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2014 Notes

Jan. Eatonville, WA. (Jeff’s notes only).

March, Jeff comments on Josh. 6:10, “no public evangelism”.

June, Arkansas: Eating the Hidden Manna, Day of the Lord’s Preparation. (4of4) Posted by FutureForAmerica.

June, Arkansas, Covenant Lines (7of7) ………….Posted by FutureForAmerica.

Sept. Alberta Canada, God’s Appointed Way. (11of11)…………Posted on Youtube by Future News Canada.

Oct. Arkansas: Behold the Bridegroom Cometh. (11of11) …….Posted by FutureForAmerica.

Dec. Wales, UK. (21of21) Posted on Youtube by Latter Rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guA08PiEt98


Eatonville, WA, Jan. 2014

(Jeff’s notes in PDF are available upon request, 34p.)

No personal notes.


2014, March. Jeff on “no public evangelism”.

Jeff on Josh. 6:10

The history from 9/11 to the Sunday law is typified by the week that Christ confirmed the covenant. Both histories begin with the descent of the divine symbol and end when the door closes upon Israel, either ancient or modern. In that week Christ told His disciples not to go in the way of the Gentiles or Samaritans. Sister White confirms if they had done so they would have created prejudice in the minds of the Hebrews, thus preventing them (the Hebrews) from receiving the message of the hour.

In John six Christ informed them that their responsibility during that time was to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Bread of Heaven, thus tying that history with the history of the beginning of ancient Israel when Christ was confirming the covenant with those that came out of Egypt. In the beginning and end of ancient Israel there was a specific time when God's people were to fulfill the command to eat the manna, the Bread of Heaven. Ancient Israel could have went straight into the Promised Land, but they rebelled. When they ultimately entered the Promised land the manna ceased. When they realized they had lost their opportunity to enter and were to remain in the wilderness for forty years, they then took the work of conquering the heathen upon themselves, but were soundly defeated. The attack against the Heathen represents the proclamation of the loud cry message.

After forty years they then attacked Jericho and found victory. Jericho and therefore the warfare against the heathen represents the loud cry in our history. Therefore there was a specific period of time for both the beginning and end of ancient Israel where they were simply to eat the Bread of Heaven, and not go to the Gentiles or Samaritans. This is two witnesses, that are also emphasized because they are also the beginning and end of ancient Israel, which is Christ's prophetic signature. He is identifying that there is a time when Israel has an exclusive internal work represented by the eating of the manna, or the bread of Heaven, or in our day the little book.

The manna test for ancient Israel began after they came out of Egypt, which is of course identified as October 22, 1844, for the disappointment by the Red Sea is the Great Disappointment on October 23. From October 23, 1844 until the end of 1849 there was an internal work of identifying the pillars of Adventism. Though finished in December 1849 the covenat was not marked until the 1850 chart was introduced in January of 1850. Thus modern Israel's two tables were in place, the third angel was then understood and could then be shared with those outside of Adventism. Thus at the beginning and end of ancient Israel and modern Israel there is a period of time exclusively marked off for God's people to internalize a testing message.

Our work at 9/11 is to eat the little book, which has come down out of heaven. Sister White says the eating of the little book represents the comprehension and glad reception of the message represented by the little book. Both Ezekiel and Jeremiah provide two other witnesses of God's people eating the little book. Both Jeremiah and Ezekiel expand the lesson of what it means for us to eat the little book at 9/11. Jeremiah emphasizes the separation process that is accomplished within Adventism when one class eats the words that are found.

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O Lord God of hosts. I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand: for thou hast filled me with indignation. Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, [which] refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, [and as] waters [that] fail? Therefore thus saith the Lord, If thou return, then will I bring thee again, [and] thou shalt stand before me: and if thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth: let them return unto thee; but return not thou unto them. And I will make thee unto this people a fenced brazen wall: and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee: for I [am] with thee to save thee and to deliver thee, saith the Lord. And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible. Jeremiah 15:16-21.

Ezekiel identifies that when we eat the little book we are to carry a message to Adventism, while he emphasizes that we are not to carry it outside of Adventism.

And he said unto me, Son of man, stand upon thy feet, and I will speak unto thee. And the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me. And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, [even] unto this very day. For [they are] impudent children and stiffhearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God. And they, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, (for they [are] a rebellious house,) yet shall know that there hath been a prophet among them. And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns [be] with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they [be] a rebellious house. And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they [are] most rebellious. But thou, son of man, hear what I say unto thee; Be not thou rebellious like that rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eat that I give thee. And when I looked, behold, an hand [was] sent unto me; and, lo, a roll of a book [was] therein; And he spread it before me; and it [was] written within and without: and [there was] written therein lamentations, and mourning, and woe. Moreover he said unto me, Son of man, eat that thou findest; eat this roll, and go speak unto the house of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and he caused me to eat that roll. And he said unto me, Son of man, cause thy belly to eat, and fill thy bowels with this roll that I give thee. Then did I eat [it]; and it was in my mouth as honey for sweetness. And he said unto me, Son of man, go, get thee unto the house of Israel, and speak with my words unto them. For thou [art] not sent to a people of a strange speech and of an hard language, [but] to the house of Israel; Not to many people of a strange speech and of an hard language, whose words thou canst not understand. Surely, had I sent thee to them, they would have hearkened unto thee. But the house of Israel will not hearken unto thee; for they will not hearken unto me: for all the house of Israel [are] impudent and hardhearted. Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads. As an adamant harder than flint have I made thy forehead: fear them not, neither be dismayed at their looks, though they [be] a rebellious house. Ezekiel 2:1-3:9.

All the prophets are identifying the same period of time and John, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are all explaining what our work is beginning at 9/11. We are to gladly receive and comprehend the message. The message is, among other things, that the judgment of the living has commenced. God's people are now to be struggling to finish their personal work of character development. The accomplishment of that work is marked by God's seal being placed upon the forehead. According to Ezekiel therefore if we refuse to take the message "unto the house of Israel" (Adventism) and choose to take it to "a people of a strange speech and of a hard language" we are disobedient and He will not make our "forehead" "as an adamant harder than flint." In other words we will not receive the seal of God.

Ezekiel informs us this begins when "he was set upon his feet" and the "spirit entered into him." Ezekiel agrees with all the other prophets, but more importantly with himself, and in Ezekiel 37 God's people stand upon their feet when the message of the four winds arrives, and that was 9/11.

It is certain that this fact is hard to accept, for this very controversy is what Jesus illustrates in John six. Christ lost the most disciples when He told them they had to eat His flesh and drink His blood. They turned away from Him in John 666, which is identifying those in Adventism that receive the mark of the beast at the Sunday law, while also identifying that the reason they receive that mark and thus walk no more with Christ is because they refused the lesson of the manna, which is that there is a special testing message for Adventism and Adventism alone between 9/11 and the Sunday law.

Have a blessed Sabbath.



June, Arkansas Campmeeting: Eating the Hidden Manna, Day of the Lord’s Preparation. Posted by FutureForAmerica.


- Dan. 8:14, cleansing or “making right” of the Sanctuary (2300 years), and “Host” (2520 years) will be complete only at the Sunday Law (GC389, perfect fulfillment of Rev. 14:8 is yet future), when the “Church Militant” changes to the “Church Triumphant”. The Passover, Red Sea & Cross disappointments were types of Oct. 22, 1844, and all 3 Angels’ messages are contained within the 3rd Angel’s message. Anywhere in the Bible a “2nd Angel’s message” can be found, it has to be preceded by a “1st” and followed by a “3rd” Angel’s message.

- So who is ready for the SL? the Laodicean message says none are ready, but 9/11 marked the beginning of the Latter Rain, and the Laodicean message became “Present Truth”, a 3-step testing message = the 3 Angels’ messages. Rev. 18:4 “2 voices” = “two distinct calls … to the churches” at the Sunday Law, “come out of Babylon” to the “other sheep” (Jn. 10).

- Abraham is the beginning “Alpha” of “covenant history”, and faith in God’s Word when he offered Isaac. The “Omega” of covenant history (Sabbath crisis) will be the same. Just before the SL those who have professed to be “disciples of 9/11” but refuse the “advancing light of the 3rd Angel” receive the “strong delusion” of 2 Thess. 2:11. Two gatherings in Isa. 66:5.

- The 7 Thunders are from 1798 > 1844 (1798 being both Manasseh and the 1st Angel’s message). All 3 Angels’ messages are to be combined in the 3rd.

- On Aug. 11, 1840 the 1st Angel was empowered as the Angel of Rev. 10 came down and the 3rd Angel was “imperfectly fulfilled” on Oct. 22, 1844.

- On 9/11/2001 the repeat of the 1st Angel was empowered as the Angel of Rev. 18 came down and the 3rd Angel will be “perfectly fulfilled” at the SL.

- The most sinful and degraded generation in the history of the world is called to reflect the image of Jesus fully as the earth is being violently destroyed.

