gen. 46 (reuniting the "two sticks" Jacob & Joseph in  Egypt), Eze. 1:1, 3:23, preparing to give the MC message to the world.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #4. 

- Eze. 8, the 4 generations of apostasy in Adventism. Image of Jealousy = Old Paths, = two charts =  Decalogue = true image of jealousy. Secret Chambers = SDA spiritualism/spiritual formation. Weeping  for Tammuz = false latter rain deception. 25 men bowing to the sun = SL.  

- Fractal = same sequence for the "Priests" from 9/11 > MC & "Levites" from the MC > SL.  - "Sign of Jonah" = H.S. = increase of knowledge & David's increasing anointings.  

- There is a controversy before each waymark; "daily" > 1989, Dan. 11:40-45 > 9/11, "Old Paths" > MC,  "marriage" > SL, "Sabbath" > CP.  

- There is a "number" made up at each "binding off" time before each waymark.  

- Josiah Litch's prediction in 1838 (based on Miller’s year/day principle method, and fine-tuned 10 days  before Aug. 11, 1840) parallels a future prediction re. Islam (based on studying "Line Upon Line", Isa. 28  = the Refreshing) that the now "hidden" (Elizabeth) "Present Truth movement will make before the MC  

that will gain the attention of the world and show who the "true prophet" is, and what the correct study  method is.  

- S.S. Snow's prediction (first presented in Boston on 7-21-44 ["midway" between 4-19-44 and 10-22-44  in the "7th month movement"], and 25 days later on 8-15-44) was of the 3rd Angel's message to come  at Oct. 22, 1844, and parallels the "binding off" time just before the MC.  

- Fanaticism did not exist before Apr. 19, 1844 (1d1m) the First Disappointment, nor after Aug. 15, 1844  (1d5m) the MC, but only during the between time that parallels our time from 9/11 > MC. The  fanaticism was a result of not using Miller's Rules, and at the MC it "disappeared like early morning  frost" (Frost).  

Wales. “Binding Off” #3.  

- “Binding off” for the “Priests” includes a time of persecution (Rev. 11:7-12) where they lie "dead" in  the "street", before being lifted up at the MC. Same for the "Levites" from the MC to the Sunday Law.  

- The 3 Angels represent their messages (and the 4th Angel of Rev. 18 when they are repeated). The  messages represent the people who give them, and the Latter Rain, and Christ Himself, and also the  "Marking Angel" (and "Sealing Angel" of Rev. 7) with the writer's inkhorn in Eze. 9 , and are 3 tests. The  5 with destroying weapons are the 5 wise virgins.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #2.  

- Jeff goes through Rev. 10 & 11 verse by verse making application to today's end-time waymarks,  especially the "binding off" time just before each waymark, with emphasis on the actions of the USA.  The 6 men of Eze. 9 happen at each waymark. Jeff points out a prediction to be made (that is being  made) re. Islam before the MC based on Josiah Litch's prediction re. Islam in 1838, and its ridicule by  Adventism, but later its lifting up.  

Wales. “Binding Off” #1. 

8-21-15 Jeff @ Wales, Intro. Some added info to “Loose Ends” @ Lambert 8-8-15.  

- A “wilderness” is symbolized by 70, 1260 (x2=2520), 40, and each “wilderness” ends in a “binding off”  time. Often there are 3 tests that both separate 2 classes of worshipers and prepare the victors to give a  message after the separation, which marks a waymark. (Final example is Jacob’s Trouble. They are  sealed but need “earthliness” removed.)  

- Rev. 9, 1989 = beginning of the 5th Trumpet. 9/11 = beginning of the 1st Woe, then 5 months to the  beginning of the 6th Trumpet (+ 1 month to the MC), which is the “binding off” for the “Priests”. Priests  began to minister at age 30, like Jesus.  

- There is a “4” = “binding off” time at both ends of the 6th Trumpet (2nd Woe), beginning in 1449 & 1  “month” before the MC. The 2nd Woe ended on 8-11-1840, but the 6th Trumpet continues (+ “4” to 10- 22-1844 = SL), which is the “binding off” for the “Levites”. Levites began to minister at age 25 for 25 yrs  then retired. 25 + 25 = 50 = Pentecost = SL.  

- “25” in the “binding off” also = the 25 men bowing down to the sun (Eze. 8) as the 4th generation of  apostasy.  

- Ezra 7:9, 1d1m/4-19-44 + 120 > 1d5m/8-14-44 (+ 1 day, 8-15-44, SS Snow speaks 2nd time = doubling at  MC) then 70 days > 10d7m/Oct. 22, 1844.  

- 1798 > 1844 = Foundations. 1844 > 1850 = Pillars. 1844 = 9/11, 1846 = MC, Sabbath/Marriage/EGW’s  name change = covenant, 1850 = SL. Sometime before 1850/SL the SOP & healings will be restored.  

- Restoration (220). 1611 (KJV) > 1831 (Miller’s 1st public presentation) = 220 yrs. 1776 (founding of the  USA) > 1996 (Future For America/Time of the End magazine) = 220 yrs. 220 different kinds of cells can be  “restored” from human stem-cells.  

- Fractals at both ends of the 2300 yrs. At the beginning: 3 decrees to 457 + 49 yrs to 408 BC =  Nehemiah’s 3 days inspecting + 49 days to build the walls.  

- The major waymarks (1989, 9/11, MC, SL, CP, DD), all mark a further increase of knowledge and  increasing power of the Holy Spirit, and a specific message for each time.  

- 4 anointings of David. 1) “1989” when Saul was still reigning [there was a “shaking” (Saul) over Dan.  11:40-45, and a “noise” (David’s harp), see Eze. 37]. 2) At 9/11 “Saul” goes into “spiritualism” (visits the  Witch of Endor), mandates Spiritual Formation for all new ministers, and then “dies” at 9/11 when he is  wounded by the “archers = Islam” (also other leaders Ahab & Josiah die by “archers” because they  rejected the knowledge/warnings, Hos. 4:6, and become “no priest”), and David is anointed by Judah  (then Eze. 29:21 “horn” of Israel “buds forth” = HS “sprinkling” and new “Priests” are chosen, Ps.  132:17). The “horn budding” at 9/11 is contrasted with the USA Protestant “horn” that fell in the  Millerite time, and the USA Republican “horn” that fell at 9/11. 9/11 also marks the first of 3 tests  (EGW’s writings, Image of the Beast/MC, Mark of the Beast/SL). 3) 2 Sam. 5:3, Hebron (all Israel = MC).  4) 2 Sam. 12:20 after the death of the child of “the daughter of 7” (Bath-Sheba) Sabbath = SL. 



8-8-15, Lambert, Jeff, “Loose Ends”.  

Review & new ideas. The 120 from 9/11 > MC actually stops at the 14th day rather than Aug. 15, 1844.  70 is from MC > SL.  

- Jeff endorses Parminder Biant’s Canada studies upholding the “Day of the Lord” at the SL rather than 9/11.  

- Esther 3, casting lots 12 days = 9/11 > MC (13th day), and then 70 days to the 23rd day, 3rd month = MC  > SL.  

- Tendayi Matsatsa camp in Zimbabwe national news. 11th hr workers have a more severe test as their  testing time is shorter.  

- Parable of the vineyard (Isa. 27) illustrates the passing by of the leadership for new workers in Christ’s  time, Millerite time & 9/11.  

- “Binding Off”, Ezra 7:9 template over Millerite time, Elizabeth’s line has 5 mos. + 1 month from 9/11 >  MC. Also Rev. 9 has 5 mos. of 1st Woe from 9/11 (1449) + 1 month (“4”) of 2nd Woe to MC (1453).  Parallel at end of 6th Trumpet = “4” from 1840-1844/SL.  

- Choosing Matthias shows the completion of the numbering that began at the previous waymark during  the “binding off” or “4 “ time.  

- S.S. Snow presents on 7/21 (5d4m, Eze. 1:1, “marah”, Judas) in Boston (midnight/center between  1d1m>10d7m); then again 25 days later on 8/15 at Exeter (MC).  

- Judas & men w/Daniel flee at the mareh where he is touched 3x to “be strong, be strong” at the MC.  

- When an angel comes down (at every major waymark [9/11, MC, SL]), he always has a message for  God’s people to eat and proclaim.  

- “25” elders (Eze. 8) “bowing down” with Judas & Christian emperor at 1449 & Sultan in 1840. 1755  (quake) + 25 > 1780 (dark day… 3rd, 6th & 9th hour of darkness at the cross). 25 yrs 1863 > 1888. “25” = 4  yrs 1840 (Litch’s prediction) to 1844 (Snow’s prediction).  




Alberta Canada Campmeeting Aug. 2015 

Canada, Jeff #15, Binding & Time Dilation #5  

- Isa. 6:13, “10th part” marked at the “binding off” time before the MC (Matthias makes up the number  12 which is 10th of 120 from 9/11 > MC). Rev. 11 also, the “25” at the end of the 1260, & the French  Revolution (“earthquake” destroys “10th part of the city” = France as one of the original 10 Germanic  tribes), which parallels the USA as the “10th part of the city” in Rev. 17, the “10 kings”. Also Josiah Litch  fine-tuned his prediction re. the restraint of Islam just 10 days before Aug. 11, 1840 (and then a kingdom  was destroyed). (Possible idea that a “10th part of the city” being destroyed at the MC is Islam destroying  the U.N. building.)  

- Dt. 18:18 (the prophet), Moses as “the man with the writer’s inkhorn” followed by the 10 Plagues &  death of the firstborn. Both Israel (SDAs) & Egypt (USA) were (will be) judged at the SL.  

- Acts 3:19, 9/11 = times of refreshing = sins blotted out (GC 485, 611). v.20, Jesus came down as the “4th Angel” of Rev. 18. v.21, restitution of all = 6th day (Preparation), marriage & 7th day (Sabbath). v. 24,  “Samuel-Samuel” = MC = restitution of the prophetic gift in the Church, message to cause “ears to  tingle” is of destruction of the old Church & national leadership at the SL. Dan. 10, “be strong-be  strong” = MC, to give a message, v.14 “thy people” = internal, “in the latter days”. v.20, (external of the  True Church), Medo-Persia = USA (6th kingdom of Rev. 17); Greecia = U.N. (7th kingdom of Rev. 17).  

- The “prediction” at the “binding off”. (1838 “two years before”), Josiah Litch predicts 8-11-1840 at the  beginning of the “binding off” (with a “10” day fine-tune just before), and SS Snow predicts 10-22-1844  at the end, and the “lifting up” begins.  

- At 9/11 the “ass” = Islam turns the USA = Balaam = False Prophet = (“Moral Majority” of the 1990’s)  “out of the way” on their way to making the first Sunday Law, by distracting his attention, and he  “decrees” the USA Patriot Act instead, and begins to “beat the ass” (which provides an umbrella of  protection for God’s unready people).  

- At the beginning of the MC the “ass” gets the USA between “two walls” = two laws, and crushes his  foot (a symbol of marriage in Ruth) against one wall = the “marriage” law, which cripples the USA.  

- At the Sunday Law the “ass” falls with Balaam/USA on it and he beats it so hard that it “speaks” (so does the USA & Zacharias).  

- The “binding off” is both a point in time and a period of time, so the characteristics must be blended.  Therefore at the MC there may be the events from 1449 > 1453 (“walls” fall, voluntary loss of  sovereignty), 1840 > 1844 (Angel comes down, a release & “Hold!” on Islam, a “treaty”), a killing &  resurrection, the 25 years from the 1755 earthquake to the 1780 dark day.  

- Isa. 29, “Earthquakes” always go with a judgment or resurrection of some kind. Amos 1:1-2,  “earthquake” “2 years before” = 1838 > 1840, or from the MC > SL (when the “earthquake” will sweep  away the SDA Church structure). Zech. 14:1-5, “earthquake” disperses people at the SL. Mt. 27:51, Jesus  cries out 2x, Elias, earthquake & resurrection of the saints at the MC. Mt. 28:2, earthquake, angel comes  down (with a message to proclaim), keepers as dead, resurrection. Acts 16:26, “midnight” = 7-27-44 (SS

Snow at Boston) to the MC, v.25-30, singing praises, earthquake, prison opened, bands loosed, Paul’s  “loud cry”, jailer “bows down” to two (double), inquiry.  

- Rev. 8:5, fire of the altar. Eze. 10:2-7, fire scattered over the city at the SL.  

- Conclusion: the Waymarks of the Reformlines are based on the pattern of Ezra 7:9 and are the vehicle the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” uses to reveal “new light” on the upcoming future history.  

Canada, Jeff #14, Binding & Time Dilation #4  

- Review of the “binding off” time, the 3-step purification & preparation process during the “binding off”  time during the 3rd step of the “everlasting gospel” separation. After separation of the “wise & foolish”  the 3 steps of preparation (Daniel was “touched” 3x to make him stronger) are to ready the individual to  proclaim the message for the next group to hear. Between each Waymark the process of Eze. 8-9 is  repeated. The message separates and “seals” the “virgins”, and then those with the “destroying  weapons” do their work on the “foolish” (Judas).  

- During the “binding off” the primary “vision” is the “marah-looking glass” vision that humbles the  beholder into the dust.  

- Gen. 46, the first “joining of the two sticks”. “Jacob-Jacob” (MC) “marah-looking glass” vision at Beer Sheba (covenant-2520) prepared Jacob for the MC > SL (“70” = “Levites”) time.  

- Acts 1, the “number made up” of 12 again, just before the MC. All 120 were “fully established” (3SP  264) by then.  

- Ex. 38:8, “marah” 1st mention. Laver = “looking glass” (1 Cor. 13:9-13, 2 Cor. 3:18 [mareh =  Christ/husband, marah = Church/wife) = Law (James 1:23-25) = sanctification = death & resurrection.  Dan. 10, beauty turned into corruption. Num. 12:6, God shows prophets the “marah” (1 Sam. 3:15,20.  Dan.>Beer-Sheba = MC > SL, and those who have this “vision” and message will KNOW that they are  God’s prophet for that time). Eze. 8:4, plain = “mareh” (3:22-23, Chebar, 1:1 = marah) . Isa. 6:1-3 = Rev.  18:1-3 = 9/11, “mareh” (RH 6-4-89), coal touches lips = preparation of purification & empowerment to  give a message.  

Canada, Jeff #13, Binding & Time Dilation #3  

- Neh. 1:5-9, at Shushan (9/11) praying for the “sins of the fathers” (Lev. 26, the “7 Times”). Dan. 8,  Daniel in a vision of Shushan (9/11), v.1-14 = “chazown” prophetic history of two desolating powers,  paganism & papalism that tread down the “sanctuary” & “host”. v.13 “How long?” = SL. v.14 & 26, the  “mareh”- “appearance” re. the 2300 years to 1844. v.19, “last end” of the (2520) “indignation” = 1844  (“1st end” was in 1798). 

