~ 2017 Judgment of the Living Class Notes ~

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Judgment of the Living Class Notes 2017


- Class reviews the story of Gideon. Judges 7, Gideon “blows the trumpet” at 9/11 (Jer. 6:17, God’s people generally  refuse to obey the trumpet alarm), the army of the faithful few comes together (Eze. 37), and the “two temple cleansings” begin, one at “Midnight” (MD, parallel to the Millerite “Midnight” on April 19, 1844 GC 398), and the other with “water” at the “Midnight Cry”  (MC, many “water” connections at the MC), before the 300 “break their pitchers” and attack with the “Loud Cry” at the SL. 


- 9/11 marks the beginning of the 3-step “everlasting gospel” testing process, not MD, therefore there are “two gospels” today (Gal. 1:8-9), the true, and “any other gospel” = 2 (a doubling is often seen at the MC). 


- Jud. 7:7, the evil 3-fold union is on the “north”. V.3, 1st cleansing at Gilead (Galeed) “heap of witness”. V.6, 2nd temple cleansing, a “judgment of the living” before MD. 


- v.19, “middle watch” = MD as a period of time rather than a point in time. v.20, Light in earthen vessels = incarnation, loud cry. 


- The 9/11 connection to 8-11-1844 is the restraint of Islam. In Rev. 9:14 the “4 angels” of Islam are loosed, then restrained at the end of the 391yr. 15 day prophecy in v. 15. Then the angel of Rev. 10 “came down” parallel to the angel of Rev. 18. 


- Isa. 27, “east wind” = Islam (which is the “angry horse” of Bible prophecy, 3SM 409) = “4 winds” that are “restrained” in Rev. 7:1, which is the sealing of the 144,000, which EGW says is the same as the “mark” in Eze. 9 (the investigative judgment of the living) who are the people that “sigh and cry” about the “tares” within the church. 


- 4-19-44 = “1st temple cleansing” = closed door for the Protestants (judgment while they were still living). From 4-19-44 onward was a type of the sealing of the 144,000. 


- EW 249-251, those who refuse the 1st Angel’s message won’t be benefited by any other message. 


- GC 425, While Jesus is doing the work of the Day of Atonement from 9/11 to MD there is to be a special work of putting away of sin among God’s people. 


- When Jesus comes He brings His reward with Him, therefore the Investigation about who receives His reward, and the close of probation, has to be done BEFORE “He comes” for the “Priests” (those who understood the prophetic significance of 9/11 first), the “Levites” (who understand the prophetic significance of 9/11 from MD onward), and “11th hr. Workers” or “Nethinim” (who understand the prophetic significance of 9/11 from the Sunday Law onward). 


- Two kinds of animals got on Noah’s Ark before the door closed. Charles Fitch (who created the 1843 Chart) was saved at his death just before the “door closed” on Oct. 22, 1844.

- For the “Priests” the “door closes” at Passover at MD. In Egypt the people had to have the blood on their doorposts BEFORE MD. Also Jesus in Jn. 17 announced to the Father that His work was finished, and God also revealed Himself BEFORE Gethsemane where the “door closed” at MD. 


- All the characteristics of one Waymark cannot be applied to another, neither can all the characteristics of one prophetic story be applied at only one Waymark. For example, the transition from King Saul to David happens in steps in a linear fashion at all the Waymarks, beginning in 1989. 

In the building of the Temple the “Foundation” was laid at 9/11 and then there is a process before it will be  finished before the SL. EGW also warns against moving the Waymarks. 


- Eze. 8 & 9 illustrate that there are people who see the sins in the Church and “sigh and cry” about them, BEFORE the sealing & judgment at MD, and those who claim the “tares” can’t be seen before MD are denying the fact that the “Omega apostasy” is among us now, and that they are a part of it. It is “circular reasoning”. 


- Two Temple Cleansings: 8-11-1840 to the 1843 Chart = “visual test” from 1842 to 4-19-44 = 3-tests for the Protestants, then 4-19-44 to 8-15-44 (MC) to 10-22-44 = 3-tests for the Millerites, both happening when the people were alive so it was two “judgments of the living”, but for the Millerites it was also their “sealing” time. 


- Mt. 16:1, the Jews wanted a miraculous “sign” that could be seen, but rejected the true “sign” of Jesus’ work and teaching. Many cannot see the “sign” of the “work & message” during this sealing time since 9/11 which is the “glory” of this time. The time from 9/11 to MD is also the “everlasting gospel” that separates two classes of worshipers, and to deny that is to bring in “another gospel” that is “accursed” in Gal. 1:8. 


- Rev. 7 shows the “sealing” & “judgment of the living” of the 144,000 at the end of the world, and the “4 winds” and “east” is a reference (among other things) to Islam, the “children of the East”. 


- Eze. 37:7-9, v.7 = 1989 (Dan. 11:40-45), v.9 “4 winds” = 9/11 = Islam (3SM 409) since the prophets all agree, and the message of Islam raises up an “army”. 


- Judges 7, Gideon’s army was raised up at 9/11, then went through “Two Temple Cleansings” at MD & the MC. 


- GC 439, the “winds” the 4 angels are holding include other warring nations too. TM 444, Christ as “the mightiest of angels” came (down) from the “east” (on 9/11) to bid the 4 angels to “hold” the “4 winds of strife (same as on 8-11-40), and the “sealing” of the 144,000 begins with the “Priests”. Those who plan & execute sin will have their names blotted out of the book of life at the same time. (GC 425, either the sins or their names are blotted out, both in the Temple in heaven, and on the earth in individual soul-temples’ lives.) TM 445, The sealing in Eze. 9 is the same as the sealing in Rev. 7, and the “distress of nations” (Lk. 21:25-26) in 1838 = Islam (U. Smith), which also = “angering of the nations” in the “3rd Woe” (Rev. 11:18). 