- Manasseh as a symbol of the slowly crumbling “horns” of the USA, its religious “horn” = fallen Protestantism since 1842 when they rejected Miller, and its civil “horn” = fallen Republicanism since 9/11 when the USA Patriot Act was decreed (“every principle of the US Constitution shall be repudiated, 5T451). The “wall of separation of Church & State” is crumbling now. Pagan Rome put the papacy on the throne of the earth in 538AD, and the USA (as Pagan Rome) will put the papacy on the throne of the earth at the Sunday Law.

- The Sanctuary & Host are fully “cleansed” at the SL when the purified “wheat” of the Church Triumphant will be lifted up as an ensign. The 3-step testing & cleansing process from 9/11 > SL represents the union of Humanity & Divinity at every test, the Incarnation of Christ in each individual.

- 1843 Chart was the 2nd, or “visual test” for the Protestants in 1842, but the Midnight Cry-“living testimony”, was the 2nd, or “visual test” for the Millerites, that led to the “closed door” on Oct. 22, 1844; and parallels the “Midnight Cry-living testimony-visual test” (both 1843 & 1850 Charts) for Adventism just before the “closed door” at the SL.

- John 6, “Crisis in Galilee”, Jesus lost the “disciples of the baptism in 27AD” (when the Angel came down) over the issue of “eating the Little Book” His flesh. Same problem now with the “disciples of 9/11/01 (when the Angel came down) over the issue of “eating the Little Book” line-upon-line, and connecting that with Eze. 2-3 where the message is to go to the SDA Church (modern Israel) exclusively, but “being separate from those who are daily imbibing new error” (EW124).


#2 The Number Four, part 1.

- Jeff reviews the 7 Thunders from 1798 > 1844 and 1989 > SL, and the 7 last kings of Judah (Glorious Land, 2-horned power, symbol of the gradual fall of the “2 horns” [Protestantism & Republicanism] of the USA). Manasseh (677BC) > Zedekiah began the 2nd 2520-year prophecy.

- Ezra 7:9, Ezra departs Babylon on 1d1m and arrives in Jerusalem on 1d5m, and the 3rd Decree went into effect on 10d7m (Day of Atonement) 457BC, and began the 2300-yr prophecy. The parallel is 1d1m (4-19-44), 1d5m (8-15-44, MC) and the 10d7m (10-22-44).

- 1d1m (4-19-44) & (9/11) Ezra “tarried” outside of Babylon, and was “disappointed” by the lack of Levites. Also Babylon, KofN (papacy) was “paid” by being given “Egypt” (USA) Eze. 29. Also the “budding out”-“sprinkling” of the Latter Rain begins, as the “waters” dry up. Jer. 15:16, God’s Word “eaten” with joy (8-11-40/9/11), then separation from the “mockers-Protestants-strange wives” (4-19-44), because of “God’s hand” over a mistake “the lie” & “waters dried up” in the ’43 Chart (1st Disappointment), but it “will speak and not lie” (Hab. 2). Millerite “temple cleansing” begins, the “debate” (Isa. 27:8), Meribah & Massah, Judgment of the Living begins.

- 1d5m (8-15-44, MC), Aaron dies, replaced by Eleazar (God’s helper, H.S.), Gudgodah by the “waters”, “Levites” separated & purified (Mal. 4) and are faithful in the Sunday Law crisis (Aaron’s & Jeroboam’s golden calves), sealing of the 144, 000.

- At 9/11 all 3 Angels’ messages are combined at the cleansing of Adventism (House of Israel, Eze. 2); tarrying time, (moving of the Waymarks by professed “Present Truth” teachers or “disciples of 9/11”), 1st Disappointment (rejection of Present Truth by friends), separation of Miller’s 14 Rules-line-upon-line-proof text method from the “strange wives” of Old Protestant commentaries, (Great Disappointment will be the breaking up of families at the SL), and the 4th Angel of Rev. 18:2-3 “come out of Babylon”, external (Republican) “horn” is removed.

- 7 Thunders = the last 7 kings of Israel (Jeroboam II > Hoshea), Laodicean eyes are opened, then the “11th hr. workers”. Last 7 kings of Judah (Manasseh “forgetting”, papacy “forgotten” in 1798 & 1989. Amon “architect” = Wm. Miller. Josiah “foundation”of God. Jehoiahaz “seized”. Jehoiakim “God will raise” (1st Angel, 8-11-40). Jehoiachin “tarry” (2nd Angel, 1st Disapp’t). Zedekiah “cleansed”, Day of Atonement (1844 & SL).

- Miller was given the “commencement” of the “Prophetic Chain”, and we are given the “links” = 3+1 combinations. Eli, Hophni, Phineas + Samuel, disappointment = Ark taken. Saul, David, Solomon + Rehoboam, disappointment = divided kingdom. Cyrus, Darius, Artaxerxes + Nehemiah, Ezra’s disappointment by the river, no Levites.


#3 The Number 4, part 2.

- The events of the “two temple cleansings” (the Protestants & Millerites) is the same prophetic sequence as Christ’s life, and can both be overlayed each other beginning at 9/11 in our time.

- But the really new item is the fanaticism that appeared after the 1st Disappointment (4-19-44) to the MC (applied to Leo Ortiz’s presentations given the day before). “Theology & common sense” alone is not enough to understand Scripture, but must be “sanctified” common sense. Miller was able to spot fanaticism and call it by its right name publicly, and so must we. Jeff uses Miller’s 14 Rules to illustrate the difference between “literal and spiritual” interpretations, and explains “types”. “Figures ALWAYS have a figurative meaning”, but after the figure/symbol/type is understood, then it has a literal fulfillment.

- Gen. 15:16, Abram’s “covenant prophecy” re. the “4th Generation” of both the people of God (Adventism, “judgment begins at the house of God” 1 Pet. 4:17), and also the 4th generation of the “Amorites” = USA at the SL (5T248). Joel 1:1-3, the 4 generations are a “3+1 combination” that implies the last generation of Adventism. Num. 14:18, iniquities of the Millerites to be brought on the last generation of Adventism (Rev. 18), when, v.21,“all the earth is filled with the glory of the Lord”. v.22 10x = test (failed, forgot “old paths”). Ex. 20:4-5 (2nd Commandment) God’s jealousy for false worship is visited on the 4th generation. The 10 Commandments (the true “image of jealousy”, Eze. 8) were being given when Aaron was making the Golden Calf (Sunday Law). Today it’s the 1843 & 1850 Charts, and the counterfeit (image of jealousy) is the 1863 chart in the 1st generation of Adventism (parallel to Manasseh making a graven image in the 1st generation). Jer. 25:12, God’s people punished first, then Babylon and rest of the pagan nations.


#4 The Number 4, part 3.

- The last 4 kings of Judah; Manasseh “forget” (1798 & Reagan in 1984/1989 forgot who the “antichrist” was). Jehoiakim “rise up” (8-11-40, Angel of Rev. 10 “arose” to stand on the earth & sea, and the Angel of Rev. 18 “arose” to come down on 9/11). Jehoiachin “tarry” (4-19-44, 1st Dis.). Zedekiah “cleansed” (1844 & SL). Isa. 23, ships of Tarshish (global economy) and Tyre (papacy) forgotten (from 1798) for 70 yrs (“days of 1 king”, Rev. 17). Our work is to combine the messages so that what happened under –kim & -chin both happened now at 9/11.

- The 4 kings are also the 7 Trumpets, divided as 4+3. First 4 Trumpets are the progressive destruction of a kingdom (also the 4 generations of Adventism’s destruction), same with the first 4 Churches & first 4 Seals. Rev. 7, 4 angels holding the 4 winds are the end of all earthly kingdoms.

- Eze. 8, 4 pagan abominations (the progressive destruction of Adventism): 1- Image of Jealousy (1863 chart). 2- Secret Chambers (Spiritualism = putting man’s word above God’s Word, 1T344). 3- Weeping for Tammuz (sowing a counterfeit Latter Rain message. [Eze.9 the “wise” sigh & cry for the abominations in Adventism]). 4- Bowing down to the Sun (SL).

- 4 Churches: Ephesus (forgot 1st love = Adventism’s “love” of the 2 Charts). Smyrna (persecution). Pergamos (compromise). Thyatira (Jezebel-SL).

- 4 generations of the progressive destruction of Adventism: 1844-1888 (8883 rejection of inspiration of Bible & EGW by U. Smith, GC Prez & RH Editor). 1888-1919 (“Alpha” apostasies pop up, Kellogg, Ballenger, Conradi, WW Prescott [“Doctrine of Christ” = no prophecy], AG Daniells). 1919-1989 (“books of a new order”, 1957-QOD, counterfeit message, false educational system). 1989-SL (“Omega” apostasies pop up, but the True Latter Rain also).

- Lev. 26, the “daily” controversy in the “Alpha” of apostasy is the same as the “glorious land” controversy now in the “Omega” apostasy. Question of who puts the papacy in control of the world, either “Christ in the Sanctuary”, or “paganism” in 538 (a type of the USA who puts the papacy on the throne of the world at the End), or is the “glorious land” the SDA Church or the USA at the end of the world?