- Isa., Jer., Eze., all see the “chazown” of the “wheels” of prophetic history, and the “mareh” of the Lord  on His throne, and the “marah”-looking glass is their humiliating view of themselves in contrast, which  finally prepares them to give the message.  

- Dt. 2:14 (Jn. 5:5), the “38” years, then a “lifting up”, “rise up”, “healing” at the SL. GC334, Josiah Litch’s  1838 prediction re. Islam fulfills prophecy in 1840, and confirms Miller’s 14 “Rules”, his “methodology”.  Using Miller’s methodology SS Snow predicts Oct. 22, 1844. EGW says “midway” between the 1st Disappointment (4-19-44) & Oct. 22, 1844 or 7-21-44, SS Snow first presented his MC lectures at the  Boston Tabernacle, then 25 days later on 8-15-44 at Exeter, NH. (Fanaticism [early morning “Frost”] only  existed from 4-19-44 to 8-15-44.)  

Canada, Jeff #12, Binding & Time Dilation #2  

- Review of Eze. 37 (dry bones), the “shaking” of Saul’s spirit and “noise” of David’s harp before 9/11.  The army is “alive” after 9/11, when the “4 winds” of Islam begin, but still need to be born again  (brought up out of their graves) as “Eleazar-Lazarus” at the MC, (who was dead for “4” days) before  leading Christ on the “ass” at the Triumphal Entry at the MC.  

- The next prophecy in Eze. 37 is the “joining of the two sticks” (which connects to Gen. 47 when Joseph  was carried down to Egypt then was reunited with his family). Jesus said He had “two flocks”, and at the  end of the world they will join together and become one nation, the 144,000 plus the “great multitude  that no man can number”.  

- The “joining of the two sticks” is also represented by the “7 Thunders”, which are the last 7 kings of  Judah (Manasseh > Zedekiah) and the last 7 kings of Israel (Jeroboam II at the MC > Hoshea at the SL). The 6th to last king of Israel was Zachariah (“remember, the Sabbath” at the SL), which connects to  Zacharias in the Line of Elizabeth (Lk.1) who “remembers” & “speaks” at the SL (along with Balaam’s  “ass” that speaks, and the “vision” that speaks in Hab. 2, and the USA “speaking” at the SL).  

- When Jacob (as the “Levites”) begin to join with Joseph (as the “Priests”) at the MC, he gets the  “marah” vision at Beer-Sheba, the “oath-covenant of the 2520” (Gen. 46), and where “Dan to Beer Sheba” are put together it means the joining of the “two sticks” of the 144,000 and the “11th hr.  workers” at the SL. Jeff reviews conditions leading up to the Sunday Law.  

- 1 Sam. 3, Eli & two sons = the last 3 kings of Judah who are confronted by Nebuchadnezzar,  representing the 3 Angels’ Messages, and those who are lost, at the SL. Samuel = restoration of the  Spirit of Prophecy (along with all spiritual gifts, “from Dan to Beer-Sheba”) from the MC to the SL. (The  “Levites” will see that the “Priests” are being directed by the Spirit of Prophecy.) v.2, “Samuel, Samuel” =  MC doubling. v.11 “Hidden” prophetic message (2nd giving of the message) causes “ears to tingle”, the  judgment on “Jerusalem” = Ch. Leadership, (also 2 Ki. 21:12, “plummet” & “line of Samaria” = 2520, Jer.  19:3). 

- The “line upon line” methodology leads us deeper into God’s Word so that His Spirit can cleanse our  hearts from sin.  

-Dan. 10:1- , name change = MC, the “dabar” = “mareh”. v. 7 “marah-looking glass” causes a separation  at the beginning of the “binding off” time. v. 10, “bowing” & “1st touch” at the MC. v.16, (Isa. 6, lips  touched with fire) “2nd touch” on lips. v. 18, “3rd touch” “be strong 2x” = MC. v.20, “Persia” = USA = “two-horned” powers from MC > SL. “Grecia” = “10 kings” of Rev. 17 from the SL > CP.  

Canada, Jeff #11, Binding & Time Dilation #1  

- 2 Chron. 30, Hezekiah’s 2nd month Passover (Num. 9:11) at 9/11, leads to the ingathering of the  Gentiles (Sardis, “dead”) at the SL (Laodicea & Philadelphia are the other two groups coexisting).  Exception is made for contact with the dead, or being on a long journey, connects to Ruth. Elimelech  should not have moved (and Ruth = Sardis = 11th hr. workers = those who “escape”, who once were  “dead”, Dan. 11:41), but our pattern is Israel in the wilderness. No one could “go on a long journey”  because the “cloud” over the Sanctuary did not move, therefore since 9/11 we are to “remain in our  tents” (and work on getting our message straight) until the cloud moves at the SL. Hezekiah’s “decree”  at the MC connects with the decrees in Esther in the time of Medo-Persia (the USA w/2 horns) and  indicates a law that starts the MC, when the “shaking” gets serious, and the “wise & foolish” Priests will  be separated, and the Spirit of Prophecy restored.  

- The “binding off” or “4” time before the Waymarks show both a “point” and a “span” of time in the  same message (“Time Dilation”), even though it has its own “3 steps” within it (Christ’s 3 temptations in  the wilderness, Daniel’s 3 touches = the “marah”-“looking glass” vision), but not to separate the “wise &  foolish”, but rather to purify & prepare for giving a message at the MC.  

- The “binding off” illustrates SS Snow presenting the same message on July 21, 1844 (5d4m, Eze. 1:1) at  Boston, and then “25” days later on Aug. 15, 1844 (1d5m) in Exeter (which is the “25” at the end of Eze.  8, = 1755-1780, = 1793-1798, = 1863-1888), making his prophecy of Oct. 22, 1844 (10d7m).  

Canada, Jeff #10, Wilderness pt.2  

- EW 41 (12-16-48). The “shaking of the powers of heaven & earth” do not always mean the 7 Last  Plagues because she places it in 1848. The events from 1844 > 1850 fit into 9/11 > SL.  

- “Walls” = laws. Marriage “wall” at the MC, & Sabbath “wall” at the SL. Balaam’s foot is crushed  between the “two walls”. Marriage & Sabbath are the “two walls” = two tables of the Ten  Commandments, 1st 4 are for human-to-Divine relationships, and the last 6 are for human-to-human.  Laws are Decrees, and as we expect a “decree” about Sunday, so we can expect some “decree” about  Marriage at about the MC time (maybe the 6-26-15 SCOTUS gay marriage ruling). 

- 1838 Josiah Litch’s prediction confirmed Millerite methodology (Year-day Principle). Therefore there will be a parallel “prediction” for the “Priests” just before the MC that will confirm the Present  methodology (Line-upon-line). After the MC the methodology for the “Levites” will be the “restoration  of the Spirit of Prophecy”.  

- Ezra 7:9 (120 days is actually 121 days to 1d5m = MC), and parallels Martin Luther’s “Diet at Worms” (“debate at waters). “Doubling” at the MC = Luther’s two presentations in Latin & German parallel SS  Snow’s two presentations (“two witnesses”) at Exeter, NH on Aug. 14-15 (1d5m).  

- David’s 4 anointings: #1) by Samuel in 1989 & being chased by king Saul. #2) by Judah at 9/11 at Saul’s  death. #3) by Judah & Jerusalem (all Israel = doubling) at the MC. #4) by himself (& garment changed) at  the SL = Church Triumphant. The sequence parallels the increasing power of the Holy Spirit from 1989 to  the SL. (Also Mordecai as the H.S. increasing in power in Esther.)  

- Saul, Ahab & Josiah (denominational leadership) all disguise themselves (become “hypocrites”, not  foolish virgins), and die (get bypassed) by the “archers” = Islam (by denying Islam’s prophetic role [that  our SDA Pioneers taught] at the end of the world), at 9/11. DA 232, “As the light and life of men was  rejected by the ecclesiastical authorities in the days of Christ, so it has been rejected in every succeeding  generation.” Jesus begins to select His disciples after His baptism (9/11, Sanhedrin leadership bypassed).  

Canada, Jeff #9, Wilderness pt.1  

- Line of David’s 4 anointings. Ps. 132:17, when the “budding” = H.S. “rain” begins, then the Lord raises  up a “lamp” = Church Triumphant.  

- Eze. 29:17, on the (1d1m = 4-19-44) the “religious horn” (Protestants) of the USA = “Egypt”= “dragon”  (v.2) was conquered; parallel to 9/11 when the “political horn” of the USA “Egypt” was conquered with  the Patriot Act, and at the SL the USA will “speak as a dragon”. Then (at 9/11, 29:21) the house of Israel  will “bud forth” and God has begun to build His spiritual “Temple” which at the SL fully becomes the  

“Church Triumphant”.  

- David’s 2nd anointing (at 9/11) marks the “foundation” of Nehemiah’s temple being laid (1843 & 1850  Charts), choosing and rebuilding “Jerusalem”. Ps. 132, the Lord “choosing Zion” from 9/11 onward, the  perfect fulfillment. Ps. 78, choosing Zion & Judah. 1 Ki. 11:36, “put His name (character) there when they  are lifted up as an “ensign”. 2 Ki. 21:7, chosen Jerusalem forever. (Manasseh’s graven “image of  jealousy” connects with the “image of jealousy”, the 1st of 4 abominations in Eze. 8.) Zech. 1:13-17.  

- Gen. 21, review of Abraham & Sarah’s lack of faith in waiting upon God, and creating Ishmael (the  “archer” & rebel-father of Islam), the great test with Isaac (doing something he’d always been told to NOT do), and the covenant at Beer-Sheba (2520). From 9/11 onward we are paralleling Abraham’s test  with Isaac (only now not doing public evangelism when we’ve always been told to do before [because  we’re Laodicea and don’t have what the world is looking for right now anyway], and studying exclusively 

in-house to get our future message straight), during the forming of the 144,000 “covenant people” who  opt-in with the Beer-Sheba 2520 covenant.  

- Gen. 46, Jacob/Jacob (doubling = MC) at Beer-Sheba (“marah”-“looking-glass” vision, that chooses the “prophet”, ie. Samuel = restoration of the Spirit of Prophecy) before going down with “70” to Egypt to unite the “two sticks” with Joseph and be prepared to give the Loud Cry message with the “11th hr.  workers”.  

Canada, Jeff #7, (Rev. Chs. 8-11 #4)  

- The “new manifestation of satanic power” today will be the USA as the “False Prophet” (as it was  atheistic France in 1793-1798). Two types of persecution, first from the “inside” = the SDA Church, then  from the “outside” = the US Gov’t under the control of fallen “Protestantism”.  

- “Binding off” time at the end of a “wilderness-separation” time demonstrates character, but also is  preparation to give a message. Josiah Litch’s 1838 prediction is also at the beginning of the “binding off”,  parallel to the 38th/40th year at the end of the wilderness wandering (when the rebels are all gone)  before “arising” “being lifted up” to take Jericho (Dt. 2:13-14, Jn. 5:5).  

- Rev. 11:7-11, “are finishing their testimony”, they die (to self) & “stop breathing” as a prophet in vision,  but then are “filled with the Spirit” and “stand on their feet” & “ascend” as an “ensign”, and opposers  fear them.  

- (“Macro = big level” of the prophetic pattern sets the pattern for the small “fractals”.) The “binding off”  for the “Priests” typifies the whole time of the “Levites” as a binding off before the 144,000. Both  “Priests” & “Levites” are “lifted up” (Isa. 5:26, 11:12, 18:3, 66:5) as the two wave-loaves at “Pentecost”  at the SL (Lev. 23:17) to bring in the “11th hr. workers”, the “other sheep” of the “2nd flock” (Jeroboam  II).  

Canada, Jeff #6, (Rev. Chs. 8-11 #3)  

- Short statement re. martyrs of “innocents” just before the Close of Probation.  

- Line of the “binding off” at the ends of all the “Wildernesses”. Lesson: All the “wildernesses” have a  “binding off” time at the end.  

- Saul chasing David in the Wilderness of En-Gedi from 1989 > 9/11. Then in the Wilderness of Paran  (Arabia = Islam ), David sends “10” men = a failed test, also Israel sent 10 spies that failed from Paran,  and then Israel failed their 10th test.  

- The “1260” was a “spiritual wilderness” (Rev. 12), and parallels the “literal wilderness” of the “70”  years of Babylonian captivity (“Thyatira”), and the “40” years of wilderness wandering for ancient Israel,  and Jesus’ “40” days in the “wilderness”. 

- The 70 years were from 607BC > 537BC, but Babylon was conquered by Medo-Persia in 539 BC, a short  time before the end of the captivity = a “change in dispensation” during the “binding off”. The 490 years  “70 weeks” had a “1 week”, 7-year period of “covenant time” at the end of the 490.  

- The 1260 years had a “25” year “binding off” at the end (the end of papal persecution and the 3 ½  years of atheistic persecution), the French Revolution.  

- Rev. 10, John knowing the “little book” would make his belly “bitter” = the 144,000 (the Millerites  didn’t know the effect of their message). Every time an Angel comes down at a “Waymark” with a  writing for God’s people to “eat”, they receive a message “in a cup” to proclaim (make the nations  “drink” it), which also “marks” the hearers for the “seal”, or for the “5 destroying angels” (Eze. 9).  

- Each “Waymark” has a specific message for that time. 1989 > 9/11 = message of Dan. 11:40-45. 9/11 >  MC = message of the SDA “Old Paths” (1843 & 1850 Charts, the “daily” in Daniel, Islam, marah = victory over sin). MC > SL = message of the Image of the Beast. SL > CP = message of the Mark of the Beast.  

- Rev. 11:1, judgment of the “living temple” = Adventism. The “Fall firstfruits” offerings are the “Priests”  & “Levites” from 9/11 > SL. The “wilderness” is “42 months” = 9/11 > SL. “Two witnesses clothed in  sackcloth” = the “hiding” of the message, and the “hidden” messengers (the “Priests”) from 9/11 > SL. At  the MC the other “hidden” ones, (the “Levites”) are brought in from Adventism as the total 2-part  “firstfruits” offering. (The “Court” is given to the “Gentiles” = “11th hr. workers” from the SL > CP.)  

-The “hidden” “Priests” begin to be “un-hidden” by their “prediction” at “midnight” just before the MC (parallel to Josiah Litch’s 1838 prediction re. Islam being fulfilled on 8-11-40). The “prediction” will bring  out the “mockers” in Adventism against the “Priests”.  

- The “hidden” “Priests” & “Levites” begin to be “un-hidden” by their “prediction” at “midnight” just  before the SL (parallel to Josiah Litch’s 1838 prediction re. Islam being fulfilled on 8-11-40). The  “prediction” will bring out the “mockers” in the US Government against the “Priests” & “Levites” (as  Ahab against Elijah).  

- Both the strictness of the Sunday Laws & the judgments of God in the land will increase as the USA is  caught in a “positive reinforcement loop” (just like Pharaoh’s heart grew harder during the plagues).  

Canada, Jeff #5, (Rev. Chs. 8-11 #2)  

- Jeff proposes that Elisha (Loud Cry), Hazael (Chazown) and Jehu (Judgment) all begin at 9/11, and  contains Jehu's "4 generations". Joash (God's fire) is put on the lips (Isa. 6) of the wise virgins at the MD MC time, and at the SL the USA as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy ends and the "10 kings" of Rev. 17 begin.  

- Jer. 25, he bears the "cup" of God's message of wrath to the nations (Day of the Lord), beginning with  Jerusalem & Egypt. Manasseh typifies the progressive fall of the "glorious land" (USA) at the beginning  of the 2520, which ended in 1844 with the fall of the "1st horn" of the USA = Protestantism. The "2nd  horn" of the USA fell on 9/11 = Republicanism. (Also Nehemiah 1:1 bears a cup in "Shushan" = 9/11, and

Pharaoh’s butler after "3 days".) "Doublings" appear mostly at the MC, but also at 9/11 "Babylon is  fallen is fallen" & SL "double unto her double".  

- Satan appears before the Sunday Law to encourage its enactment.  

- "Hold! Hold! Hold! Hold! (loosed), applies specifically to Islam at the Waymarks, but the "4 winds" can  also apply to world-wide strife between the nations.  

- The Lord revealed to Abraham the future of Sodom (Lots 1 door gets closed 2x = MD>MC as both a  "point" and a "period" of time), and parallels the Lord revealing to Josiah Litch the future of Islam 2  years before 1840, WHICH MEANS THE LORD WILL REVEAL A “PREDICTION” TO HIS PEOPLE JUST BEFORE  "MIDNIGHT".  

- 1 Sam. 25:20. Wilderness of Paran = Arabia = Islam. (David, Abigail, Nabal) At the end of the "covert" =  "hidden" place, at "midnight", wise virgin Abigail "bows down", also the king of Constantinople bows  (1449) to Islam, and the Turkish Sultan of Islam bows to Christians (1840).  

Canada, Jeff #4, (Rev. Chs. 8-11 #1)  

- S.N. Haskell's book, "The Seer of Patmos" correctly applies all of the 7 Churches of Rev. 1-3 in the time  of Laodicea. They also apply to Ancient Israel, the Christian Church, as do the 7 Seals and the 7  Trumpets, and the first 4 and last 3 of each are a separate Bible symbol unto themselves.  

- 1st Trumpet = 1989, Alaric, the beginning of the fall of Rome, both ancient and modern  (USA/NWO/Modern Global Babylon).  

- 2nd Trumpet = 9/11, Genseric, Islam sinking the "ships of Kittim = Tarshish" or the global economy.  - 3rd Trumpet = MC, Attila = "wormwood"; Mary, Naomi/Marah = "bitter".  

- 4th Trumpet = SL, 3-part Roman gov't gone, USA no longer 6th kingdom of prophecy.  - 5th Trumpet, History Repeats. "Key" = long drawn-out wars by major powers that exhaust their  strength.  

- 605BC, the Battle of Carchemish: Assyria [KofN] was attacked 1st by Egypt [KofS], (and good king Josiah  [USA] died for not staying out of it), but (after a long drawn-out war) Babylon [new KofN] returned to  defeat Egypt.  

- 627AD, the Battle of Nineveh: Pagan Rome was attacked 1st, but returned to defeat the "2-horned"  power = Medo-Persia (a symbol of both France & the USA), but both were exhausted (which allowed for  the rise of Islam which then inflicted its first two “Woes” from 1229>1449 [in the 5th Trumpet] and  1449>1840 [in the 6th Trumpet]).  

- 1798AD, French Revolution: Papal Rome [KofN] was attacked 1st by Atheism [KofS = Sodom & Egypt in  France], but (after a long drawn-out war) Modern Rome [new KofN] returned to defeat Atheism [KofS =  USSR] in 1989 with help from the USA (So, "good king" USA [Josiah] "died" by not staying out of it, and  sending an Ambassador to the Vatican) which made the USA "Apostate Protestantism", Rome's "new  army" and part of Modern Global Rome (which allowed Islam to rise again and begin its 3rd "Woe" on  9/11 at the beginning of the 7th Trumpet). 

- Decree of Abu Bekr (to not hurt the "sealed") = "1st" 5 months (632-782AD) = "decree" of the USA  Patriot Act after 9/11.  

- Decree of Gabriel (Zacharias "dumb") & Elizabeth "hidden" = "2nd" 5 months (1229-1449) = "decree" at "midnight" at the "4" or "binding off" time before the MC.  

- Rev. 8:12, 4th Trumpet, "3rd part" not shine = end of Western Rome.  

- Rev. 9:18, 6th Trumpet, "3rd part" killed = end of Western Apostate Protestantism in the USA at the SL.  

- Isa. 9:14-15, "ancient & honorable ... head" = Papacy; "prophet that teacheth lies ... tail" = False Prophet USA.  

- Gen. 15, Abraham's "4th generation" covenant & Day of the Lord.  

At the end of the "4th generation" the "Day of the Lord" arrived, and both God's people and Egypt were judged (believers saved), and atheistic Egypt & 10 other nations (all the world) were destroyed. Same at  the Sunday Law at the end of the "4th generation", God's people and the USA will be judged (believers  saved), and the USA as the first of the "10 kings" of Rev. 17 will be destroyed with all the world.  

Canada, Jeff #3, “To the Very Letter” #3  

- Review; 1st lecture was about how critics oppose the idea of the Millerite time repeating “to the very  letter” in our time, and it parallels the Protestants of the Millerite Time opposing the “year-day principle”. 2nd lecture was about the issues that are important at the Midnight Cry time (mingling mystery of iniquity, marriage, Ch. & State).  

- One of Miller’s truths was the “internal” & “external” workings of the Church & world. Today the  “external” is the Chazown vision of world history, and the “internal” is the Mareh vision that humbles the Church members in submission to God’s will for their lives.  

- Mystery of Iniquity = mingling of the holy & unholy, esp. in the SDA educational system since the  1930’s when they abandoned Miller’s 14 Rules. It prevents people from recognizing the "message of the  hour" and preparing their characters for the Midnight Cry.  

- Wonderful exhortation for the hearers to appreciate the Divine design of the Reformlines and to bring  the lives into harmony with the Divine teachings.  

- "Crisis turning points" (BEcho 8-26-95), Jn. 6:66, Judas departs for 3rd time, gets “30” silvers at  "midnight", where there is "1 month" [2nd "Woe"] added to the "5 months" of Islam's 1st "Woe" of Rev.  9. Islam's 9/11 marks the "crisis turning point" where light on Rev. 18 was given. (Josiah Litch's  prediction), the "crisis turning point" of the MC will be led up to by agitation on the subject of  "marriage" (France's "Sodom"), just before the "crisis turning point" of the Sabbath/Sunday issue  (France's "Egypt"). 

Canada, Jeff #2, “To the Very Letter” #2  

- Josiah Litch’s 1838 prediction confirmed the 14 Rules of Miller and the “year-day principle”, the  Millerite methodology. The same is going to happen in our day before the MC. There is going to be a  prediction (Islam’s next strike on the USA that will cripple it, as Balaam’s ass crushed his foot between  two walls, ie. marriage, instituted on the 6th day, & Sabbath, instituted on the 7th day) that is going to be  scoffed at at first, but when it is fulfilled it will confirm our Present Truth methodology, ie, “line upon  line” and that the Millerite time repeats in our history.  

- The 3 Angels’ Messages represent Christ (because they have been “crucified”), but also as 3 Tests, 3 Waymarks, the Everlasting Gospel (that separates two groups of worshipers) and they represent God’s  people who give those messages to the world.  

- “Tares” separate themselves from the “wheat” and bind themselves into bundles.  

- Eze. 8, 4 abominations are reviewed & applied to our day, and the 3rd & 4th occur together when the  “25” bow down at the MC (also the age of when the “Levites” begin). Then the “Levites” go for “25”  until they retire at “50” (Pentecost = SL). The “Priests” are the “man in linen” with the “writer’s inkhorn”  who go through the “city” (of Adventism) “marking” the numbered & sealed “Levites”.  

- Islam brings the “distress & anger of the nations” (Gen. 16:12, Lk. 21:25, Rev. 11:18), and as Islam increases in destructive power, so the Holy Spirit is poured out in greater power (at each of David’s 4  anointings). A parallel prediction to Josiah Litch’s in 1838 re. Islam, by the “Priests” of Adventism, will  appear foolish at first, but then be confirmed.  

- “Second Passover” for the “11th hr. workers” is explained, with a “decree” = law at each major  Waymark that is counter to God’s Law, most notably the corrupted unions of “sons of God with  daughters of men” (mystery of iniquity), “gay marriage”, racism (Confederate Flag & State’s Rights  controversy, a bit of the US Constitution overturned), at the MC time (unholy union of Church & State =  Image test), and “Sabbath” at the SL time.  

Canada, Jeff #1, “To the Very Letter” #1  

- Jeff begins by pointing out that the “disciples of Emiliano”, the Coy brothers among others, have  rejected the truth that the “7 Thunders” of the Millerite time repeats “to the very letter” in our time at  the end of the world, and then he defends that truth, and shows that the 7 Thunders have been  increasing in light for the last 20 years, and there is new light from the 7 Thunders yet to come.  

- The 7 Thunders repeat in the 7 Churches, and all 7 Churches are in the history of Ancient Israel as well  as in Modern Israel (Adventism) and all repeat within the 7th Church, Laodicea.  

- The everlasting gospel is the work of Christ in developing and then manifesting two classes of  worshipers based on a 3-step prophetic testing message, and the 3rd step only separates and  demonstrates/manifests the two classes, itself having 3 tests that purify rather than separate the wise  virgins. 

- The 3 Angels' Messages ("the mighty cleaver of Truth") represent the messages that God's people give in the power of Christ's Holy Spirit, and they are the "man with the writer's inkhorn" (Eze.9) who mark  people either for salvation, or for conflict, separation and destruction, based on how their messages are  received or rejected.  

Canada, Michael #8  

The 2520 typifies the events from 1798 to the SL. Daniel receiving a vision in Dan. 8:1 puts him in  Shushan at 9/11 (even though the vision itself is about 1798 to the SL). The Ram = Medo-Persia = the  USA w/2 horns (Protestantism & Republicanism). Apostate "Protestantism" eventually overpowers  "Republicanism" to make the Image of the Beast in the USA.  

- Rev. 16:12, Cyrus "king of the east", 2-horned Medo-Persia/Bear/France dried up "Euphrates"-Babylon papacy in 1798, which cleared the way for the USA to rise. v.13, 3 false religious/spiritual powers come  out of the mouths of the 3 political powers.  

- Dan. 8:5, "He-goat" = U.N. but "notable horn" = USA, which when self-broken by Apostate  Protestantism yields "4 horns" of the U.N. now as worldwide Global Rome.  

- USA = dragon (Rev. 13:8) = U.N. = dragon (TM38) = Pharaoh = dragon (Eze. 29:3).  - USA = 2 horned France/USSR = atheism = U.N. = Egypt = the world.  

- ALL of the time prophecies are "symbols" of 1989 > SL.  

Michael #7  

Michael #6  

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Michael shows how the first day of the first month (1d1m) symbolizes the time from 9/11 to the  Midnight Cry by the events that began happening at that time in sequence, and the purification of the  "Priests"; and then how the first day of the fifth month (1d5m) symbolizes the time from the Midnight  Cry to the Sunday Law by the events that will begin happening at that time in sequence, and the  purification of the "Levites".  

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7-31-15, Canada Campmeeting  


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Feasts 2. by Lorenz. Discuss timing of the barley harvest. Ex. 12, Passover “between the evenings”, ie.  the 1st & 2nd evenings of the 24-hr day. Gen. 1:5 “evening & morning”. Lev. 23:32 DOA, 9th day from  “even to even” includes the 10th day.  

- The Passover lamb was slain on the “1st evening” of the 14th day (GC399,DA642), and Christ died later  in the afternoon of the same day, just before the Sabbath began. (A certain South American preacher is teaching that Christ died on the 15th day.)  

- Exodus 12:6, Passover on the evening of the 14th. They stayed indoors until morning, v.22. Num. 33:3,  they left on the 15th at night (Dt. 16:1, PP281).  

- The Jews called Unleavened Bread “Passover” too (Lk. 22:1, Jn. 18:28, PK337, YI 7-1-1873).  7-22-15  

Feasts by Lorenz. (Order of the Feasts is a source of strife in South America.) “Present Truth” or  “disciples of 9/11” are now hidden as planted grain, but watched over by the Lord, and must die to self.  The Feasts are “milk” or “early rain” to us now. Dt. 25:18, either keep up or be destroyed by “Amalek”.  The “strong” is to help the weak.  

- [7th day Sabbath is separate from the Ceremonial sabbaths.] #1) 14d1m, Passover. #2) 15d1m,  Unleavened Bread. #3) 16d1m (DA77, PP539), Firstfruits (barley) + 50 = #4) Pentecost/firstfruits (wheat,  Ex. 34:22). #5) 1d7m, Trumpets. #6) 10d7m, Day of Atonement. #7) 15d7m, Tabernacles/Ingathering.  

- 14th = Cross/Fri. = Passover. 15th = Tomb/Sab. = Unleavened Bread. 16th = Resurrection/Sun. = Firstfruits  (barley).  

- Discussion re. the 7 cycles of weeks from Firstfruits (barley) to Pentecost. The day of the week of  Firstfruits is always the same day of the week for Pentecost 50 days later. Christ arose on a Sunday so  Pentecost was also on a Sunday.  

- (Chiastic structure.) Lk. 22:1 (first Feast), 8 days called “Passover” but the 8th day is at the beginning.  Lev. 23:39 (last Feast), 8 days called “Tabernacles” but the 8th day is at the ending.  


Rev. 9. Jeff. (Response to email questions by Mark Bruce.) Parallel sequences; 606AD = 5th Trumpet =  1989 (Hold!/ass). 1299 = 1st Woe = 9/11 (Hold!/ass). 1449 = 6th Trumpet = 2nd Woe begins = Midnight. +  “4” yrs. = 1453/wall falls = MC (Hold/ass). 1840 = 2nd Woe ends, Islam falls + “4” yrs. = 1844 = 7th Trumpet = SL/wall falls (Hold/ass). CP (Loose/ass). The nations will be angry (because of Islam), yet held  in check (EW85). 

- Miller’s study from 1816 > 1818 (+25 = 1843/44) = Litch’s study/prediction in 1838 > 1840. The “4”  years = 25 men bowing to the sun in “1844” = SL. The “4” is both a point and a progression, from  “midnight” > MC = ie. the destroying angel of Egypt (Passover), then the “cry at midnight”. Litch’s  prophecy (fine-tuned to 10 days before “midnight”) applied to 1840/”midnight” & SS Snow’s prophecy  applied to 1844/MC, both ends of the “4” time.  