- March 2005, discovery of the Hiram Edson articles on the Glorious Land also had light on the 2520, which parallels Isaac digging out the well at Beer-Sheba (2520), returning to and restoring the “old paths”.

- Lev. 26, the 4 times the “7 times” are marked describes the events that happened under the last 4 kings of Judah. v.18-20, break pride of power/national sovereignty/iron & brass = servitude & bondage = king Manasseh in 677BC. v.21-23, wild beasts = 4 pagan nations (2 Ki. 24:2) 4th = Babylon = SL. Robbed children = Jehoiakim’s son Daniel. Burial of a dead ass = “restrained” ass = 9/11. (Completed by Mark: v.24-26, = Jehoiachin. v. 28-35, = scattering & Sabbath = SL.)



June, Arkansas, Covenant Lines (7of7) ………….Posted by FutureForAmerica.

(Speaker notes in PDF available upon request, 231 p.)


God’s Appointed Way

Judas was a Jew, and a professed disciple of Christ, who wanted to defeat literal Rome with the literal Jews, but because his worldly expectations were not met, he ended up betraying Christ to the Jews, destroyed himself, and then the Jews were destroyed by Rome.

“Present Truth” Judases are SDA’s, and are professed disciples of 9/11, who want to defeat literal Rome with literal SDAs, but because their worldly expectations will not be met, they will end up betraying the disciples of 9/11 to the SDA’s, (destroy themselves?), and then the SDA’s are destroyed by Rome because they have the wrong view of the “daily”.


The Everlasting Gospel = development & separation of 2 classes during a 3-point testing process and a covenant established.

>Crisis-Turning points from 9/11 to NSL. Peter (Pharisee & publican Cain & Abel); Judas (feast, footwashing); Joseph (torn garment, return to God, “old paths”), baker-butler.

>Tarrying time = 120 days (1st day of 1st month to 1st day of 5th month) = 120 days.



Exclusive Internal Gospel A.

40-year waiting periods. Doing it in our own strength or waiting for the Holy Spirit to direct.



Exclusive Internal Gospel B.

There’s a waiting time from Oct. 22, 1844 to 1850 Chart as they developed the “pillars”.

The 2-part symbol of the Covenant in Abram’s time was the 2 symbols of God, the smoking furnace and burning lamp, symbols of the 2 Charts.

The 2-part symbol of the Covenant in Moses’ time was the 2 tables of the Law.

The 2-part symbol of the Covenant in Jesus’ time was the 2 loaves with leaven.

The 2-part symbol of the Covenant in Miller’s time was the 2 Charts.

The 2-part symbol of the Covenant in our present time is the 2 parts of man, divine & human, the “mystery of godliness, Christ in you the hope of glory”.



120 Years. Abraham’s life illustrates a 3-step testing process & 2-part covenant.

Ezra 7:9. The 1st day of the 1st month.                      1st day of the 5th month.

Tarrying Time-9/11                                                       Midnight Cry                                     Door Shut

Strange wives separated                Aaron dies                                         Day of Atonement

Disappointment                                              Golgodah to Jotbath (assembling-gift)

Waters dried up                               Land of rivers of waters

Tabernacle reared up                                    Levi separated (Mal. 3)                   Offering in righteousness

Tabernacle cleansed

Sprinkling & Budding out

King of the North paid

Debate-“old paths”                                       


120 = end of the old…... beginning of the new.

120 years-Aaron                              Eleazar

120 years-Methuselah                    Noah

120 years-Moses                             Joshua

120 disciples-Judas                          Matthias

120 Princes                                       Daniel


120 years age of Abraham            Isaac

The problem of not waiting for God’s leading in the time of visitation.



This is an Hard Saying; Who Can Hear It?

Desire of Ages, Ch. 41 “The Crisis in Galilee” applied to our time.

The hard part: the responsibility to take this 9/11 message back to the SDA Church.





Sept. Alberta Canada prophecy school: “God’s Appointed Way”. (11of11)

(Jeff’s notes can be downloaded from Youtube)


#1 Then Shall the Sanctuary be Cleansed.

- GC 389, the fulfillment of the 3 Angels’ Messages from 1840-1844 was “imperfect” and will be “perfectly fulfilled” in our day, and only those who are giving the “perfect” 1st Angel (old paths) message to the SDA Church (and are learning from having it rejected) will be prepared to give the “perfect” 2nd & 3rd Angel’s messages when they arrive.

- Those who realize that we are now in the anti-typical “tarrying time” since 9/11 (1d1m, 4-19-44) will “wait” (Dan. 12:12) for the Lord to clarify their message for them, and then be “blessed”.

- Dan. 8:14, the “cleansing” of both the Sanctuary (2300) and the host (2520). At the anti-typical Midnight Cry (1d5m, Aug. 15, 1844) the anti-typical “wise virgin host” will be purified (“perfect” temple cleansing) and taken into the MHP at the Sunday Law to be lifted up “as an ensign” and as an offering of righteousness (Mal. 3) before the final “harvest ingathering” of the world.

- Jer. 23:1-8, false pastors. Jews already passed by at Christ’s baptism in 27AD (parallel to 9/11 when the SDA leadership was bypassed). Jer. 30:1-3, 17, God’s people as outcasts that He will bring back and glorify, v.19. Isa. 44:21-23, God glorifies Himself in His people. Isa. 46:13, Israel My glory. Ps. 147:2, God will build up Jerusalem for the outcasts. Isa. 11:12, God to lift up an “ensign” to gather the outcasts from all the earth at the Sunday Law (Isa. 5:26, 18:3). Isa. 66:2-5, those who know the truth, and tremble at His Word, OR v.3, get delusions chosen for them according to their personal “idols” (2 Thess. 2:11). BTS 1-1-03, the world can only be warned by seeing people sanctified & sealed through the Truth.


#2 The Seven Thunders & Ten Virgins.

- Fanaticism & delusions occur during the “120” time from 9/11 to the Midnight Cry (whenever that happens), therefore all the references to false teachings in the Bible refer to this “120” time (GC 343).

- After the Korah, Dathan & Abiram rebellion God chose Aaron’s rod that budded to show who was His designated leader at that time. “Budding” shows the presence of “rain”, and wherever the “budding” of “new light” is seen it means “rain” is falling on that place, and the only ministry nowadays that is receiving “rain” and is “budding” with “new light” is Future For America.

- FFA has been given “new light” on the topic of the 7 Thunders, which is also the Millerite events, the 7 Seals, and the 7 last kings of Israel & Judah, and the 7 kings of Medo-Persia, and our time from 1989 to the Sunday Law, and since they were once sealed up and are now unsealed it shows that we are just before the gathering of the “11hr. workers” and the Close of Probation.

- The last 7 kings of Judah show the progressive decline & fall of the “glorious land” (Judah & the USA, both “two horned” powers). The last 7 kings of Israel (Samaria) show the call of the “11th hr. workers” at the end of the world. The point is that Jesus (as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah) is still in the process of revealing “new light” on the 7 Thunders to FFA.

- Manasseh represents the beginning of the decline & fall of the “glorious land” = Judah = two tribes = two horns, and parallels the beginning of the decline & fall of the modern “glorious land” = USA = two horns = Protestantism (horn conquered by 4-19-44) and Republicanism (horn conquered on 9/11 with the USA Patriot Act). The progressive fall is based on light rejected.

- The last 3 kings (Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah) = 3 Angels’ Messages, and a “Great Disappointment” afterward, a kind of “3+1 combination”, a “link” in a series of “3+1” links in the “prophetic chain”. Jehoiakim as the 1st Angel = Enoch = John the Baptist = Wm. Miller.

- 1 Pet. 4:17, “Judgment begins at the house of God.” In the Millerite time the “house of God” was the Protestants, but today it is the SDA Church.

- 10 Virgins’ 5 waymarks (Widespread reformation [1798 > 1831]. 1st Angel empowered [8-11-40]. 1st Disappointment/Tarrying-time/fanaticism/division, 2nd Angel arrives [4-19-44]. 2nd Angel empowered/ Midnight Cry [8-15-44]. 3rd Angel/Closed Door [10-22-44]).

- (1st Angel) Ps. 12, the “Dark Ages” and “restoration” of God’s Word in the KJV. (220 years from 1611 > 1831 when Miller began public speaking, and stem cells can “restore” 220 kinds of tissues.)

- False “SS Snows” of today.

- Three 3-step Temple Cleansings:

- #1 Protestants 8-11-40 = 1st Angel comes down & empowered > (visual test = 1843 chart in June 1844) > 4-19-44 (1st Disappointment) = Protestant “door” closed.

- #2 Millerites 4-19-44 (1st Disappointment) = 2nd Angel comes down & tarrying time/fanaticism/loss of direction-focus/divisions-delusions (Isa.66:4-5) > (visual test = “living testimony”= MC = 8-15-44) > 10-22-44 (“Great Disappointment”) = Millerite “door” closed (3rd Angel comes down).