- Rev. 11, 1260 = 9/11 > SL. 1260 also = 9/11 > MC + “3 & ½ days” (which are NOT another “1260”) > SL,  then the “ensign” (God’s remnant) is lifted up, & Haman (USA) is hung (up).  

- On different lines, the 3rd Woe can begin either at 9/11, or at the SL.  

- 2520 = 9/11 > SL (9/11 > MC = 1260 + MC > SL = 1260), but in Rev. 11 the 2nd 1260 (3 & ½, or  death/resurrection of the “2 witnesses”) is not the same as the 1st 1260 (or “wilderness”) from 9/11 > MC.  


Patrick reviews Esther, based on the structure of Ezra 7:9 and the waymarks 9/11, MC & SL.  

- Ch.1 (3rd year), 9/11 = The king (Christ) divorces the disobedient church to marry the new church.  Development of the “Priests”, “Levites” & 144,000 (firstfruits on 16th day).  

- Ch. 2 (6th -7th yr), 9/11 = Esther as “Priest” is gathered & purified, but hidden, fractals of 12 & 6. MC =  marriage, feast, gift, release, 2nd gathering. SL = death of 2 enemies.  

- Ch. 3 (11th & 12 yr), 9/11 = 1d1m = Haman’s evil plan laid (Ps. 83), but is thwarted by Islam (Ps. 48). MC  = 13d1m = DD written/sealing. (Ch. 8:9-11) 70 days = SL = 23d3m = counter-decree written/sealing.  

- Ch. 4, 9/11 > 30 days not called > Md/MC > Esther as “Levite” (“perish” 2x), 3 day fast (Md>MC). Ch. 5,  touch, feasts of wine (14th & 15th days), inquiry. Zeresh/woman = USA churches controls Haman = USA  State to make gallows/50 States. Ch. 6, Mordecai’s triumphal (entry) ride on message of Islam (horse). SL = 16th day, Ch. 7, Haman hung on own 50 cu. gallows, 50 = Pentecost. Ch. 8, Esther as firstfruits of the  “11th hr workers” gets a counter-decree (23d3m), Mordecai lifted up & exalted, “people of the land”  become “11th hr workers”. Ch. 9, 13d12m = CP.  

- Jeff suggests a link from the “binding off” (Md>MC) to Eze. 9 man w/writer’s inkhorn sealing, and again  at Md>9/11 & Md>SL. Ch. 9, Discussion of the two days of slaughter in relation to the Rev. 17 kingdoms.  


- Esther 1 by Brittani, cont. (Based on the framework of Ezra 7:9), Shushan = Trumpet (Neh. 1:1, to  confess sins of fathers fulfills Lev. 26:40 of the 2520 “old paths” which began to be opened up at 9/11 =  beginning of the final “7 Trumpets” to the SL). 2 Feasts (180 days = Elizabeth’s 5 + 1 Month) in the Palace  (of the “Priests” who cleansed the Temple in the first 8 days from 9/11 > MC). Then a 7 day feast in the  Court (of the “Levites” which was cleansed in the second 8 days from MC > SL). 

- Discussion of the “king’s wrath” (at Vashti) as Dan. 3/the Day of the Lord/Sunday Law, and discussion  of the doubling of the 7-day feasts & names of the 7 chamberlains/princes. Jeff & the class discusses a  question re. when probation closes at the “Image test” in the USA, & later in the countries of the world.  Further discussion re. Ahasuerus as a symbol of Christ.  

- Esther 2 by Bronwyn. (6th & 7th year), 9/11 = gathering of the virgins, purification 6+6 = 12 mos. from  9/11 > MC (Myrrh [Smyrna] & sweet odors), & Esther’s name-change from “Myrtle” to “Star” (Num.  24:17, Balaam, Islam, message-messenger [East, wind] at 9/11). V.10, “hidden”. Discussion re. 2 classes  = house of virgins & house of concubines at MC. v. 18, Gifts (Matthias, 120).  


- Philip reviews the 7 Thunders. They are the time from 1798 > 1844, and also the 7 last kings of Israel  ending in 723BC, and the 7 last kings of Judah (beginning with Manasseh in 677BC > 586BC), and the 7  kings of Persia who make the “3 decrees” (ending with Artaxerxes in 457BC). In 677BC the capture of  

Manasseh was the “earnest” that marked the beginning of the decline of the literal “glorious land”, and  parallels 1798 > 1844 the “moral fall”, or “capture”, of Protestantism, which marks the beginning of the  progressive decline of the spiritual “glorious land” = USA.  

- (Jeff) Manasseh’s Judah was “2-horned” (Judah & Benjamin), which parallels the “2-horns” of the USA. The Protestant “horn” fell in 1844 and the Republican “horn” fell at 9/11. A “larger” 7 Thunders is from  1798 > SL = 70 yrs = “wilderness” (Isa. 23, papacy/Manasseh “forgotten” in 1798 > Sanctuary/Zedekiah  “cleansed” at SL). Also at the Sunday Law Zechariah (of the last 7 kings of Israel) = “Yah remembers” the  Sabbath.  

- Jeroboam II & Zechariah of Israel connect to the last 7 kings of Judah at Jehoiachin & Zedekiah in the  “joining of the 2 sticks” (Eze. 37), and parallel the progressions from the Image > Mark of the Beast; MC  > LC; Marriage > Sabbath/SL, and also connects with Jacob reuniting with Joseph + 70 in Egypt.  

- The 7 Persian kings = “3 decrees” = 3 Angels’ messages. Cyrus = Christ (Alpha/first) > Artaxerxes =  Christ (Omega/last) = Eze. 9 angel w/writer’s inkhorn. The 5th king (Ahasuerus/Xerxes the Great) in  Esther is a “fractal” history about the “decrees” again (Repeat & Enlarge).  

- Brittani. Every Bible story illustrates the separation of the two classes. Dan. 8:2, Shushan = trumpet =  9/11. Elam = hidden (& is being revealed after 9/11). (Neh. 1:1, to confess sins of fathers fulfills Lev.  26:40 of the 2520 “old paths” which began to be opened up at 9/11). Ahasuerus’ feast for 180 days = 6  mos. (which connects to the Line of Elizabeth (Lk. 1), 5 mos. + 6th month), in the Palace for “Priests”  (9/11 > MC) contrasted with the 7-day feast in the Court for the “Levites” (MC > SL) with different gold  vessels. (Discussion of “vessels” as Holy Place furniture or different kinds of Court vessels …favoring  opinion is of Court vessels that contain people’s own different “delusions” from the MC > SL. Discussion  of the 2 Temple Cleansings illustrating the “Priests & Levites”.)  


Spiritual (Figurative) or Literal? Jeff reviews the “Prophetic Chain” to illustrate the 3 + 1 combination  leading to the principle that the end shows the beginning (1st & last Persian kings, Cyrus & Artaxerxes,  which are types of Christ) which is also the 7 Persian kings = 7 Thunders that also makes an evil Persian  king a type of Christ. For a 2nd witness Artaxerxes is the “3rd Decree” so he is a type of the 3rd Angel  which is also Christ. 3rd witness is that the 3 Persian kings parallel the 3 Angels’ messages that EGW says  were all “crucified” in the Millerite time, therefore ALL the Persian kings are types of Christ. Also  present-day believers who “eat the little book” eat “Christ” and partake of the divine nature, and  become types of Christ themselves. Point is that at the end of the world the “Literal vs. Spiritual” issue is  THE BIG issue.  

- Dan. 11:40-45, 7 Thunders, 3 Angels, 10 virgins, 4th Angel, Reform Movements, etc. all fit the structure  of Ezra 7:9, therefore all Bible histories fit in the same structure and illustrate the 10 virgins.  

- Argument re. 1 Cor. 10:11 that all the Bible stories are just “moral lessons” rather than “prophetic illustrations of the end of the world”. Both is true. Vashti & Esther were both good women, but one has  to be a symbolic type of the foolish virgins at the end of the world. The only 2 books in the Bible named  after women are Ruth & Esther. They both emphasize the spiritual role of women as symbols of God’s  last-day people, the Church, and the separation between the “wise” & “foolish” virgins in it.  


Esther review, cont. Ch. 2, Discussion of the “release”. Ch.1, 12 mos. from 9/11 > MC can also be from 9/11 > SL. Ch. 3, Ezra 7:9, 3 decrees in 1, & 70 days > SL (3:12 > 8:9). Ch. 4, 3-day fast discussion. Ch. 5,  Esther touches scepter = 3 touches of Daniel. Ch. 7, perceived fornication & hanging on the 50 cu  gallows at the SL. Discussion of the time of Haman’s hanging.  


Esther. Vashti and the duty of civil disobedience. Ahasuerus and other imperfect symbols of Christ in the  Bible. Gathering of the pure virgins for marriage to the king. King’s feast in the Palace with diverse vessels of gold = Holy Place, gold table of showbread, candlestick, altar of incense. (Different amounts of  manna gathered also.) Everyone drinking the king’s “wine” according to his ability. Two 7-day feasts in  the Court = 2x 2520. 7th day of feast = Sabbath/SL issue, queen refuses, God’s wrath. Lots of discussion  re. moral lessons vs. prophetic interpretations.  

7-9-15 Esther Review by Patrick S.  

- Review of the 3-step testing processes as fractals for the Present Truth people, the SDA Church, & the  world.  

- Esther’s 3 time-periods (3rd yr, 7th yr, 12th yr) can be laid over each other (framework of Ezra 7:9).  

- Ch. 1, (3rd yr); 9/11 > feast at the Palace, 180 days/4 mos., for the “Priests”. MC > Two 7-day feasts in  the Court for the “Levites”. SL > Vashti as the disobedient church refusing the call from the king/Christ.  Also, SL = State decree written against her. 

- Ch. 2, (6th-7th yr); 9/11 > virgins, gathering, purification (6+6=12 mos. [can also extend to the SL]),  Esther hidden. MC > Esther/bride, crown/queen (10th mo. 7th yr), feasts (Nabal, Belshazzar, Herod), gifts  = Matthias (the number of the “Priests” is made up), “2nd gathering” of “Levites” called by the “bride”. SL  > 2 enemies hanged (Hophni/Phineas, Nadab/Abihu, etc.).  

- Ch. 3 & ff, (11th-12th yr); 9/11 > Haman (causes decrees against Jews), evil heart, 1d1m to cast lots,  sealed purpose. MC > 13d1m death decree written & sealed for 13d12m execution (MC = Mordecai’s  Cry). (70 days) > SL = Est. 8:9-11, 70 days to 23d3m, counter decree written & sealed.  

- 9/11 Esther is called as a “Priest” (but not called as a “Levite”) for “30 days” between 9/11>MC. Then  at MC Esther is called as a “Levite” > 3 day fast, “I perish, I perish” (doubling), royal apparel, Esther’s  feast of “wine”, king’s inquiry, Haman dies on his own gallows.  

- Great illustration of the “midnight > Midnight Cry” time, as the “house”.  


Time Dilation. The “binding off” or “4” as both a span & point of time. Jeff attempts an explanation of  Einstein’s Time Dilation theory to illustrate how the time from July 21 (midnight) > Aug. 15 (MC) can be  both a span & point in time depending on the viewer’s perspective. Much class discussion.  

- “Bowing down” aspect during the “binding off”: Abigail “travels backward” from the MC to “midnight”  at the “covert” to bow to David, therefore her bowing can be placed at either “midnight”/7-21 or MC/8- 15 (“Time Dilation” or maybe “time-stretching”) depending on the aspect you want to emphasize.  

- Consideration of the “4” or “binding off” time at both ends of the 6th Trumpet with emphasis on  “bowing”. The last Christian Eastern ruler bows to the Ottoman Sultan in 1449 (includes the “4” & fall of  the walls in) 1453. The last Ottoman Sultan bows to the 4 Christian powers in 1840 (includes the “4” & beginning judgment of the dead) in 1844. Eze. 9, 25 elders bowing to the sun at “midnight” includes  them continuing to do the same (Time Dilation) at the MC. SS Snow gives the same message at July 21  (Boston Tabernacle) as he does (only with greater effect) on Aug. 15 (Exeter Campmeeting). The  “midnight”/July21/“marah”/looking-glass vision “reflects” (& amplifies) the message during the “4” or  “binding off” time for greatest effect at the MC = increasing light of the 3rd Angel’s message.  

- The “25” yr/day/elders elements are also “reckoned inclusively” as “1 month” after the “5 mos./5th Trumpet” of Rev. 9, or Elizabeth’s “hiding”.  

- 25 yrs between Lisbon Earthquake in 1755 & the Dark Day in 1780, = the “darkness” at the Cross from  the 6th to the 9th hour, then an earthquake (chiasm). “Earthquake” = Revolution/collapse of “two horned” (Sodom/Egypt) France in 1798 (Rev. 11:13) = “earthquake”/revolution/collapse of “two horned” (Republicanism/Protestantism, military/economic, marriage/Sabbath, Balaam’s 2 “walls”) USA  at MC>SL.  

- Development of Predictions. (July 21 = 8-11-1840) (Miller wrote a letter in 1831 suggesting the fall of  Islam in [May?] 1843.) Litch’s prediction is made in 1838, then fine-tuned on Aug. 1, 1840, marking “10 

days” before Aug. 11/July 21/“midnight”. Both SS Snow & Litch wrote articles in 1838 = Israel’s 38 yrs in  wilderness & paralytic’s 38 yrs at Bethsaida. Both are commanded to “Rise” (and Litch’s article is “lifted  up” in 1838).  


Acts 3:19-26 = 9/11 = Rev. 18 = Jesus Christ, “restitution” of Marriage & Sabbath (+ Samuel = SOP), or destruction (Shiloh, Jerusalem) if refused. Faithful “Priests” become as “prophets”. Discussion of “false  prophets” & false messages (Jonathan Cahn). Isa. 8:20 spiritualism comes into the Present Truth  movement after 9/11.  

- 25 days (“midnight”, July 21,1844 to Midnight Cry, Aug. 15,1844). 25 yrs, 1773>1798, 1755 (Lisbon  earthquake) to 1780 (Dark Day). 25 elders bowing to the sun (Eze. 8). 25 yrs (MC > SL) Levite’s time of  service.  

- 1 Sam. 25:23. “bowing down”. David in wilderness of Paran (where Ishmael the archer is = Islam).  Abigail is at the MC/Carmel/wall/ass/Islam, but goes backward to David at “midnight”-“4” & bows down  at the “covert” (July 21).  

- “Binding off” (July 21 “midnight” > Aug. 15 “Midnight Cry”) as both a point in time AND a span of time,  as the 3rd Test (Litmus test), blending the characteristics at both ends. Daniel, after being separated from  the wicked, gets touched & strengthened 3x during the “midnight”>MC time = preparation to receive  further light.  

- “numbering” at each waymark by the angel with the writer’s inkhorn (Eze. 9). 12 @ MC, 70 @ SL,  144,000 + “great multitude” @ CP.  


Sealing Angel. Separation caused by the angels’ messages of truth delivered by the people of God. 3rd Angel = marking angel in Eze. 9 = the people of God, Rev. 7 holding angel = Christ = the people of God.  The “work” of the 3rd Angel of Rev. 14 is the final warning message of the people of God (144,000), and  is also the work of the Angel of Rev. 10 (1840) & Angel of Rev. 18 (9/11).  

- Josiah Litch’s prediction re. Islam in 1838 = 1838>1840 “binding off” = 2 yrs. Healing of the paralytic at  the pool of Bethesda was at 38 yrs + 2 yrs to the Cross = 1840. Wilderness rebels all dead at 38 yrs  before conquering Jerecho at 40 yrs = 1840.  

- 1844>1850 = Covenant history. 1850 = 50 = Pentecost, 2 tables (in Ark of the Covenant), 2 loaves, 2  charts = “2nd table” in place in 1850 = SL.  

- 1846 = Covenant history = Marriage, Name change, Sabbath = MC.  

- 1844 = disappointment, scattering, hiding > “Hidden Pillars” being set up = Sanctuary, Sabbath, 2nd Coming, 3 angel’s messages, Spirit of Prophecy. Christ in MHP = begin sealing time = 9/11. 

- Line of Elizabeth at 10-22-44, 5 mos, Zacharias dumb, 3rd Angel at 1 mo. = MC = doubling = Num. 12:6.  All the prophets get the “marah - looking glass” vision.  

- 1 Sam. 3. Restoring the Spirit of Prophecy after 9/11. 3rd & 4th calling both at MC doubling. Samuel  understands the 4th call is divine. (Ears “Tingle” = destruction of Shiloh, ark taken, Ichabod = SL. 2Ki.  21:13 = Manasseh, 2520, Jer. 19:3 = destruction of Jerusalem.) Acts 3:19-26 “restoration” of the Spirit of  Prophecy at the “times of refreshing” = 9/11 = Rev. 18 = Jesus Christ, “restitution” of Marriage &  Sabbath (+ Samuel = SOP) & Abraham’s covenant to bless the world before the Second Coming.  


Gen. 22. (MC > SL) Moriah (Seen by Jah). Sarah (Church) is left behind. “4” men walk 3 days (test). The  “ass” is bound in the beginning then Isaac is bound at the end. Sacrifice at 3rd step = cross = SL.  Abraham’s name doubled. God’s new name “Jah sees” = covenant, renewed aft. 50 yrs. (Pentecost = SL),  Abraham is 120 = (MC>SL), living at Beersheba = 2520. Abraham as “Priest” (Isaac as offering). Ram =  USA in Dan. 7, entangled with its 2 “horns” in a “thicket”.  

- Line of the Temple Cleansing, 2nd Temple cleansing (of the “Priests”) ends on 10th day, then “4” days  “binding off” to the Cross on the 14th day. Gethsemane has “4” present (3 disciples + Jesus) & Jesus  accepts the cup 3x (not 3 tests to develop character, but preparation). Jesus as “Priest/144,000”, drowsy  disciples as “Levites/11th hr workers” being “plowed” for the next stage, & “marked” (by the man with  the writer’s inkhorn of Eze. 9).  

- Line of Judas. 3-fold union of Judas>Barabbas = 508>538 = Pergamos>Thyatira = Beast; Rome = Dragon;  Sanhedrin = False Prophet, fully arouse drowsy “Levites” at SL.  

- “4” = both a point and a span of time (2 walls of 1 house); 1840>1844 = SS Snow’s Tabernacle message at “midnight” = July 21 = “4” to the Midnight Cry. Litch proved the method (day/yr principle), SS Snow used the method to prove prophetic “lines” (1000 yrs, 2520, Types, Ezra 7:9, 70 wks/2300) = 3rd Angel  (man w/inkhorn Eze. 9) in the “binding off” time. Jeff proposes the same 3-part “binding off”  time/events (Time of the End + “litmus test” = increase of knowledge) repeat at 9/11, MC & SL.  

- 3-part “binding off” = Abraham’s 3 days demonstrating his character = Daniel’s 3 touches making him  strong = Christ’s 3 times accepting the cup = 3 angels within the 1st Angel.  


Gen 45-47. Famine in Joseph’s Egypt; finding the waymarks. Brief overview of “Present Truth” themes  from Genesis to the Flood, Abraham/10 nations, Hagar/Ismael (public evangelism & Islam), Lot in Sodom  shuts the door 2x (midnight & MC, but it is actually one progressive event), covenant at Beer-Sheba  w/Isaac & Abimelech, Jacob & 2x 2520 wives, Joseph’s dreams as messenger of the covenant prophecy,  Pharaoh’s dreams 7 yrs x2. Two years into the famine Jacob’s family arrives w/70 = SL = uniting the 2  sticks. Much discussion on the 7 years of famine, possible scenarios considered.  


Binding off Review. The “4” time. By Patrick, Bronwyn & Tyler.  

- 9/11 = 1d1m; Jerusalem “Founded Peaceful”, Litch’s prediction proves Millerite methodology.  

- “midnight” = “midway” (SS Snow) = 5d4m (Eze.1:1, Dan. 10:1 marah vision), 1449>1840; Gen. 13 Lot  closes door with true marriage message, persecution, mocking (+Elijah, at noon [6th>9th hr, Mk. 15:33  “Eloi-Eloi” doubling + darkness], 1 Ki. 18:27), Rev. 10 (Ephesus, Smyrna [10 yrs tribulation], Pergamos,  etc.), Mk. 11:1 (3-step testing process of Beth-phage-unripe figs, Bethany-dates, Olives at MC), two  

disciples, ass loosed, 4 days (?) before the Triumphal Entry. (Eze. 9, 3rd & 4th abominations unite, 25 men,  days, years, etc). Abigail “restrains” David. 1449 = sovereignty surrendered. Judas falls, Matthias “Gift”  chosen over Justus who had a mingled (Chaldean, Latin, Hebrew) name, Acts 1:16-26. 1 Sam. 3:15 (3+1  calls) “marah” vision re. Eli’s sons. (“Midnight” to the MC can be either a point in time or a span of time  depending on which “line” is being used.)  

- MC = 1d5m = 8-11-1840. 1453 walls fall, wall = law, marriage (at Cana). 1 Sam. 3:20, Dan > Beer-Sheba  = MC > SL = prophet established (gift of SOP restored), 2 sticks joined, Gen. 46, Dan > Beer-Sheba (oath  of the 2520), doubling “Jacob-Jacob” at MC. v.27 = “70” = 2 sticks joined & number made up when going  to Egypt = SL.  


Progressive Unsealing. Review of the opening of light on the 3rd Angel’s message in the Millerite time.  Observations on the SCOTUS gay marriage act, States’ rights, racism. “Nehemiahs” bear the “cup of  knowledge” to the world, and if refused then their “cup of iniquity” is full.  

- Review of Islam’s line repeat: 1989 = 5th Trumpet, 9/11 = 1st woe = 5 mos. (Elizabeth’s Line, 9/11 =  Zacharias dumb for 5 mos., 6th month = doubling with Mary = MC). 6th Trumpet begins at the 5th month  before the MC, and includes the “4” years “binding off time” at both ends (1449>1453 + 1840>1844)  ending in a “glorious manifestation of the power of God” in 1844 = SL. 7th Trumpet begins at SL.  

- “4” before the MC. 9/11 begins the 4 abominations of Eze. 8 ending with 25 men bowing to the sun at  the “4” before the MC, (parallels 1449, the last Christian king of the East “bowing” to the 4 Ottoman  Sultans), and marks the beginning of the 6th Trumpet/2nd Woe before the MC (6th Trumpet ends with the  last Ottoman Sultan “bowing” to the 4 Christian powers on 8-11-44). Abigail also meets David and bows  to him at the “covert” = “4” before the MC.  

- Line of Dan. 10. Daniel fasts 21 days (not anointed) from 9/11 > “4” (binding off time), then is touched  3x (and anoints himself) before the MC. The “3 touches progressively lift him up & strengthen him (2nd touch = Isa. 6), “be strong” 2 x = MC.  

- Line of David’s anointings. David is anointed 4x: 1989 (by Samuel), 9/11 (by Judah), MC (by all Israel), SL  (by himself). Fractal anointings of David at each of Eze. 4 abominations from 9/11 (and anoints himself  at the end of 21 days, at the “4”, like Daniel) before the MC. 

- Lines of the “wilderness” & “25”. 538 > 1798 is cut short 25 yrs, = 25 men bowing, at the “4” (binding  off); 70 yrs of Babylonian captivity (606 > 538 = Babylon falls, Cyrus frees Jews in 536); 40 days of Christ  fasting ends w/ 3-step test (but not an “everlasting gospel” test because 2 groups were not separated, only Christ’s character demonstrated); 40 yrs wandering ends with new covenant & circumcision before  fall of Jerecho; SS Snow preaches at the Boston Tabernacle on July 21 = “midnight”, 25 days before the MC at 8-15-44; “Levites” (MC > SL) begin work at age 25. Add 25 yrs service = 50 yrs = Pentecost = SL. (“midnight” = “4” > MC = fractal of MC > SL).  

- “marah” element. Daniel fasts 21 days then “marah” vision = “4” (looking-glass James 1:23) for the  “Priests” before the MC. Jacob on the way to Egypt stops at Beer-Sheba then “marah” vision = “4” (70,  number made up) for the “Levites” before the SL. Eze. 1:1 sees the “marah” at 5d4m (Karaite) = 7-21-44 = “midnight” = “midway” between 4-19-44 & 10-22-44. (Mar-eh = 2300 yrs vision [Dan. 8:13] re.  cleansing the “sanctuary”; Chazown = 2520 vision of prophetic history [2 “indignations”] re. cleansing the “host” & “second witness” to 1844.)  

- “harvest” element at the “4”. Amos 9:13 the plowman overtakes the reaper, treader & sower. Harvest  of the “Priests” at the MC + harvest of the “Levites” at the SL = both together are the harvest of the “firstfruits” of the 144,000 at the SL.  

- The “plowing” & “seed”/message, from 1989 > 9/11 is for the “Priests”.  

- The “plowing” & “seed”/message from 9/11 > MC is for the “Levites”.  

- The “plowing” & “seed”/message from MC > SL is for the “11th hr. workers”.  


- Matthias (“gift”, completion of the “binding off” time with the original number of disciples restored).  Eze. 9 “marking” angel at the “binding off” at 9/11 (both a period of time and a point in time) and the 5  destroying angels from 9/11 > MC.  

- The end of each “wilderness” has a “binding off” time: 1260 yrs - 25 yrs (538>1773>1798), 1260 yrs - 3  ½ yrs (538>1794>1798), 70 wks - 1 wk (457BC>27AD>34AD), 70 yrs – 2 yrs (606>538>536), 40 yrs –  Exodus > circumcision renewed > Jerecho, 40 days – 3 temptations of Christ, 2520 yrs – 30 yrs  (723>508>538), 40 yrs (Moses/Jethro) – burning bush (3 signs: bush, rod, leprosy), 70 days of 1 king (Isa.  23) – Ships of Tarshish.  

- Rev. 9 “binding off” = 4 yrs = (1449>1453 + 1840>1844 the 1st & last 4 yrs of the 6th Trumpet).  - July 21 (midnight/”midway”, 5d4m, marah) + 25 days “binding off” = Aug. 15, 1844 (MC, 1d5m).  

- Litch’s prediction before Aug. 11, 1840 validated the yr/day principle, which parallels a coming  prediction re. the “binding off” before the MC that will validate the line-upon-line principle.  

- Discussion re. the nature & placement of Matthias. 

6-24-15 Review.  

- Line of the 2520: from 677 (last 7 kings of Judah + last 7 kings of Israel = joining the two sticks = 11th hr.  workers) + 70 yrs > last 7 kings of Persia (3 decrees = 3 angels) + [#5 = Xerxes the Great = Esther’s decrees {Esther = Priests/Levites/144,000/Courtyard cleansed at 2nd Passover, Num. 9}, esp. the Patriot  Act @ 9/11 in Shushan {w/Nehemiah/Daniel}, Haman = USA, 10 sons = 7th kingdom of Rev.17 & Death  Decree, Mordecai/Esther = Naomi/Ruth/11th hr workers, famine, Abraham/Elimelech] > 1844 (end of 7  Thunders, marriage) + 1863 > (Miller’s dream, 7 scatterings, 126 shekels, crisis turning-point light = health-reform vision, Alpha-apostasy) > 1989 + 7 Thunders > 9/11 + (Omega-apostasy) SL.  

- Line of Elizabeth: Zacharias dumb at 9/11 when the angel came down. Elizabeth hides 5 mos. = 150  days/150 yrs of 1st Woe of Rev. 9 Islam = “key” turned [end of a long, drawn-out war between E  {Persia/USSR} & W {Rome/USA}] starts 5th Trumpet from 606BC/1989, & 1st Woe starts in 1299 at battle  of Nicomedia) = 9/11 > 1449 (wall of Constantinople falls in 4 yrs in 1453). 6th Trumpet (2nd Woe [391.15]  from 1449 > 1840) + 4 yrs to end of 6th Trumpet in 1844. 7th Trumpet (wall of separation of Church &  State falls) > SL, & at 6th mo., 30 days (MC) double prophesy w/Mary. Zach. speaks at SL (USA/Rev.  13:11, Balaam’s ass, the vision, Jeremiah as God’s mouth).  

- “Binding off” at 3rd, 6th, 9th hours. 3rd = 9/11. 6th = midnight (July 21) > Aug. 15/MC = 25 days = 25 men  bowing to the sun (Eze. 8), 25 yrs of no persecution 1773 > 1798. 9th hr = 1798.  

- “Wilderness” = Paran (Abigail), 1260, 70, 40. Every “wilderness” has a “binding off” time. 1863 > 1989 =  darkness/wilderness. 1989 > 9/11 = Saul chasing David/wilderness. 9/11 > MC = wilderness of Paran. MC  > SL = wilderness?  


- Rev. 9, “5 mos.” of Islam compared to the “5 mos.” of Elizabeth’s line. (1449 > 1453 = 1840 > 1844 =  midnight > MC now). Litch’s prediction re. Islam at 8-11-40 is before SS Snow’s prediction that was first  given at “midnight” = July 21, 1844 (7-21-44) = 5d4m. Balaam (USA) strikes the “ass” at 9/11, at the MC  (USA crippled as the “wall of separation of Church & State” falls = 1453) & at the SL.  

- Eze. 8, “weeping for Tammuz” & the “25 men bowing to the sun” have to happen together at  “midnight” before the MC. At “midnight” Judas falls away & Matthias is chosen, an 11 + 1 combination  before the MC.  

- Litch’s prediction validated Millerite methodology (yr-day principle) which allowed them to predict the  future (Ottoman Islam would voluntarily surrender to Christian nations on 8-11-40). THEN SS Snow  applied the proven methodology (yr-day principle) to predict Oct. 22, 1844, which marked the beginning of the Investigative Judgment of the dead. (2 predictions made, 8-11-40 & 10-22-44.)  