- #3 Today 9/11 = 4-19-44 = 4th Angel comes down & tarrying time/fanaticism/loss of direction-focus/divisions-delusions (Isa.66:4-5) > (visual test = “living testimony”= MC) > SL = our “door” closed.


#3 Two Temple Cleansings & Combining the Messages.

- First Angel’s message is a fractal of all 3 Angels’ messages, containing elements of the other two messages (Fear God, give Him glory, His judgment). In the first “temple cleansing” (for the Protestants) from 8-11-40 > 4-19-44, there were 3 tests that follow the same pattern: Fear God, give Him glory, His judgment, and “closed the door” on Protestantism. In the second “temple cleansing” (for the Millerites) from 4-19-44 > 10-22-44, there were 3 tests that follow the same pattern.

- Jeff warns against trying to use the sequence of the opening of the Investigative Judgment with the Millerites, and the closing of the Judgment now to explain the two temple cleansings because they are different sequences.

- EGW says the messages should be combined (7BC985), and that the Millerite time was prefigured by Christs’ Triumphal Entry. Christ was led by Lazarus who was the “seal” of Christ’s power, therefore the Millerite time was also the “sealing” time, and applies again now in the “sealing time” of the 144,000 since 9/11. The cleansing of the Protestant temple was about the judgment of the living, and the cleansing of the Millerite temple was about the sealing of the saved. When the messages are combined then we see that on 9/11 the judgment of the living and the sealing of the living saved began. Adventism is tested & judged first, then at the SL Protestantism is tested & judged.

- Mal. 3:1, “messengers of the covenant” = John the Baptist & Wm. Miller, with emphasis on purification and the forming of a “new covenant people” (old covenant people separated). v.3 The “Levites” are purified in advance of an approaching “holy convocation” (the “perfect fulfillment” of the Day of Atonement) that they may make an “offering”.

- DA590, Christ cleansed the temple by the flashing forth of Divinity & Humanity. The Millerites were human but they “ate the little book” (Rev. 10: 10) and then carried the Divine Message, the 1843 Chart (with its human imperfections that did not affect the prophetic periods), that cleansed the “Protestant Temple”. But now, as the Millerite history is repeating, is the time for “the incarnation” of Christ in His people, which cleanses the individual “human temples” (the “Church Triumphant” purified from sin). The 1st Angel = the Angel of Rev. 10 & the Angel of Rev. 18, they are all Christ. The 1st & 2nd Angels have a writing that must be eaten, therefore the 4th Angel also has a message that must be eaten, “what is it?” = “hidden” manna (Rev. 2:17 Pergamos, new name, covenant).

- Peter got his “new name” at his confession of Christ. His old name, Simon = “hearing”, bar = “son of”, Jonas = “dove” means that he “heard” the message of the “dove” that “descended” at Christ’s baptism (9/11), so now, those that “hear” about the “dove” that descended at 9/11 (and confess that among their SDA brethren), receive a “new name” and enter into a “new covenant” with God.

- Combining the messages: 1st Angel came on 9/11 (8-11-40) with the message of the “restraint of Islam” and the “judgment of the living”; and the 2nd Angel came also on 9/11 with the message of the “tarrying time” and the beginning of the “sealing of the 144,000”. Add Ezra 7:9 and you have all the Bible references to the 1d1m on 9/11, and all the Bible references to the 1d5m at MC (can also add the last 3 kings of Judah, and the purifying of Levi in Mal. 3

- Aaron (SDA Ch. Leadership) “dies” at 9/11 and is replaced by Eleazar (God’s Helper). “Eleazar” (Heb.) = Lazarus (Gk.) who was also a “dead” Laodicean at 9/11. When Jesus heard he was sick He “tarried” (and Lazarus “tarried” in his grave) after 9/11, so that He may resurrect Lazarus at the MC and “seal” His message and role as Messiah through resurrecting “Lazarus” as His messenger, and having him lead the “ass” (message of Islam) that carries the “Latter Rain” message of the righteousness of Christ (Gen. 49:9-11).


#4 The First Day of the First & Fifth Month.

- Ezra 7:9, Ezra left Babylon on 1d1m = 4-19-457BC with the 3rd Decree in his hand. He arrived in Jerusalem on 1d5m = 8-15-457BC, and the Decree went into effect on 10d7m = 10-22-457BC, which began the 2300-yr prophecy. Using the Karaite calendar, the 2300-yr prophecy ended on 1d1m = 4-19-44 = 1st Disappointment, tarrying time, separation from “strange wives” = Protestant churches, (9/11), and 120 days later, SS Snow preached at Exeter, NH on the 1d5m = 8-15-44 which started the Midnight Cry and ended the fanaticism.

- Eze. 29:17 (1d1m), Egypt given to the KofN = Babylon, as a type of the USA being given to the KofN = papacy at the SL. The USA is “given” to the papacy in parts as its “2 horns” fall; the first fell at 4-19-44 when the “horn” of Protestantism fell, and the other “horn” of Republicanism fell at 9/11 with the Patriot Act.

- Num. 33:38 (1d5m), Aaron dies & is replaced by Eleazar (also Dt. 10:6-8) at Gudgoda & Jotbath (crowding into pleasantness) & many waters, marking the MC where the H.S. is poured out, and the Levites are separated for the service of the Sanctuary.

- “120” marks the beginning of the “covenant” testing process, then the MC “seals” the faithful, true & loyal, then the “door closes” (Gen. 6:3). 2 Chron. 5:12-14, 120 “Priests” sounding the “Trumpet message” “as one” and the “cloud” marks a “change in dispensation”. If the cloud did not move they were to “stay in their tents”, but on Oct. 22, 1844 the “cloud” moved from the Holy Place to the Most Holy. 1 Ki. 10:7-10, 120 talents of gold “offering”. Dt. 31:1-3, death of Moses at 120 at the MC & replaced by Joshua the military leader. Also Aaron dies at the MC and is replaced by Eleazar “Helper” = Lazarus (Triumphal Entry-Sealing) spiritual leader. The leadership changes at the MC, parallels with “marriage” and “name change” at the MC, and if faithful the change becomes permanent.

- Islam-Ishmael as the result of Abraham & Sarah not “tarrying” for God and trying to fulfill His word in their own human strength, and they beget Islam who is trying to convert the world in their own human strength, violently. Therefore those SDAs who are not “tarrying” for God to work now, and are trying to do public evangelism, are working in their own human strength, and are imitating Islam.

- “123”, at age 123 Aaron dies and Eleazar/Lazarus is “resurrected”. PP147, Abraham is 120 + 3 days travel, then Isaac is “resurrected”. Dan. 6, 120 princes + 3 Presidents. Daniel is “sealed” in the lion’s den, then is “resurrected” and “lifted up” at the MC, and the rebels are thrown down and are “eaten by lions” = Babylon’s Mark of the Beast.

- 120, Jn. 4:35 Jesus points the disciples 120 days “4 months” into the future, but is already “eating the hidden manna” Himself, and says the “harvest” is ready already (the “Samaritan woman-church” has already prepared it for harvest), and it is just waiting for SDAs to get ready (by settling into the Truth) to reap the “firstfruits”, the “gift-offering” at the MC, and then the “great harvest” at the SL. Acts 1:15, 120 disciples replace Judas and “make up the number” with Matthias = “gift-offering”.

- BEcho 8-26-95, “Crisis turning points” = 9/11. USA external = Patriot Act. SDA internal = Spiritual Formation allowed = SDA “Sanhedrin” passed by. At that time the “light for that generation is given” = the Angel of Rev. 18 which includes the other two Angels’ messages, “Islam is restrained” & “Babylon is fallen”. Jn. 6:66 “The Crisis in Galilee” = “hinge-turning point” (DA383). At 9/11 Jesus “tarries” and “restrains” the (4) winds (Islam). Judas has his “crisis-turning point” at 9/11 at a “feast & footwashing” (interacts with the Sanhedrin 3x), and at the end of his rebellion he is in another “feast & footwashing” at the Last Supper at “midnight” where he “falls away” to the Jews, then “falls away” from the tree, just before the “man of sin” (Bar-abbas) is revealed (2 Thess. 2:3). Also Pergamos “falls away” (but the “overcomers” get the “hidden manna” & “new name”) to reveal Thyatira = “man of sin” = papacy.

- Korah, Dathan & Abiram = Judas (RH May 24, 1898, par. 10, tearing down what he once built up) = 1888 = 9/11= Latter Rain.


#5 Heretics & Fanatics 1.

- Heresies and heretics defined as a false teaching that gathers followers into a sect, such as those who split off from FFA in the last few years. The Millerites primarily used Hab. 2:2, the “tarrying time”, but also Eze. 12:21-28, which applies more to these last days, “the effect of every vision”. Since all of the prophets spoke more for our time than their own time, then all of Christ’s cautions against false teachers apply primarily from 9/11 > MC. 1 Cor. 11:19, heresies reveal who is approved. 5T707.