- Litch parallels now when the methodology of the “disciples of 9/11” (line upon line) is being validated  as it allows us to predict the future (that Islam will hit the USA and “cripple” it physically [as the USA also  “cripples” itself spiritually] between the “walls” of separation of Church & State, ie. the false “marriage” 

at), the “Image test”, which begins at the MC, and marks the near-ending of the Judgment of the Living =  the “sealing”. (2 predictions made, Islam cripples the USA literally & USA cripples itself spiritually.)  

- TM444, etc. The 4 winds are held until the “sealing” is complete at the 3rd waymark (9/11, “midnight”,  MC). Christ = ”Priests” cleanse (& “seal”) the “Temple” from 9/11 > MC, and then cleanse (& “seal”) the  “Courtyard” = “Levites” from the MC > SL.  

- “Matthias” = Wm. Miller who taught the platform but was the last to accept the MC, and parallels  those who today used to teach the platform (who have got off of it), but will be the last to get back onto  the platform just before or at the MC.  

-Eze. 9 introduces 5 men + a marking man = Christ “marks & seals” uniting divinity with humanity (also Rev. 7), but the order of the symbols appears to be backwards, as in a chiasm.  


5d4m/July 21/midnight/Eze. 1:1-marah-Daniel. (Amos 8:11 = famine. Amos 9:11 = prosperity.) “Binding  off” or “4” = July 21/midnight > 8-15-44/MC = fractal of a “binding off” from MC > SL.  

- In Eze. 8, the space between the 3rd & 4th abominations is the “binding off” time, or 3rd Angels’ message  time, and “25” appears (25 men bowing down, 25 yrs bef. 1798, 25 days from 5d4m > 1d5m/8-15- 44/MC).  

- Amos 9:13 (Lev. 26:5), “plowing” for the “Priests” = 1st angel, “reaping & treading” for the “Levites” =  2nd angel, “sowing” for the 11th hr workers = 3rd angel.  

- 5d4m > 9d4m = “4” days between the “2 walls” at the “gate” = SL (2 Ki. 25:4, Jer. 39:4, 52:7). Peter in  Acts. 10:17 “gate”, “inquiry”, “rise” = MC, “kill-eat” x 3 = SL. Simon > Peter = name change = SL.  


- Review of the “70”, Lk. 10:17, Gen. 45:25 & 46:1, (Beer-Sheba, oath-covenant, 2520, joining the 2  sticks, v.27 = 70), 46:2 “Jacob-Jacob” = MC (also “July 21” = “midnight”, “binding off” before MC).  Actually a “binding off” comes before each major waymark because a group is also passed by at that  time. Discussion re. primary application of the “binding off” periods.  

- Daniel 10, the “3 touches” (v. 10, 1st touch = 1st angel “fear not”; v. 16 2nd touch = 2nd angel on “lips” =  Isa. 6 = message given; v.18, 3rd touch = 3rd angel = strength.) Daniel is also touched in 8:18 = mareh.  9:13 = chazown. Comparison is made to the call of Samuel = restoration of the Spirit of Prophecy.  


Binding off (3 + 1). The 3 + 1 angels’ messages are the people of God, their work, their voice (Trumpet)  and are Christ Himself. Nehemiah/Jeremiah as cupbearers of God’s messages, then wrath if refused.  

- 120 yrs = 4 mos. begins at 9/11 > MC (also 9/11 > [July 21, 1844 = 5d4m = “binding off” = midnight] >  MC) = 3 + 1 (3 Angels + 4th Angel of Rev. 18), also 5 + 1 (line of Elizabeth, 5 mos. hiding), also Eze. 8 

(Image, Secret Chambers, Tammuz + Sun worship). EW119, tares “bound” 1st (Judas at July 21, the  “falling away 1st”).  

- Dan. 10, fasts 21 days (3x7) to July 21, then 7 days “binding off” (another 3-step process = 3 angels  from 1798 > 1844 = 7 Thunders = Esther’s 3 days = Bethany/Beth-Phage/Mt. of Olives).  

- Eze. 1:1 & Dan. 10:1 “vision” = marah/mareh = 21 days > July 21 = 5d4m.  

- Eze. 8 (4 abominations) #3 “Tammuz” = July 21, then 25 men BOW (Abigail bows at the “covert”&  Daniel in 10:9) to the sun just before the Image Test at the MC = 25 days from 5d4m > 1d5m = MC at  Exeter campmeeting, Aug. 15, 1844 = last 25 yrs of the 1260 when persecution stopped. “Levites” begin  serving at age 25 (MC) and serve for 25 yrs, retiring at 50 yrs old (Pentecost-SL). The 25 from “midnight”  of July 21 (5d4m) > MC = (fractal of) MC > SL. Eze. 9 = 5 men w/weapons + 1 Marker (Christ) at July 21.  

- Dan. 10:9, Angel comes down (after 21 days) = July 21, 1844 = 9/11 = 8-11-40 = “wheels within wheels”  (Eze. 1:16) = “line upon line” (Isa. 28:10) = “effect of every vision” (Eze. 12:23). v.7 shaking (2 groups  separated), v.9 sleeping virgin, v.11 stands up (Eze. 2:1, 37:10), lips touched (Isa. 6).  


- Nehemiah Ch. 2 cont. MC = feast/wine, inquiry, queen = marriage. Review of “how long?” to the “time  appointed” at the SL. 4th decree at MC. Hearing,. “Hidden” “3 days” = 46 yrs (+ 3 = 49 from MC >  Pentecost = SL) until “midnight” (July 21), then silent to the 5 groups (priest-virgins) until his revival  speech at the MC. “Reproach” is removed from both good (wall restored) & bad (join papacy) at the SL. 3 enemies “mock” as Jews “arise & build” at the MC.  

- 49 days from MC > SL = Pentecost. 49 yrs from 457 BC (3rd decree) > 408 BC.  

- Begin ancient Israel: Exodus from Egypt, 14th day (Passover), 15th, 16th + 49 days > Sinai.  - End of ancient Israel: 14th (Cross), 15th (Sabbath), 16th (First Fruits) + 49 days > Pentecost.  - Lev. 25: 7 x 49 yrs = Jubilee.  


- Nehemiah 1. (“Shushan” = 9/11 > MC.) His prayer follows the formula of Lev. 26:40 (& Dan. 9)  confessing the sins of the fathers and acknowledging being under the “curse of Moses” (Lev. 25) = 2520.  

- As “cupbearer” (in the place of “Priest” from 9/11 > MC) he parallels Jer. 25:15 holding the “cup” of  God’s wrath out to His apostate people first, then the nations (Rev. 14:10, Dan. 11:41). Internal &  external aspects of the message are discussed.  

- The confirmation of the principles of prophetic interpretation the Millerites used on Aug. 11, 1840  typifies a confirmation of the principles of prophetic interpretation the “disciples of 9/11” use (ie. 3+1,  triple application, line upon line, “old paths”). 

- Ch. 2 (Chisleu > Nisan = 4 months = 120 days = 9/11 > MC). Discussion of the “binding off” bef. the MC.  6-15-15  

-“Midway” between 5-19-44 (1d1m) & 10-22-44 (10d7m) = 7-21-44 (5d4m) = “midnight”, the  announcement, “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh” was proclaimed (by SS Snow at the Boston  Tabernacle), & is the “binding off” time before the Exeter, NH campmeeting “Midnight Cry” (GC 398).  

- Reading Froom (PFF 801-803), the end of the 70 wks on 7th month (10-22-34AD, the stoning of  Stephen) coincides with 10-22-44 (also the birth of Jesus). John the Baptist was born 6 mos. before on Passover.  

- “Binding off” time illustrated at the end of many “wilderness” lines (1260, 40, 70, 3 1/2), first seen as  “4 years” (1449-1453 & 1840-1844) in the 5th & 6th Trumpets (Rev. 9).  


Image of the Beast. Discussion of the false teaching that Probation closes all at once for the whole  world. All nations are given a “visual test”, a manifestation of God’s power, before their “cup” is full, and  the righteous are sealed. Two “images of the Beast” will appear, 1st in the USA, then in the world.  Satan's appearance as Christ to clinch global Sunday laws.  


Ruth recap. 1  

- (9/11) famine, house of bread, 10 yrs, death, long journey (Gen. 26)  

- 2 (MC) morning (2 Chron. 29-30, Num. 9), 2 deaths, 3 widows, hearing, double “turn back”, inquiry,  name change, barley harvest, drinking water, decree, (fall at feet,) feast, hidden,  

- 3 (SL) Mealtime, comforted, rising, wheat harvest, 2nd Passover, no rebuke (Smyrna/Phil), increase of  bread, wash, anoint, change of raiment at CP, gate, David is the 10th generation, .  

Afternoon, (midnight, 6 ephas, 6th hour, test, TT, gift)  

- 4 (CP) Evening, harvest ends, marriage, birth of Obed the 8th generation, David is the 10th from Judah.  Discussion of Gen. 38.  


- A “birth” at the Sunday Law. (Rev. 17:9, Harlot Rome sits on [rules over] “seven mountains” = ALL  gov’ts & ALL churches, and is the city-seat of both literal & spiritual Rome. Jerusalem & Constantinople  are also 7-hilled cities.)  

- The connection from a parent down through the family line (“widows” of Ruth & Tamar). Gen. 38 ,  Judah (as the “4th generation” from Abraham) & marriage laws. (Pharez = breach, Zarah = rising.) 

- “Holy” birth of Obed = Servant, parallels the Nethinim (Ezra 8:17) as the 11th hr “servant” workers. Isa.  11:14 “Moab, Ammon, Edom” (Dan. 11:41) obey the 144,000 as servants, contrasted with 1 Sam. 4:21  the “unholy birth” of Ichabod at the taking of the Ark = SL.  

- A “birth” at the SL, Micah 4:9-10, 5:2-3, Isa. 53 (cross/SL), 54:1-7, 66:1-14, Gal. 4:22-31.  6-9-15  

- Ruth 4 by Tania. (Jeff introduces “widows” as 11th hr workers. 2 Ki. 4, widow w/oil, Jn. 4, woman of  Sychar = “strong drink”, ).  

- Class reconstructs the chart of the prophetic terms & events in Ruth 1-3 from 9/11 to the Sunday Law.  Tania continues; Boaz at the “gate” = SL, next of kin = binding, 10 witnesses = SL, sell land, wife of the  dead = Sardis, kin refuses = bound off. Reading verses about the “shoe”. SL = shoe off, land, gate,  witnesses, house = church. Boaz = Christ, Naomi = Priests & Levites, Ruth = 11th hr workers. (Mordecai is  to Esther what Boaz is to Ruth.)  

- Jeff makes the application: the 11th hr workers begin to see the Priests & Levites being lifted up at the  MC, and “hide” inside their houses and begin “filling their pots with oil” (2 Ki. 4) which they “sell”/take  to their neighbors, like the “hidden” Samaritan woman did (Jn. 4), which prepares people to stand in the  “marriage” at the SL. Tania makes a case for the Nethinim (Ezra 8:17) as the 11th hr workers. v.11  “Rachel & Leah” = 2520 = joining of the two sticks. 


- (Review of Ruth 1), Ruth 3 by Brittani. Issue of marriage “rest” as the Latter Rain message. Vs.1-3 =  plowing, preparation from MC > SL (Jer. II > Zach). “Threshingfloor” = SL. v.8 midnight (Jul. 21, middle of  the “7th Month Movement” = “midnight” before the MC of Aug. 15, 1844), v.9 inquiry, v.13 tarry, v.14  hiding (rise at the “4”, gift, unhidden, “6” of seed = doubling). “Rain” at the SL. “Nearer kinsman” as  fallen humanity.  


- Millerite History Repeats “to the very letter”. The 3 Angels of Rev. 14 are 3 tests, and are the work of  God’s people, are located in history at 1798, 4-19-44, 10-22-44, is parallel to our history, repeated in our  history, and is the parable of the 10 virgins & is the Gospel. The 7 Thunders were a delineation of the  events of the Millerite Time and are a figurative delineation of future events. God’s dealing with men in  the great reformatory movements of the past are ever the same. Jesus illustrates the ending of  Adventism with the beginning of Adventism. From the things that happened to “ancient people” ie. the  Millerites, God declares things that have not yet happened in our time “to the very letter”.  


- Ruth 2, the “widows” = 11th hr workers that come out of apostate Protestantism. (Daniel unsealed in 7  steps. Rev. 8:1 “silence” = change in dispensations. v.5 “fire” = both true & false teachings in the time of 

Laodicea. Millerite history is in 7 parts/7 Thunders. Bronwyn brings up a question re. the Millerite  history “repeating to the very letter”.)  

- 1 Ki. 17, Elijah & widow of Zarephath. Hiding of Elijah & prophets 1st, waters fail = famine, two sticks,  “many days” = 1260, “remembrance” & resurrection at SL. - Judah’s daughter-in-law widow…….  

- Review Ruth 1, 10 yrs test, death of sons, barley harvest is early = firstfruits of Priests.  - Ruth 2 by Patrick.  

- “Morning” (MC), gleaning of barley = gathering & offering of the firstfruits = (2nd) Passover of the  firstfruits, stays with the young men, drinks water of the young men, grains fall to ground, comforted.  

- “Mealtime” (SL), eating bread & vinegar/wine (feast). Naomi as the “wise” supported by 11th hr  workers, offering of wheat/loaves = Pentecost.  

- “Afternoon” (bef. CP), increase (of knowledge-feast), rising up, no rebuke (Smyrna/Philadelphia), stay  w/ wise virgins, join 11th workers.  

- “Evening” (CP).  

========================================================================  6-6-15 Lambert, Jeff.  

- The “effect of every vision” = perfect fulfillments from 1989 > Close of Probation. The 5 parts of the  2300 yrs are “stand alone” prophecies. From Passover (14th, 15th, 16th) + 49 days > Pentecost = same  structure as the 2300 days. 49 years to Jubilee. Nehemiah fractal 3 days + 49 > SL/Jubilee/Pentecost.  

- 70 wks of the 2300 = 70 yrs in Babylon = 69 wks + 1 week = 1260 yrs of papacy = “wilderness” + French  Revolution 3 ½ yrs at end = Christ’s 40 day fast + 3 tests at end = “binding off” time.  

- Christ’s week for His disciples: 27AD = 9/11, Cross = MC, 34AD = SL.  

- Christ’s week for the world: 27AD = 9/11, Cross = SL, 34AD = CP.  

- Christ’s week for the 2520: 27AD = 723BC, Cross = 538AD, 34AD = 1798.  

- ED 176-180, Prophets that experience Christ in the MHP = 9/11 = mareh, internal experience of the  prophets. Chazown = external movements of nations, Daniel by Ulai & Hiddekel = 9/11, Ezekiel by  Chebar = 9/11, Pharaoh by Nile = 9/11 (Gen. 41:1), Christ by Jordan = 9/11 (Mt. 3).  