- Jeff refutes the modern “Samuel Snows” who wrongly allege that Jeff will “reject the Midnight Cry” as they falsely allege Wm. Miller did. They also falsely claim that Miller and Snow were at odds with their messages when they were not. (Damsteegt p.41)

- Before the true MC message is proclaimed, Satan will try to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit (GC464), and “You are getting the coming of the Lord too far off. I saw the latter rain was coming as [suddenly as] the midnight cry, and with ten times the power.” {SpM 4.3}.

- Jn. 20, Jesus “breathed” a “sprinkling” upon the disciples as a few drops of the Holy Spirit before Pentecostal full outpouring. “….we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain. It may be falling on hearts all around us, but we shall not discern or receive it. {TM 507.1}

- Mal. 3:1, the messenger who prepares the way = Elijah, John the Baptist, Wm. Miller (EW261, Dan. 11:40-45). Elijah’s 3 ½ yrs of drought = 1260 yrs of papal rule as “Jezebel” ending in 1798, then Miller arrives to prepare the way for Christ, and is empowered at 8-11-40 when the Angel comes down. The false prophets go first, with emotional appeals, dancing and music, then at 4-19-44 the true & false “prophets” are separated at Mt. Carmel = MC. Elijah rebuilds God’s altar (Temple) of 12 stones, which are first soaked with (H.S.) water, then illuminated by (H.S.) “fire from heaven”, then Judgment on the false prophets at 10-22-44. Then a “disappointment” and the number “7 “ appears. Millerite time repeats.


#6 Heretics & Fanatics 2.

- Mostly about the rebellion of Korah, Dathan & Abiram and how it applies to rebellious "leaders" among the disciples of 9/11.

- Jeff begins by reviewing the basic elements of the Reformline pattern during the Millerite time from 1798 > 1844, and how it illustrates the “everlasting gospel” 3-step testing process, and how it illustrates God’s mercy in warning the world with the repeat of this final message now since 1989 before bringing judgment upon it.

- He explains how Christ is in this message, contrary to claims of critics, and how that these “Present Truth” Reformline messages (and the opposition to them) will show who is the “real prophet” (aka “Elijah” on Mt. Carmel) and who are the “heretics & fanatics”.

- Num. 14:22 “10” = the number of a testing time. v.21, rejection of Caleb & Joshua = Rev. 18 = 9/11 when the “glory of the Lord” began to be revealed.

- Num. 16, the rebellion of Korah, Dathan & Abiram against Moses (State) and Aaron (Church), and how it applies to rebellious "leaders" among the disciples of 9/11 today. Satan’s first accusation, “We are all holy, so why are you lifting yourselves up above us?” (Brief references made to the errors of the Shepherd’s Rod & Branch Davidians because of interpreting Eze. 9 literally.) The apostates die in the “general destruction of the wicked” (3T267).

- Korah, Dathan & Abiram going down into the earth parallel the presidents who got thrown into Daniel’s den of lions (and get eaten by the “lion” of Modern Global Babylon at the SL when they accept the “Mark of the Beast”). The “earth” opened its mouth to swallow the papal “flood” in Rev. 12 by “speaking” the US Law of its Constitution in 1776, but the USA will “open its mouth” again at the SL to destroy that same Constitutional Law in Rev. 13 when it “speaks as a dragon”, and there will be a “loud cry”.

- Aaron’s rod is taken into the Most Holy Place to demonstrate who the chosen leader is on 9/11, the “marah” vision, and only one “rod” is receiving the “latter rain” and budding, blossoming and bearing “fruit” today. PK397, every reform movement in prophetic history was conducted under Divine guidance, and were types of the Divine guidance of the final Reform-line movement today.

- 1888, same conspiracy as Korah, Dathan & Abiram….. “all the congregation is holy.” The false prophets among the “Present Truth” people are attempting to “move the Waymarks” (tarrying time, Midnight Cry, and the shut door) by interpreting them literally, and we are to stand against them. Same controversy between U. Smith & James White over whether to apply the conflicts with Islam in their day either literally or figuratively. Same controversy now over whether the “towers” in Joel & Zech. are literal or symbolic towers. Beware of accusing those upon whom God has laid the burden of the work.


#7 Heretics & Fanatics 3.

- The “120” testing time goes from 9/11 > MC, and just before the MC “Judas, Korah, Dathan & Abiram” fall away in the strong delusion & false revival that is coming (Isa. 66:4, 2 Thess. 2:11), then the faithful begin to be lifted up as an ensign.

- To apply Bible prophecies literally is to follow Jesuit methodology. The Reformers could only see that the Pope of Rome was the antichrist by interpreting prophecy figuratively. The Jesuit methodology came into Protestantism mainly through the Scofield Bible with its Jesuit explanations.

- Jeff analyses some of the current false teachings (Zephaniah’s “high towers” in 9T95). Miller’s Rule #6, God reveals future events in “visions, figures & parables” (period). Rule #8, figures are always understood figuratively (2SM 102). Rule #11, how to know when a word is used figuratively. The current teachers of falsehood turn Rule #6 and Rule #11 upside-down, and when you do that you get “9/11”.

- The “Day of the Lord” is a Waymark the false teachers have moved from the SL to 9/11.

- The tests on false teaching (literal vs figurative, 2SM102) that Adventism has failed in the past 4 generations are being repeated (and failed again), in the disciples of 9/11. Jeff recounts some details of the breakup between FFA & Path of the Just brethren. 9/11 marks the “day of the Lord’s preparation”, and the Sabbath is the “Day of the Lord” at the Sunday Law. Those who support them will share the blood of souls on their garments.

- Jeff explains how the army in Joel 2 cannot be either Islam nor the 144000, but is Rome. (HF192), The “Dark Day” (May 19, 1780) is a fulfillment of Joel 2:2 2500 yrs before = 720BC (723BC Israel’s 2520, 677BC Judah’s 2520).


#8 God’s Appointed way, to eat the “hidden manna”.

- The “soft halo of light” EGW saw on the Sabbath at the beginning of Adventism parallels the “soft radiance” on the Incarnation at the end of Adventism (SW 4-4-05.10), “Christ in you the hope of glory”, the marriage & Sabbath from Eden, the parable of the 10 virgins, and “eating the little book” are all about the union of divinity with humanity.

- But, there are some rebels in the “Present Truth” camp who don’t want to just “eat the little book” exclusively, in order to get their message straight, in preparation before taking it to the world. Jn. 6:66, the disciples & Jews affected to take Jesus’ words re. “eating” literally rather than symbolically, and it parallels today, since 9/11, when some want to take “towers” literally rather than symbolically.

- 3-step Gospel separation process is illustrated by the fall of Judas. Afterward Christ entered into a new covenant with His disciples symbolized by the two “wave loaves” (that had leaven but it was “baked” out of them). When Christ entered into a new covenant with Millerite Adventism He gave them the “two tables” of the 1843 & 1850 Charts (“50” = Pentecost = sealing). In 1846 they were given the Sabbath-covenant, and the Whites entered into their “marriage covenant”, and EGW’s name was changed.

- Today, since 9/11 (parallel to 10-22-44), we re-establish the covenant by “eating the little book” and accepting our SDA “Old Paths” (the “hidden manna”), engaging in the Midnight Cry when “the decree goes forth” 5T216 (parallel to the Millerite MC), and then the covenant will be consummated at the SL (parallel to the 1850 Chart) = “50” = Pentecost = sealing.

- Rev. 12:17, the “commandments of God” = two tables of stone (4+6), the “testimony of Jesus” = two wave loaves, (Rev. 19:10), the “spirit of prophecy” = the ’43 & ’50 Charts.

- At the Midnight Cry when “the decree goes forth” (5T216) they are sealed as an “offering” (Mal. 3) to be lifted up at the SL.

- Eze. 37:9-11, at 9/11 an “army” (Church Militant) is raised up in 2 steps (as Gideon’s army was tested [and reduced] 2 times), and at the MC “cry” their “graves are opened” and they are “resurrected” as Lazarus (who was actually just a “sleeping virgin” between 9/11 & the MC) and they become the “seal” of Christ’s power, the Church Triumphant.

- (5T573) “New controversies arise & old ones being revived”, the rebellion of Korah, Dathan & Abiram against the “appointed leadership” (happens in every Reformline) is being repeated now. The 1888 controversy (rejection of the message & ordained messenger) is being repeated now. The "daily" controversy is being repeated now (paganism or Christ in the Sanctuary?), only now its the “army” in Joel (Rome or 144000?), based on old Protestant commentaries = old Protestant hermeneutics. James White & U. Smith’s controversy over “literal” Turkey (Islam) or “symbolic” KofN is being repeated now. 1957 QOD ecumenism, putting aside theological differences for surface “unity” is being repeated now, all among the professed "disciples of 9/11".


#9 An Exclusive Internal Gospel.

- 42 generations to Christ x 30 years per generation = 1260 years. The “120” between 9/11 & the MC divides into 4 parts of “30” each. Joel notes 4 generations & 4 insect plagues, and when the “drunkards” “awake” at the MC the “new wine” is cut off from them. Judas also is a type of those who are lost at the MC.