- Progressive setting up of Christ’s kingdom of glory began at 9/11 & holding of the 4 winds. (Internal &  external elements in the prophecies.)  

- Lk. 21:15 External distress of nations = Ottoman Islam, shaking of powers. EW41 external shaking of  the nations. TM445 (Rev. 7) 4 winds held at 9/11. 

- Lk. 21 Internal shaking at 9/11. Ps. 83 10 tribes = 9/11, hidden ones (Moses/Elizabeth). Ps. 48 “east  wind” destroys plans of the 10 nations. 5T80 “precious ones now hidden” brought to view by the  internal shaking at 9/11. 4T89 in every religious crisis some fall (9/11, MC, SL). BE 8-26-95 “Turning points” & light given. EW270 counsel to Laodiceans = 3 angels’ messages = 3 step testing process at  9/11.  

- 5T740-754 Isaiah’s experience (Isa. 6 + Rev. 18 = 9/11). Eze. & “wheels” at first seem confusing. 7  Churches (Ephesus > Laodicea) = ancient Israel & today. The Lord is “at the door” closing it, at 9/11, MC,  SL, CP. Door is closed on each class before proceeding to the next class (SDA structure/leadership  [@9/11], “Priests”& “Levites” [firstfruits @MC], “11th hr workers”[Ruth @SL]). Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel,  John all had the same vision (“Chazown” = prophetic history of nations. “Mareh” = glory of the Lord.  “Marah” = looking-glass, effect on the prophet).  

- Dan. 9:23 “dabar” = rightly divide, external (like Chazown). “Mareh” = appearance (Strong’s error).  Dan. 10:1 “dabar” = thing x 3 = 3 angels’ messages. v.2 fasting 21 days = 1989 > 9/11. v.5 = vision of  Christ come down = 9/11. Daniel’s Godly fear (or else the ungodly fear makes men run away & hide).  

- Gen. 46:2, “Marah”, “Jacob-Jacob” = MC = begin of “Levites” experience & 1st test. Ex. 38:8, laver,  lookingglasses, cleansing. 1 Cor. 13:9-13, glass darkly. 2 Cor. 3:18, glass beholding the glory of the Lord &  changed into the same image. James. 1:22-25, doers and not hearers only. Num.12:6,  vision/marah/dream, prophet becomes a tool in the Lord’s hand. 1 Sam. 3:15, Samuel’s Godly fear.  

========================================================================  6-3-15  

Binding Off (Rev. 11) & “Wilderness”, 4 yrs 1840>1844.  

- 606 (1st of the last 3 kings) > 536 (Cyrus’ decree) = 70 = “wilderness”, but Babylon fell 3 yrs before in  538.  

= 40 yrs in wilderness wandering to circumcision/covenant.  

= 40 days Jesus fasting in the wilderness > 3-fold test at end.  

= 1260 > persecution wilderness “cut short” 25 yrs at end.  

= 1260 > persecution intense in last 3 yrs in France.  

= 2520 (Jeff wrote 1260) > 2nd 1260 = change from paganism to papalism.  

= 27 > 31 (cross), but Judas/Pergamos “fall away” just before.  

- Line of Christ over our line today (GC 326-7, incl. the 7 Churches & 7 Seals):  

- 1989, 1st Trumpet & 5th Trumpet begins), “Hold!” 

- 9/11, (9/11 > SL esp. for SDA “Jews”), Rev. 10, Angel comes down with a cloud, 2nd Trumpet & 5th Trumpet = 1st Woe for “5 mos.” (then the “beast ascends” at the 1 month = Esther’s 30 days = 3 days  fasting = 3/5 days = “4” = 1449-1453), 27AD, Galilee, Christ, Priests, wise Philadelphians-foolish  Laodiceans of the Priests, fractal falling away of Judas, 1st Temple Cleansing, controversy hid from  Levites (Moses hid for 3 mos. revealed for 1 mo. = 3+1 combination) until Judas falls away at Nabal’s  “covert”, or “4” or “plowing” for the Levites & Matthias is the “gift”, 5 days of Creation, “Hold!”  

- MC, Rev. 13, 3rd Trumpet & 6th Trumpet = 2nd Woe from 1453 > 1840 (then “4” = 1840-1844), cross (40  days, then 10 for the disciples), Levites, (5 mos. & 1 month or 3.5 fractal) wise Philadelphians-foolish  Laodiceans of the Levites, falling away, 2nd Temple Cleansing, “plowing” at the “4” for 11th hr workers  (who are “hidden 3 mos. revealed for 1 mo. = 3+1 combination) but are seeing the Image Test & early  Sunday Laws, and early judgments of God), Sardis being prepared, “I perish” x 2, “two witnesses” dead  for 3.5 days, USA becomes “Sodom & Egypt”, marriage on the 6th day, “Hold!”  

- SL, 4th Trumpet & 7th Trumpet, 34AD, Thyatira-Ephesus-Smyrna, Nabal’s “heart of stone” for 10, 5th Seal, USA & Haman’s gallows 50 cu. High, Pentecost (3000 converted), Rev. 11 3rd part of Modern Rome  falls (apostate Protestantism) also the 10th part USA that falls (Rev. 17), earthquake/resurrection of  Moses & Elijah & ascent in a cloud, Aaron’s golden calf, 3000 slain, (Elijah 7000 not bowed the knee to  Baal) 11:13 7000 slain. Gideon’s army of 300, 30 days Esther not called, nations angry, Sabbath is the 7th day, “Hold!”  

- CP, = 3rd Woe “loose”, “Thy wrath is come”.  


Ruth 1 by Tyler/Bronwyn/Jeff. Moab = returning to old errors (Dt. 23:3, 4BC1159 fallen Protestants =  spiritual part of the USA [political part = Republicanism]). Elimelech/Abimelech/leadership die/bypassed  at 9/11, (bad journey = missed Passover [Ruth contact w/dead (Num. 9:10), goes to 2nd Passover (2  Chron. 30)]). 10 yrs (testing time) between wedding of sons & 2 enemies die at MC. Famine (Amos 8:11,  Dan. 12:4 [principle of the “famine”] Gen. 12 & 21, Abraham’s covenant at well of “7” = old paths =  2520, Millerite time), but Isaac (Gen. 26, our Present Truth time, wells re-dug) stays in the land (Gen. 26,  Ex. 40, 1d1m = 9/11, staying under the “cloud”). Naomi/Mara name change = covenant at MC. “Turn  again” x2 (v.11-12) doubling = MC. Orpah leaves = separation of 2 classes. “Plowing” intensifies in the  “4” time (incl. the “seed” [Elisha/Elijah] & “martyrs”, Rev. 11:9) just before the “rain” (Hos. 10:12) at the  MC & SL waymarks. “Barley harvest” = firstfruits offered on the 16th = SL.  


Rev. 10. (1840-1844) 7th Angel “when he shall begin to sound” at 9/11 = tarrying. “Little Book” sweet at  1840-9/11, bitter at 1844-SL. Rev. 10:11 “prophesy again” to 4 groups. Jer. 15:16-20 = Millerite time  (1840, tarrying time, mockers, 1844). Zech. 1:12-21, choosing Jerusalem, measuring =  judgment/building. Zech. 2:1-7 Jerusalem “shall be” in the future. “Young man” = sons & daughters =  4th/last generation. 

- Bro. Lorenz analyzes the “times of the Gentiles” (Rev. 11). 1260 = 9/11 > MC > SL. “Two witnesses in sackcloth” = “hidden” bef. MC (Elijah, 1Ki.17:3 & Moses, Ex. 2 [3 mos]). Elijah’s “Fire from heaven” (2 Ki.  1:10). “Rain not” = famine 9/11 > SL (Lk. 4:25). Moses hidden 3 mos. bef. the MC, then revealed. (But the  line of the 120 shows he was “un-hidden” 1 month before the MC too). Elijah & Moses revealed after  1260 hiding. Rev. 11:6 “earth” = USA, which becomes (v.8) “Sodom” at MC, “Egypt” at SL. (v.10) “make  merry” = feast = 1 Sam. 25:36 (Nabal) whose heart was “stone” for 10 days (MC > SL) before he died.  (v.11-12) “ascend” = SL = Ch. Triumphant.  


- Wilderness. Ref. to the Pattern of Christ = Pattern of Antichrist. 1260-70 (PK), Christ tested 40 days,  Moses 40 yrs. 508 > 538 = 30 yrs of “wilderness” within the 723 > 538 = 1260 “wilderness”.  

- Parts of the 2300. 3rd decree = 457 > 408 = 49 yrs. Nehemiah 49 days rebuilding. Exodus, 15th day >  Pentecost = 49 days. Lev. 25:8, Jubilee = 7x7 yrs. = 49 yrs. Pentecost & Jubilee both are 50th yr. = SL.  1798/99/1800 = 3 steps, then 49 yrs (inclusively) = 49/50th yr = 1850 Chart.  

- IF 2 PARTS of the 2300 are symbolic of 9/11 > Sunday Law, then ALL 5 PARTS of the 2300 are too. (27 >  34AD = 9/11 > SL.) 27 > 34AD = 7yrs = 2x 1260 = 2 “wildernesses” = 2520.  

- 70 weeks (490 yrs) = 457BC > 34AD = Close of Probation = SL = 9/11 (on different lines when Michael  stands up). The Lord stands at every “change of dispensation”. The “3 decrees” = 1 decree in Dan. 9:25.  End of the 2300 yrs on Oct. 22, 1844 is the “imperfect” fulfillment of the “perfect” fulfillment at the SL.  

- Dan. 10, Cyrus = Arrival of 1st Angel’s msg. Daniel fasts 21 days until an angel comes down (1840,  Mareh vision) to Empower Cyrus’ msg. to release the Jews (457BC) = 1989 > “21 days” > 9/11 when an  angel came down to Empower 1st Angel’s msg. (483 yrs from 457 > 27AD is still hidden, no info.)  

- Rev. 10. (Angel comes down) = 1840 = 9/11 = judgment begins. Rainbow = covenant. Feet on land &  sea = worldwide msg. Lion roar = sealing/unsealing of msg. Daniel sealed until pre-Adventism arrives  (unsealing = 1798 > 1840), then 7 Thunders sealed up in 1863 (“traditions & customs”). Daniel unsealed in 1989 = Dan. 11:40-45, 7 Thunders unsealed at 9/11 = Millerite “old paths”. (David’s 5 anointings show  progressive revelation of the 3rd Angel’s msg.) v.6 “heaven, earth, sea” = 3 Angels’ msgs. 7th Angel  “when shall begin to sound” at 9/11.  


Esther’s Decrees. Discussion re. Haman casting lots. (Death Decree issued in 3:12 [13d1m] > counter  decree 8:9 [23d3m] = 70 days = MC > SL). External = SL, Internal = Marriage. Haman hanged = cursed =  2520. Discussion re. Inclusive time reckoning vs Exclusive time reckoning.  

- Mark discusses Est. 2:12, the “12 months” (in two 6 month purification processes) before the MC; and 2:17, the 7 yrs of plenty before the MC and the “release” & “gifts” (incl. SOP) after. 2nd “gathering”  (2:19) of the “Priest” virgins (9/11 > MC) & “Levite” virgins (MC > SL, both are “firstfruits”) model the 

gathering of the 11th hr workers “concubines” = former daughters of the Harlot (Papacy) after the SL. 5:1  (3rd day) 3 fractals; 2 begin at 9/11 (+ 1 @ “4”), and 2 end @ MC (+ 1 @ SL).  


- Reading & discussion of EGW counsel (5T 711, Ch. 85) about the National Reform Movement’s efforts  to secure a National Sunday Law back in the 1880’s.  

- Esther’s Decrees; (1) Call/divorce, 1:10-12. (2) Gathering, 2:3-4. (3) Seal-SL, 3:10, (4) written at MC  [13d1m], then 70 days to (5) SL 8:9 [23d3m], “4” [13d12m], (6) CoP [14d12m], (7) Death Decree  [15d12m], much discussion.  


7 Thunders. Sealed up in Rev. 10:4, unsealed in Rev. 22:10 at 9/11. Eze. 12:23 the effect of every vision  from 9/11 onward. Cloud comes down on 9/11 and remains until the SL. “Thou must prophesy again”  leads to lots of class discussion re. exactly who “prophesies again” at 9/11, MC & SL. Rev. 11  “measuring” during the judgment of the living. Jer. 15:16-21 applied to the Millerite time, our time post  9/11, and in the Sunday Law time.  

- The 7 Thunders (as kings) appear from: Manasseh > Zedekiah (progressive fall of the “glorious land”),  Manasseh > 1844, Manasseh > SL, 1798 > 1844, 1798 > SL, 1989 > SL. The last 7 kings of Judah (“join the  2 sticks”) with the last 7 kings of Israel, “from Dan to Beer-Sheba” (also the joining of Jacob with Joseph).  The 7 Persian kings = the 3 decrees. The 5th Persian king (Xerxes the Great) is married to Esther in  Shushan (translated as “Trumpet”). In the “days of 1 king” = good king Asa in Judah, 7 bad kings were in  Israel, ending with Ahab/Jezebel/Elijah/Mt. Carmel.  


Mark, cont.. The “4” = 2 temple cleansings, bitter, disappointment. “Image” test at MC, then USA =  Herodias/Protestants + Salome/Protestant’s deceptive intent. (At the SL Herodias = papacy, USA  becomes Salome.) “Crowning” of Christ, Mordecai, Esther, Daniel at MC.  

- (Noon = midnight at beginning of the “4”.) SS Snow begins preaching his 5 points at the Boston  Tabernacle (“midway” = noon & midnight at beginning of the “4”) between the 1st Disappointment on 4- 19-44 [1d1m] and Oct. 22, 1844 [10d7m] Day of Atonement. (Snow’s 5 points launch the MC at the  Exeter, NH campmeeting on Aug. 15, 1844 [1d5m].) Brief discussion of Hebrew time keeping.  

- Elijah mocks the priests of Baal from “noon”= 6th hr > 9th hr” = 3 hrs (3 step test = darkness = silence),  during the “4”, ending at the MC. (9/11 > MC = fractal of 9/11 > SL.)  

- (Mt. 20 laborers) “Early” = 1st hour = 1989. 3rd hr = 9/11 (Priests). 6th hr = begin of “4” before MC. 9th hr  = MC (Levites). 10th hr = begin of “4” before SL. 11th hr = SL. 

- (Esther 2:18-19) At MC = “release”, prophetic “gifts”. (Dt. 15:19 “firstling” = inheritance.) Ex. 11:4-6  firstborn die in Egypt when they lose their inheritance at the MC. Those who are “sheared” (Nabal’s  sheep at MC), don’t die with the firstborn at the MC, and receive the firstborn’s inheritance.  


- “Binding Off” or “4” before the MC (in 1 Sam. 25, Gen. 19, & Rev. 9). “4” time = fractal of MC > SL.  