- 9/11 is a “crisis turning-point” in the history of the nation and the church, and the light for that time is given then. Galilee = turning point, crisis at Capernaum. Gospel separation in Jn. 6:66, many disciples separated as Cain & Abel. Peter rejected Christ 3x as “Cain”, then repented 3x as “Abel”.

- Joseph’s “crisis turning-point” was when the Ishmaelite traders took him to Egypt for safety. “Wise men from the East” also financed baby Jesus to go to Egypt for safety. Islam also diverted the purpose of the USA to enact a Sunday law at 9/11 (and created a “tarrying time”), in order to give God’s people more time to be sealed. Rev. 9:4 says Islam’s job (among other things) is to NOT hurt those who have the seal of God, ie. Sabbathkeepers. “God’s signature” (Alpha & Omega) appears in Joseph’s clothes being torn 2x (1st by his brothers, and then by Potiphar’s wife). Potiphar & wife are a type of the union of Church & State at the SL (as are Ahab & Jezebel, and Herod & Herodias; Elijah escaped but Joseph was jailed, and John the Baptist was beheaded in jail).

- Joseph’s next “crisis turning-point” was when he got out of jail. The butler & baker typify the “wise & foolish virgins” of the Millerite time who “forgot” their “first love” (Ephesus, 1863 = forgot the 2520 [677BC > 1844]) at the beginning of Adventism, until there is a dream of 2x “7 times” = 2x 2520 (both 723BC > 1798 & 677BC > 1844) at the end of Adventism since 2004. The dream of the famine-crisis is brought on by the “east wind” (a symbol of Islam), and ends with the complete impoverishment & enslavement of the people, which prophetically parallels the establishment of a one-world gov’t when the USA forces the U.N. to accept the Pope as their leader, and he then uses the U.N. armies to enforce the SL on the rest of the world.

- {1888 133.2} “That which God gives His servants to speak today would not perhaps have been present truth twenty years ago, but it is God’s message for this time.” The time for public evangelism ended at 9/11. At the beginning of ancient Israel God’s people (as His covenant people) spent 40 years in the wilderness with Him alone before taking Jericho/Loud Cry/SL. At the end of ancient Israel God’s people (as His covenant people) spent 7 years with Him alone before the Gospel went to the Gentiles. At the beginning of Modern Israel (Millerite time) from 10-22-44 > 1850 God’s people (as His covenant people) spent 6 years with Him alone studying out their message before taking it to the world. Now at the end of Adventism there is an exclusively internal gospel separation process to be done (as His covenant people) since 9/11 before they can take their message outside of Adventism at the Sunday Law for the “perfect fulfillment” of the 3rd Angel’s message in the “Church Triumphant”.

- All 3 Angels brought a message in their hands to “eat”, and the 4th Angel’s message is the “hidden manna”. Moses’ time, Jesus’ time and the Millerite time all had a time-prophecy attached, the “fullness of time” and the “time of their visitation”, and the people all missed each one. At 9/11 the time of Adventism’s visitation began (the Day of the Lord’s Preparation) therefore now we need to be studying out what our message is going to be at the “Day of the Lord”, Loud Cry, SL, “7th Trumpet” (and not trying to bring in the “11th hr. workers” with “public evangelism” with the wrong message).

- Isaac is a good example of waiting 40 years for his father’s servant Eleazar (God’s Helper = H.S.) to bring his bride “church” out of “Babylon” for him.


#10 Hagar and the Tarrying Time.

- Laodicean Adventism as the most degenerated and spiritually blind people of earth’s entire history. Our “appointed way” is to “eat the little book” and take the “old paths” message back to Adventism to prepare them to participate in the Loud Cry at the SL.

- “Time and circumstances must always be taken into account” (2 Bio. 497.7). Adventism is in a different time and circumstance (the time of Adventism’s visitation) than ever before in its history.

- Abram & Sarai could not wait for God to fulfill His promise to them, and they brought Ishmael into the world as a symbol of ALL who can’t wait for God to fulfill His will. Islam illustrates all the instances in history where people have tried to “evangelize the world” in their own human strength.

- Abraham was 120 (9/11 > MC = 4 months = 4th generation of Adventism), and had a 3-day test (9/11 > MC), and was living at Beer-Sheba the “Well of the 7-times Oath” = 2520 that “gives [spiritual] water” to the “disciples of 9/11”. Mt Moriah “to see God” = 9/11 when the disciples are to “see God” in the MHP and conform their characters so as to not have their names be blotted out in the Judgment of the Living, the anti-typical Day of Atonement now.

- Abraham (as Wm. Miller) dug “wells” of spiritual water (esp. “Beer-Sheba” = the 2520, as it appears on the 1843 & 1850 Charts), and Isaac the son (the “disciples of 9/11” are the “sons” of Wm. Miller) have to re-dig out the “wells” (old paths = Charts), esp. the “well” of the 2520. RH 2-26-14, “In the last days God’s covenant [2520 “well of Beer-Sheba”] with His commandment-keeping people is to be renewed.”

- Abraham was commanded to do human sacrifice, something God had always forbidden. The disciples of 9/11 are forbidden to do public evangelism, something that God had always commanded. It is a great act of faith to obey, on par with Abraham's faith & obedience.

- Jn. 6:66, Jesus’ words are “spirit” (figurative not literal), but they wanted His power to “conquer Rome” (defeat papal teachings in the world in public evangelism, typified by conquering Jericho), so they rejected His words and will be lost at the SL. Adventist “public evangelism” from 9/11 > SL is symbolized by the self-willed “public evangelism” of “Ishmael” = radical Islam from 9/11 > SL.


#11 This is an Hard Saying; Who can Hear it?

- The year-day-principle comes from Num. 14:34 (the beginning of Ancient Israel) & Eze. 4:6 (the end of Ancient Israel prophetically), but both of those texts are from stories of rebellion by God’s people, the rejection of the “rest of grace” in Num. 14:34, and rejection of the “Sabbath rest” in Eze. 4:6. The rejection of “grace” parallels 9/11 and the rejection of the Latter Rain and the 2520 now.

- DA 383-394, BEcho 8-26-95, “Crisis turning points” = 9/11. “Wonderful work in the cities” = public evangelism. Joseph's 2 "turning points”, his garment being torn two times = character assassination. “East Wind” = Islam , 2x = 2520 x2 and ends with the population as slaves of the king.

- Desire of Ages, Ch. 41 “The Crisis in Galilee” as applied to our time. The Jews misunderstood the role of the Messiah, and now Adventism misunderstands the role of the Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain. The 4th generation of Adventism is now being tested on the sins of our “SDA fathers”, and failing, but those who succeed in opening their hearts to the “sprinkling” of the Latter Rain now partake of the incarnation of Christ in humanity, the union of the human & divine.




Oct. Arkansas Campmeeting, Behold, The Bridegroom Cometh. (11of11)

(Speaker notes in PDF available upon request, 241p.)


(Duane #1, Mystery of iniquity = mixture of truth and error. EGW can't unify with error.)


  1. The Prophetic Line

Those who reject the 1st are not able to accept anything that comes afterward.


  1. Two or More Significations

-The Reformlines are symbols that can have different meanings depending on the subjects.
-The two temple cleansings combine 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages at 1840 waymark.
-Fractals: 3 Angel’s messages repeat on smaller scales. (1st Angel = all 3), 3 Internal and 3 External tests for SDA's before the Midnight Cry & Sunday Law.

Miller’s Rule #10, symbols can have different meanings depending on context.

The Reformlines for the Millerite time & ours can have different meanings.

  1. Usual meaning: Opening & Closing of the Judgment.
  2. Two temple cleansings (combine 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages at 1840 waymark).
  3. Fractals: 3 Angel’s messages repeat on smaller scales. (1st Angel = all 3), 3 tests.
    1. Fear God, Glory, Judgment
    2. Courtyard, Holy, Most Holy
    3. Purified, White, Tried
    4. Sin, Righteousness, Judgment
    5. Justify, Sanctify, Glorify
  4. 3 tests: Divinity flashes through Humanity, Charts, Rev. 18:4-voice

7 Churches = IN-ternal history of the Church

          3 internal tests:

SOP (& Little Book), Foundation/Platform (old paths), Midnight Cry/Shut Door

7 Seals = EX-ternal history

          3 external tests: 9/11 (budding, rain), Image of the Beast, Sunday Law

3 tests: Divinity flashes through Humanity, Living Testimony, Door Closes


  1. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

2520; Manasseh; 7 last Kings (names) = 7 Thunders representing events; Progressive Fall of the Glorious Land (USA); Alpha & Omega; Work of the 3 Angels Messages at the beginning and ending of the Judgment; Internal work among Gods people; Parable of the 10 Virgins representing experience; perfect fulfillment in our time of the Latter Rain.


  1. The Seed

God shows the end from the beginning. The seed goes through a growth process until it reproduces itself in another identical seed. Same with faith & the Present Truth movement.