- (1 Sam. 25, David) At the beginning; Covert = hidden, restraint, offering (Matthias = gift), ass. At the  ending; feast of wine (drunk), heart of stone.  

- (Gen. 19, Lot) At the beginning; door closed, wicked, judge, Judas, mocking (PP159, also fractal  mocking from MC to SL, persecution, power of God), marriage issue. At the ending: door closed, double  blindness, searching.  

- (Rev. 9, Islam) At the beginning; 1449 (loosed), 1840 (restrained), sovereignty surrendered to “4”,  angel comes down (Aug. 11), eat ‘little book’, testing time, prediction fulfilled (Miller’s Rules). At the  ending; 1844 (‘decree’ to ‘restrain’ Islam from persecuting Christians), 1453, walls come down.  

- Mark presents other characteristics of “4”; At the beginning; John the Baptist & Smyrna in “prison” for  “10” = test, and Elijah mocks the priests of Baal from “noon”= 6th hr > 9th hr” = 3 hrs (3 step test) =  darkness, during the “4”, ending at the MC. At the end; awakened, crowned …  


Gen. 19, Sodom. 9/11 > “4” before the MC = 2 angels, gate, arising, bow, tarry, wash feet, unleavened, feast, eating, test, gathering. “4” > MC = 1st shut door, wicked, judge, marriage, 2 virgins, persecution,  mocking. MC = 2nd shut door, hand, blindness (double PP159), search, cry, message revealed, mocking,  hard heart. SL = morning, arise, hand joined, escape (the overthrow), Zoar (“little” time of trouble, aka  

“Bela” – gulp, swallowed up), progressive sunrising, rain fire, covenant/name change, smoke as  pillar/covenant (Gen. 15), Lot’s wife-judgment-salt-pillar-covenant marks SDAs who came out with Lot  but look back & are lost, and also the 11th-hr workers that are martyred before the final Close of  Probation.  


1 Sam. 25 & Gen 19. David/Nabal/Abigail. Abigail & Nabal = wise & foolish virgins during the MC time  before the SL. David’s 10 messengers = 3 Angels’ messages = test for Nabal who dies at the MC. Abigail =  Matthias = “Gift”, the 12th who replaced Judas (who fell away at the “4” before the MC). Abigail = the  last ones to become “Priests” before the MC (also at the larger level becomes a “Levite” just before the  “Marriage” at the SL, and also parallels the believing thief on the cross).  

- Abigail understands the nearing crisis and (riding the message of the “ass”) “restrains” David at the  “covert” = “4” before the MC. “4” = brief 3-step testing process for those becoming “Priests” just before  the MC (& “Levites” just before the SL). 

- Gen. 19. Lot/Sodom. Reviewing the prophetic symbols. (Brazilian heresy re. Passover & Unleavened  bread.) Lot upholds true male/female relations to the gays & is accused of judging them.  


Review. Progression from the Image to the Mark of the Beast. The 2 horns (religious & political) on each  of the 3 enemies: Beast/Vatican (Catholicism & Monarchy), Dragon/U.N. (Spiritualism & Socialism), False  Prophet/USA (Protestantism & Republicanism). At the Sunday Law in the USA Satan will appear to  “personate” Christ & demons will appear as resurrected dead people.  


The Last Great Conflict. Esther’s waymarks a familiar story that repeats at the End (PK 602), Satan’s plot  of genocide and God’s prior working & deliverance. Discussion of the Death Decree as a point in time, or  the crescendo of a rapidly escalating crisis. Discussion of EGW’s statement re. some living in her time  that would see the End. USA typified by other 2-part powers (political & religious) Rome/USA/UN =  Beast/Dragon/False Prophet. 3-fold union (Catholicism-Rome/Spiritualism-UN/Protestantism-USA) at  the End. Rome has to conquer 3 obstacles (3 “walls”) to rule the world (its enemy = Atheism [done in  1989, fall of the USSR, the Berlin Wall], its ally = USA [done at the National Sunday Law, “wall” of  separation of Church & State], its victim = “Egypt” = world [done at the Universal SL, “wall” of national  sovereignty]). The Sunday Law appears to happen at a point in time, but is actually a process that can only be understood by putting the Bible stories “line upon line”.  


Review. Development of the Image & Mark of the Beast. Councils & decrees. Esther.  5-17-15  

1 Sam. 25. The symbolic meanings in the story of David/Nabal/Abigail, by the students, but discussion  bogs down the review.  



5-16-15 Lambert Jeff  

- Review of the Midnight Cry. 2 Thess. 2, the “falling away first” = Judas at the MC. = 508AD = Pergamos  = MC. “Image of the Beast” test = MC, = the woman in charge of the relationship = Adam & Eve at the  tree. Marriage (6th day) & Sabbath (7th day) as “twin institutions” (AH340) before sin, to be restored  (PK678) “in the time of the end” after 1798, but just before the SL at the MC.  

- When Marriage falls, the Sabbath will fall soon afterward (pending SCOTUS Gay decision = EX-ternal  line of prophecy outside the SDA Church), during the latter rain, blotting out of sin, judgment of the living, Midnight Cry. (The IN-ternal line of prophecy is the SDA General Conference question of Women’s  Ordination during the same time.) 

- Sabbath & Marriage to be “restored” when war is made on them at the MC. Image of the Beast = false  “marriage” that births a false “child” = forced Sunday worship laws.  

- S.S. Snow’s 5 points: 1) 6000 yrs age of the earth. 2) 2520 “7 times”. 3) 2300 yrs [incl. Ezra 7:9, 1d1m =  4-19-44 = 9/11 = Tarrying Time = 120 yrs = close of probation countdown begins to SL; 1d5m = 8-15-44 = MC/Image test = 70 days = sleeping “virgins” wake up; 10d7m = 10-22-44 = Day of Atonement/Sunday  Law]. 4) 70 weeks [from 457BC > Messiah in 27AD]. 5) O.T. types (DoA again).  

- Fractals in the 3 Angels’ Messages of Rev. 14; 1st Angel has elements of all 3. They applied from 8-11-40  > 10-22-44 where a 2-part “temple cleansing” occurred, first 3 steps for the Protestants of that time, ending on 4-19-44 at the “First Disappointment”; and then 3 steps for the Millerites/SDAs, ending on 10- 22-44 at the “Great Disappointment”. The 2-part “temple cleansing” in 3 steps NOW apply again from  9/11 > SL (ie. 1st part = 3 steps from 9/11 > SL for Adventism, then the 2nd part = 3 steps from the SL >  Close of Probation for the World).  

- Conservative sweep of UK elections indicate similar in the USA = wide pendulum sweep from Liberal to Conservative in US elections.  

- “Speaking” of USA at the SL = Zacharias at John’s birth = Balaam’s ass when beaten 3x = Hab. 2:2.  

- (Esther’s 5 “decrees”; 1st is USA Patriot Act = change from English Law [innocent til proven guilty] to  Roman Law [Guilty til proven innocent].)  




Gen. 18-19, Abraham, footwashing & eating at 9/11. Sarai/Zacharias as the established church that  mocks & denies so is bypassed/struck dumb. (Isaac tarries 40 yrs for father to choose new church/wife.)  “Cry” of Sodom & Investigative Judgment (Gen. 11, “go to” x 3, union of Ch. & State. [Gen. 6 tower,  “Imagination”, 120, mixing the holy seed/strange wives mark the Close of Probation. 3 Falls of Babylon by “scattering” = 2520], “go to” Dan. 4 Nebuchadnezzar’s warning re. sins or 2520-“7 times” judgment,  Belshazzar’s judgment = 2520 gerahs). Lot’s 2 shut doors mark the “4”, wickedness, a judgment, and  searching. “Hand” & “escape” Dan. 11:41. Zoar “little” Time of Trouble as the sun-day law progressively  rises, v. 23. Lot’s wife as “pillar” & “salt” = covenant, the martyrs at the SL. False “wine” brings Moab &  Ammon.  




Sierra Convocation, Quincy, CA, May 2015. Jeff #7  

Lazarus as Eleazar who replaced Aaron at the MC at the "4". (Rome's knowledge of SDA reform groups.)  1 Sam. 25, David/Nabal/Abigail, David's 4 anointings. Wall = Law. Abigail as Esther as both Priests &  Levites & the 144,000. Jeff's observations re. the speed at which prophetic light is now unfolding. Crisis 

of the Sabbath "ensign" lifted up at the Sunday Law parallels the Marriage "ensign" lifted up at the  Midnight Cry, during their treading down.  

Sierra Convocation, May, Jeff #6  

- Explaining the "4" that appears just before the major waymarks. Two 4-year periods appear at the  beginning and end of the 6th Trumpet (1449-1453 & 1840-1844), and in the repeat of the Trumpets  today the parallel “4” period is just before the MC & SL.  

- Jeff reviews that Dan. Chs. 1, 2, 3 = 3 Angels’ messages. The “Image of the Beast” test beginning at the  MC is similar to the Sunday Law time. MC = 6th day, Marriage, Mystery of Iniquity, manna “doubled”, the  Image, Sodom. SL = 7th day, Sabbath, Man of Sin, NO manna, the Mark, Egypt.  

- 1 Sam. 3. Eli’s eyes “dim” at 9/11 (SDA leadership going blind, & Zedekiah blinded by Babylon at the SL). Samuel called 3+1 (called 2x = MC, both ears). Tingling ears = Manasseh = 677BC = 2520 = Shiloh = death of Eli & Ark taken = end of SDA Structure = SL= progressive fall of the Glorious Land. Eli’s “sons” as  the last (“4th Generation” of Adventism), have made themselves “vile”. Those who are sealed at the MC  give a heretofore “hidden” (Line of Elizabeth = ”God of the 7 times” = 5 months = Islam = joining of the  “2 sticks” = 11th hr. workers being “plowed” & prepared to stand with the 144,000 at the SL) message of  doom to SDA’s re. what will happen to them at the SL. the work of the “Priests” from the MC > SL is to  study to discover the “hidden” messages re. the “God of the 7 Times”, joining of the “2 sticks” & Islam.  

- Gen. 18, (At 9/11) God makes a Covenant w/Abram (representing the “covenant people at the end of  the world”) just before He destroys Sodom & Gomorrah (France & Egypt). Mamre = “lust”. 3+1  combination of Abram & 3 men. Footwashing = Passover. Sarah = Church, Zacharias = leadership that  reject the message of a “birth” at the “time appointed” = Hab. 2:3, when the vision “speaks” at the SL (also Zacharias, “ass” & USA speak).  

- Gen. 18:21, God’s “Investigative Judgment” (also Gen. 11, Tower of Babel. “Go to #1” = counterfeit  covenant = bricks & mortar. “Go to #2” = “tower & city” = Ch. & State = Image test = MC. v.5 “Children”  = 4th generation = last generation. v.6 “imagination” [Gen. 6, “mystery of iniquity”, 120], “Go to #3” =  “scattering” = 2520 = “ears tingle” = SL).  

- Gen. 19:2-3 (Lot), 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages at 9/11, “tarry”, “footwashing”, “feast”, Passover = 9/11.  Door closed 2x, at MD “4” time (Mt. 13:30 “tares” bundled 1st), and the “door” for the “wheat” closes at  the MC. (Emphasizing a “Relationship with God” without God’s revealed prophetic Truth is a “wicked”  counterfeit.) Two daughters = two classes of virgins at the MC, emphasizing marriage (MC) rather than  sodomy, and the door is shut & then wicked are struck with blindness (Eli & Zedekiah), and they  “search” (Amos 8:11, foolish virgins). v.13 great cry = MC. “Mocking” at the MC. Taking hands = SL.  “Zoar” = “little time of trouble” at the SL. Lot’s wife = those SDA’s who come out of “Sodom” during the  “little time of trouble”, but as martyrs they are “pillars” & “salt” = holy covenant. v.28 “Smoke of a furnace” = covenant (Gen. 15:17). God “remembers” (Sabbath) “covenant of Abraham”, at the SL  (Zachariah -6th to last king of Israel). 

Sierra Convocation, May, Jeff #5  

- Rev. 17:3, John is carried to the end of the 1260 “wilderness” where he sees Rome drunken with the  blood of the saints in 1798. Also Rome had “daughters” which are those Protestant churches that broke  away, and then rejoined her. Therefore Rev. 17 has to at least be about the time of Sardis when the zeal  of the Protestant churches was slowing down.  

- Dan. 7 is the political kingdoms of Bible prophecy, and Dan. 8 is their (corrupted) religious aspects  (flawed sanctuary animals). V. 2 “Shushan” = Daniel is taken to Medo-Persia (a “two-horned power”  symbolic of the “two horns” of the USA at the end of the world) in the time of Esther, therefore the  book of Esther has info on the 2300-year prophecy.  

- This prophetic information can’t be understood without the aid of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit  will demonstrate who the true people of God are (as in Elijah & Miller) by their ability to predict the  future based on the prophetic patterns.  

- 7 Thunders as “fractals” of the 2520. Manesseh > Zedekiah (677 > 607) = progressive fall of the literal  “glorious land” (Judah) parallel to the progressive fall of the spiritual “glorious land” (USA). 7 Thunders =  1798 > 1844 (beginning of Adventism), & 1989 > SL (end of Adventism). The last two of the 7 last kings of  Judah parallel the first 2 of the 7 first kings of Israel (joining of “the two sticks”), whose names indicate  the “11th hour workers”. Manasseh = “forgetting” = the papacy who (as Tyre) is “forgotten” for “70  years” = the time of “one king” = USA.  

- Jeff explains the 8 “kingdoms of Bible prophecy” with the Beast (Catholicism), Dragon (U.N.) & False prophet (USA), combined into the 6th kingdom as “666”. The same characteristics are displayed by  Jezebel/Herodias, Ahab/Herod & the prophets of Baal/Salome.  

- Dan. 10:19-20, “be strong – be strong” = MC. “Grecia” = U.N. (DA621).  

- Eze. 21:25-27, Zedekiah, “overturn, overturn, overturn” (PK450), Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, then  “he whose right it is” would come = Christ came during the time of Pagan Rome, and set up the  “kingdom of Grace” (GC346). At the end of the world Babylon (1) = Papal Rome in 1798 (5), Medo-Persia  (2) = USA at the SL (6), Greece (3) = U.N. who gives their kingdom to the Beast, Rev. 17:17 (7), Pagan Rome (4) = Modern Global Rome (8)… (Rome is always the 8th), when Jesus comes to set up His kingdom  of Glory (GC347).  

- 1843 Chart (vertical & horizontal symbols).  

- Babylon-Gold head = Lion = Papal Rome.  

- M-P–silver chest = bear & 3 ribs = Ram w/2 horns = USA.  

- Greece-brass loins = leopard w/4 wings = he-goat w/1 horn, then 4 horns/directions/worldwide = U.N. 

- Rome-Iron = beast w/10 horns = dragon = Modern Global Rome.