  1. The Effect of Every Vision

Part 1: "Figures" can have different meanings (Rule #10), so the Reform Lines (figures) can show the opening & closing of the Judgment, that it "begins at the house of God" (1 Pet. 4:17), that the 1st, 2nd & 4th Angels' message are to be combined in the Tarrying Time.

Part 2: The "effect of every vision" (Eze. 12:23) is Ezra 7:9 during the 120 + 70 Tarrying Time of the Ten Virgins.

Part 3: The work of the "Mystery of Iniquity" through false education (using Old Protestant commentaries to try to understand the Bible instead of the "proof-text" method) during the 3rd Generation of Joel is partaking of the sins of our fathers.


  1. Heretics & Fanatics

Finishing “The Effect of Every Vision”: Mystery of Iniquity in the last days is based on what we spiritually “eat”. Judas as the one who “falls away first” before the “man of sin” is revealed. Internal & External 3 tests.

(Heretics & Fanatics): Need to know those who are teaching error. 2nd (visual) test: the “approved” will be “made manifest” 1 Cor. 11:19. Heresies will come in to test 5T 706-708. The evil must be decidedly met RH 1-28-09. The “prophets of Baal” among the “disciples of 9/11” appeal to emotion & character defects rather than pointing out the errors of FFA. Meet fanatics with “evidences” that FFA has fulfilled prophecy over the last 20 years 3SM 377. (Notes p.175)


  1. The Shaking

Elijah, Elisha, & 3rd Angel each "plow" (cause a shaking), then the Holy Spirit rains.


  1. The Day of the Lord

4 Generations of apostasy of proud leading men; Korah, Dathan & Abiram; the 1888 GC, and the "pastors" of the "disciples of 9/11". False accusations toward God's chosen leader.


  1. Old Controversies

A Bible study of the "3 months" between the Midnight Cry and the Sunday Law.


  1. The Advancing Light

9/11, Tarrying Time, the Vineyard, Islam's progressive destruction of world commerce.


  1. The Book of Joel

The 4 Generations show the current progressive apostasy in Adventism, Lev. 26, 2520, 4 kings, 4 churches, Joel, and in "the disciples of 9/11".




Daily Class Notes


A study of the famine in 2 Sam. 21, and the meanings of the names in chapter 23 and applying them to the Ezra 7:9 framework; 1st day of the 1st month (9/11), Image of the Beast test, 1st day of the 5th month (Midnight Cry), & 10th day of the 7th month (Day of Atonement & Sunday Law).


A detailed analysis of Passover, Unleavened Bread and Firstfruits as typical of Christ's death, burial & resurrection on the 14th, 15th, & 16th days of the month.


Sister Tamina from Germany examines Martin Luther's life as a "Reform Line" with emphasis on the Diet of Worms, and some prophetic parallels emerge.


Last 7 kings of Judah = the 4 generations of Adventism = Eze. 8's 4 apostasies. Discussion of events occurring between 9/11, the Midnight Cry, and the Sunday Law with emphasis on "Priests & Levites" and the "shaking" between each waymark, ending with the "firstfruits" offering.


Continued study of the numbering of Israel focusing on the meanings of the names of the people & places, searching for meanings that plug into the end-time Ezra 7:9 framework.


Looking at the way various numbers are symbolically used in the Bible, especially in the case of apparent contradictions in David's numbering of Israel (2 Sam. 24 & 1 Chron. 21).

1 = 1st Angel’s message.

2 = From 9/11 (tarrying time) to the MC to the Closed Door  (SL) is the time of the 2nd Angel’s message.

3 = From 9/11 to the SL is a 3-step testing process.

4 = From 9/11 to the SL is the test of the 4 generations of Adventism.

5 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the 5 wise or 5 foolish virgins.

7 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the 7 Churches; also the 70 disciples from the MC to the Closed Door.

8 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the preparation and work of the Priests and Levites in 8 days.

10 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the 10 virgins.

11 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the one disciple that fell away and left 11, and 11th hr. workers.

12 = From 9/11 to the SL illustrates the 12 disciples, also 120 from 9/11 to the MC.

16 = 8+8 purification of the Priests + Levites = 16, the day of the Firstfruits Offering.

19 = The years from 742 BC to 723, the 1st 2520; and from 1844 to 1863, the rejection of the 2520; and the metonic cycle of the Karaite Calendar.

30 = 30 days and 30 years.

40 = Years of wandering, of both Moses himself, then Israel, symbolically from 9/11 to the MC. Jesus 40-day fast.

50 = Pentecost.

70 = Disciples sent out.

120 = 4 months, death of Moses, and the disciples in the Upper Room.


Part 1. Studying the Beginning & Ending of 508 to 538 to 1798 to 1843 to 1989 to 9/11 to the Sunday Law, and to the close of human probation. "30 years" of preparation before the power. Two-horned powers that set up the papacy and bring it down. Part 2. Multiple 3-step "wheels within wheels" and "fractals" from 9/11 to the close of probation after the Sunday Law.


3 tests during the "120" time. False priests, prophets and miracles before, and after the Midnight Cry begins, before the Sunday Law.


Study of the number 120 in the Bible, representing the 1st day of the 1st month to the 1st day of the 5th month, and from 9/11 to the Midnight Cry before the Sunday Law.


Analysis of the 1st day of the 1st month & 1st day of the 5th month's characteristics in Scripture; Tabernacle erected & cleansed; Death of the old & preparation, separation, cleansing of the new "offering" = Levites, Mal. 3.


Where the last 7 kings of Israel & Judah overlap at the Midnight Cry. Study of the 1st day of the 1st Month; 9/11, waters that "failed" at the First Disappointment at Apr. 19, 1844, Massah-Meriba (test-debate), strange wives, Spiritual Formation, fall of Protestantism in the Millerite time & fall of US Republicanism at 9/11-Patriot Act; English Law (innocent til proven guilty) vs. Roman Law (guilty til proven innocent).


Names of the last 7 kings of Israel & the making up of the martyrs-11th hour workers, Midnight Cry changeover, Tarrying Time, Image-beast = EXternal test, plowing before rain-light given, Eze. 37 two sticks become one, 4 + 3 pattern in the 120 + 70, 4 months + 3 months, 4 + 3 Seals.


Study of JehoiaCHIN, the 3rd "seven times" of Lev. 26: 24-26; the 3rd Generation of Adventism, 3rd sin in Eze. 8, the false message, PK 444, false call out of Babylon, false Latter Rain (weeping for Tammuz), false Seal, false books "of a new order" beginning in 1919, parallels Dan. 11:43.


Manasseh & the last three kings of Judah parallel the 4 times the "seven times" of the 2520 is mentioned in Lev. 26. Manasseh in Lev. 26:18, and esp. studying Jehoiakim in Lev. 26:22.




Dec. Wales, UK. (21of21)

(No Speaker notes available)


Overview: the advancing light of the 3rd Angel; 4 parts of Eze. 37 = 4 Angels' messages, Ezra 7:9 before the Sunday Law, last 7 kings = 7 Thunders, prophetic "fractals", our "visual test" of the shaking among the "disciples of 9/11".

(Marco #1)

The number “4”, a brief overview of 4 steps in the destruction of original Adventist theology from the 1863 chart to the introduction of Spiritual Formation studies as a prerequisite for all pastors & Bible workers.


Eze. 2 & 37, the disciples of 9/11 are to stand up, enter into covenant with God, receive His new name (Rev. 2). And because this Tarrying Time is the "day" of the Lord's Preparation, to take a double portion of "manna", to take TWICE as much time in studying (eating the Little Book), in order to prepare to be lifted up as an ensign at the Sunday Law.

(Marco #2)

A study of the 4 of the last 7 kings of Judah whose names have prophetic significance parallel to the 4 increasing abominations of Eze. 8.


God’s Appointed Way = Eating the “little book” after 9/11 in this time of tarrying, shaking & covenant. Heresies & fanaticism now is our “visual test”. Need to focus on Truth rather than personalities. Need to warn Adventism before their probation closes. Public evangelism = a truth “hoary with age”. GC452, show Israel their sins, Isa. 58 for the “disciples of 9/11”. 9/11 = political “horn” of the USA conquered by the papacy in the USA Patriot Act, at the same time as the “horn” of David “buds out” at the end of Eze. 29. Isa. 6 seeing the MHP = Rev. 18 = 9/11. Dan. 9, confessing the sins of our fathers, being tested by the same “4 generations” of SDA sins among the disciples of 9/11. Expect apostasies among us.

Everlasting Gospel = the work of Christ in creating & demonstrating two classes of worshipers (Cain/Abel) by the introduction of a 3-step prophetic testing message (among the disciples of 9/11).

3 steps from 9/11 to MC, + 3 steps from MC to SL.

1st step/test = angel comes down = union of human & divine at 9/11.

2nd step/test = “internal” = 2 charts (Miller’s Rules = “line upon line” =2 charts), & fanaticism & shaking.

2nd step/test = “external” = Image of the Beast.

MC = 1st step/test = wise virgins & H.S. = union of human & divine.

2nd step/test = “living testimony” to nominal SDAs.

3rd step/test = SL.

(1st test = turning points, crisis in Galilee, Jn. 6:66, Judas among the inner group, eating the “literal vs spiritual” book, truth vs error)


From 9/11 to the Midnight Cry: the experience of Judas during the Tarrying Time, fanaticism, Pergamos-compromise, the false Midnight Cry, literal vs spiritual, crisis in Galilee-turning points-Joseph.

#5 Q&A

The separation of wise/foolish & “lifting up” of wise, as “firstfruits” beginning at the MC. (Dan.6 in the lion’s den lifted up.) Parallels 15th & 16th of the month at Passover, Christ resurrected. Studying to get our message straight before doing public evangelism. 2nd Angel at Mar. 22, 1844 or April 19, 1844 (Ezra 7:9, 1st day, 5th month)…charge that Jeff is “moving the waymarks”, 5 kinds of time, Hebrew, Rabbinical, Karaite, Gregorian, prophetic.

(Question re. in the MC do the foolish realize they have no oil and go to the wise? Ans. They may not go to the wise for oil, but the people-groups will move like in the Millerite time. Many will come in during the MC but go out again at the SL.)

“ten” = test in Ex.16:4 (as well as other things depending on context).

The “perfect fulfillment” of all Bible prophecies is now. Millerite time as “imperfect” fulfillment.

“The Bible declares that before the coming of the Lord, Satan will work “with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness;” and they that “received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved,” will be left to receive “strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. Not until this condition shall be reached, and the union of the church with the world shall be fully accomplished throughout Christendom, will the fall of Babylon be complete. The change is a progressive one, and the perfect fulfillment of Revelation 14:8 is yet future.” {GC 389.3}

Sunday blue laws progress from the MC on (union of Ch & St, “Image” test), and there is a “plowing” before each waymark. The religious “horn” of the USA fell at the 2nd Angel in 1842. The political “horn” of the USA fell at 9/11 (with the USA Patriot Act), but will be demonstrated at the Sunday Law.



Prophetic fractals in 3 steps, 2 temple cleansings in 3 steps, Judas' 2 feasts, Joseph's turning points, Islam distracts the USA from enacting Sunday Laws.



The "effect of every vision" is now. The loyal enter into covenant & a testing time of 40. Those who turn rebellious try to do public evangelism (conquer Jericho) in their own strength rather than follow God's instructions. Intro to prophetic fractals, and preparation of hearts & minds now for the "Sabbath" at the "Day of the Lord" at the Sunday Law.



Joseph's turning point & Pharoah's two 2520-dreams. Class discussion of the "plenty" & "famine" in Egypt as prophetic fractals. Name change = new covenant as "old covenant" people are "divorced". Midnight Cry precedes, but at the Sunday Law, THEN true "world evangelism" begins.



Beginning of Ancient Israel & conquering Jerecho (public evangelism).
Ending of Ancient Israel & conquering Rome (public evangelism).
Beginning of Modern Israel (Adventism) & beginning public evangelism in 1850, AFTER the Covenant ("pillars", Sabbath, marriage, name change) is in place. Each covenant history has a shaking and separation between the “wise” who wait for God's directions, and the “foolish” who want to do warfare and attempt to "conquer the world" (through public evangelism) in their own strength.



The command TO sacrifice Isaac parallels the current command to NOT do public evangelism, an apparent reversal of the Divine Will up to that time.
Birth of Ismael as a result of not waiting for God to work in His strength, parallels trying to do evangelism in our own strength.
Birth of Isaac parallels the Midnight Cry & the Loud Cry after the Sunday Law, when God will do "public evangelism" in His strength (though Sarah did "11th-hour labor" in cooperation).



3 times of "plowing" and preparation before 9/11, the Midnight Cry, and the Sunday Law. Class discussion of the responsibility to share these subjects with Adventist churches. "Eating the little book" unites humanity with divinity and gives victory over sin.



Review & overview. Effect of every vision in our time, death of the old covenant people & begin of the new covenant people. 2-step firstfruits offerings, Priests & Levites. Living Testimony time from the waymarks of the Midnight Cry to the Sunday Law. 4 generations of progressive destruction of Joel as a fractal of the 7 Thunders. Plowing times between the waymarks. Successive 4-part tests as non-similar fractals that overlay the successive 3-part tests between the waymarks. Confessing the 4-part sins of the fathers of each group between the waymarks.



Q & A Re. who are the 144,000., 2 calls to the churches, wise & foolish separated. "Wonderful work in the cities" before the Sunday Law. Midnight Cry connected to "water" geographically (?) & other aspects. Brief history of the "public evangelism" controversy.



- 3-part fractals show tests & 4-part fractals show progressive destructions. In Lev. 26 each time "7 times" is mentioned it shows the events of the reigns of Manasseh, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah.
- Joel's 4 insects show progressive destruction, most lately of Adventist theology by the "old wine" drunkards of Isa. 28.
- Daniel's 4-part confession of the sins of the fathers shows the duty of the disciples of 9/11 now.
- Ezekiel 37's 4-part resurrection includes the union of the 2 sticks as typified by the last 7 kings of Judah & Israel, that overlap at the Midnight Cry & Sunday Law, which are the two main points of Ezra 7:9 as given by SS Snow at the Millerite Midnight Cry.
- Review of the 4-part apostasy of SDA leadership from 1863 to 1919.



Part 1. Jeff's personal testimony re. the "Advancing Light".
- Joel's 4 generations today (also Eze. 8), beginning in 1989> 1) Dan. 11:40-45 "forgotten" = Manasseh. 2) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) brought into SDA churches = Spiritualism. 3) Willow Creek style church-growth techniques = False latter rain. 4) Spiritual Formation ok'd for pastoral training at Andrews U. in Sept. of 2001 = Meriam dies, SDA "Sanhedrin" is bypassed.
- From 9/11 to now> 1) Eating the "little book" = charts = true "image of jealousy". 2) False (Greek style) education (use of old Protestant Bible commentaries instead of EGW) has led to Spiritualism (man's word currently being put above God's Word). 3) The False latter rain message we see now among "the disciples of 9/11" in the "time of the Locust" of Joel 1:4. 4) Sunday Law is next = Shut Door.
Part 2. Role of the USA (Egypt) as the 2-horned leader of the 10 kings (cities) in Eze. 29 & 30.



- Different kinds of "studying" going on in the 1830's than after Oct. 22, 1844.

- Review of the "Turning Points" at 9/11, Galilee & Capernaum, literal vs. spiritual-figurative "bread from heaven".

- Union of the human & divine in "eating" the spiritual bread.

- The disciples of 9/11 must be "raised up" at the Midnight Cry or be lost forever!



- Part 1, Analysis of Desire of Ages, Chap. 41 "The Crisis in Galilee", how a misconception of prophecy is taking the "disciples of 9/11" away from the Truth at this time.

- Part 2, further study of the present "Tarrying Time" and events we are now experiencing, just before the true Midnight Cry begins.



- Don't move the Waymarks. Doubles or "twos" always appear at the Midnight Cry waymark. Now is the perfect fulfillment of every vision, so the "wizards" of Isa. 8:19 must apply to false teachers among the "disciples of 911" today who move the "day of the Lord" waymark from the Sunday Law to 9/11.
- If there are "true" watchmen, then there must also be "false" ones at the same time.
- The "wondrous power of God" is to be shown to Adventism & the world between the Midnight Cry waymark and the Sunday Law.
- Review of "close of probation" language in the 3 destructions of Shiloah & Jerusalem in the Bible & EGW, parallel to the Sunday Law. Don't move the waymarks!


- Waymark of the "formalization of the message", specifically in the publication of the "Time of the End" magazine in 1996.
- EGW comments on the danger of disregarding the messenger of truth.
- Heretics & Fanatics, part 1.


- "Literal vs Figurative" argument between U. Smith & James White; and Future For America & other ministries' argument Re. "towers".
- An examination of Wm. Miller's rules, and their misuse today by other ministries which is the cause of the present shaking.
- The shaking of 1888 parallels the shaking of 9/11.



- 1776-1996 = 220 = Restoration. Future For America formalized the message for these last days (Dan. 11:40-45) in the "Time of the End" magazine in 1996.
- 4 conflicts going on now: 1) Is Joel about Islam, the 144.000, or the papacy/Rome? 2) Should Bible prophecy be interpreted literally, or figuratively? 3) Is the "Day of the Lord" at 9/11, or the Sunday Law? 4) Is the present "tarrying time" the time to spend all our energy on public evangelism, or is it time to examine our message, weed out the errors of the past, and get it straight just before the Sunday Law crisis hits?
- The 1st waymark shows the union of the divine & human.
- The 2nd waymark for the "disciples of 9/11", or our "visual test", is that the rebellions of Judas, Korah, Dathan & Abiram & the 1888 General Conference all represent the present "shaking" in the Present Truth movement, just before the Midnight Cry begins.