- Class discusses Islam as the persecutor of God’s people, but at 9/11 Islam distracted those (the Moral Majority in 2001) who were about to bring SL persecution. The judgment upon God’s people are the men with the slaughtering weapons of Eze. 9 who come from “the north” = Rome.


- EGW describes both the Investigative Judgment and the “blotting out of sins” as a process throughout human history, but also as a point in time at the end of human history, but don’t confuse the two. 


- GC 485, The work of the Investigative Judgment and the “blotting out of sins” takes place before the second coming of Christ. 


- ST 5-16-95, “blotting out of sins” comes after the Investigative Judgment. 


- Judgment comes in 4 general stages: the dead, the “Priests”, the “Levites”, the “11th hr. workers”. 


- 1T 99-100, “The Lord has provided means to keep the church pure.”…”The sieve is moving” = separating. “As we near the judgment all will manifest their true character and it will be made plain to what company they belong” (BEFORE MD). 


- The 3rd Angel’s message is to prepare us (as Friday, the “Preparation Day”) to stand in the judgment (for the Priests, at MD, at the first Sabbath/Sunday controversy). 


- In the chiasm of the Millerite time there was an argument, after 10-22-44, over whether or not there was a “shut door” on 10-22-44, and now in our time in the chiasm there already is an argument over whether or not there will be a “shut door” at either MD or a little after MD. 


- Discussion centers on how we close our own “door of probation” before Christ officially declares it closed. That some have closed their own “door of probation” is shown by their bitter opposition to the truth (the “activity of the enemies” Waymark).


 - Those who saw the animals getting onto Noah’s Ark closed their own “door of probation” by not getting on the Ark, then the “door closed” on the Ark itself. 


- {EW 67.2} “Those who would not receive the mark of the beast and his image when the decree goes forth, must have decision now to say, Nay, we will not regard the institution of the beast.”  Their previous decision closes their “door of probation” before MD (when the first SL will appear), when after “the battle of Raphia” (Dan. 11:11, 217 BC, a type of the final battle between the kings of the North and South), the victorious KS (Ptolemy IV) was refused at “Jerusalem”, and then wreaked vengeance on Sabbathkeepers in his own country, which we expect to be Russia. 


- Dan. 3, Shadrach, Mesach & Abed-Nego made their decision to not bow to the Image (SL) as it was being built before it was completed (2nd “visual” test), then the “7 x hotter” was at the third test when they were thrown into the furnace at the Universal SL. 


- Eze. 37:9, it is the “4 winds” of prophecy that give life. Isa. 27, the “rough wind” & “east wind” of Islam is “restrained”, which is the “sealing” time. 


- 3T 266-7, (The closing work.) “Especially in the closing work for the church, in the sealing time of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who are to stand without fault before the throne of God, will they feel most deeply the wrongs of God’s professed people. This is forcibly set forth by the prophet’s illustration of the last work under the figure of the men each having a slaughter weapon in his hand.” …”They will fall in the general destruction of the wicked, represented by the work of the five men bearing slaughter weapons” (at the 7 Last Plagues). 


- {15MR 292.4} “…Hold, hold the four winds that they blow not upon the earth until I have sealed the servants of God in their foreheads. But because the people are disobedient, unthankful, unholy, as were ancient Israel, time is prolonged that all may hear the last message of mercy proclaimed with a loud voice. The Lord’s work has been hindered, the sealing time delayed. Many have not heard the truth. But the Lord will give them a chance to hear and be converted, and the great work of God will go forward.”—Letter 106, 1897. 


- When the “4 winds” are “restrained” it is the “sealing time”, in 1844, in 1888, and today from 9/11 onward,, but in 1844 & 1888 the “sealing time” was cut short because of disobedience, so there is no “binding off” event illustrated in those previous times. The point is that the “binding off” event always comes at the END of the “sealing time” for the “Priests” (from 9/11 to MD), and at the END of the “sealing time” for the “Levites” (from MD to the SL), and at the END of the “sealing time” for the “Nethinim/11th hour workers” (from the SL in the USA to the universal SL). 


- {1888 Materials, p. 809.4} Rev. 18 at 9/11 = the “real closing work”, not just a “type” of the closing work. “The results of the circulation of this book [Great Controversy] are not to be judged by what now appears. … The fulfillment of some of the predictions will inspire faith that others also will come to pass, and when the earth is lightened with the glory of the Lord in the closing work, many souls will take their position on the commandments of God as the result of this agency.” 


- {GC 426.1} “The coming of Christ as our high priest to the most holy place, for the cleansing of the sanctuary, brought to view in Daniel 8:14; the coming of the Son of man to the Ancient of Days, as presented in Daniel 7:13 (with “clouds”); and the coming of the Lord to His temple, foretold by Malachi, are descriptions of the same event; and this is also represented by the coming of the bridegroom to the marriage, described by Christ in the parable of the ten virgins, of Matthew 25.” 


- GC 352, “This service [Day of Atonement] involves a work of investigation, a work of judgment; and it immediately precedes the coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven…” (Dan. 7:13, “with clouds”) 


- All of the “comings” of Christ are “types” of His 2nd Coming, including His GC 426 “coming” at MD.

- {1T 99.3} “God is sifting His people….We all have reason to thank God that a way has been opened to save the church; for the wrath of God must have come upon us if these corrupt pretenders had remained with us.” “Every honest soul that may be deceived by these disaffected ones, will have the true light in regard to them, if every angel from heaven has to visit them, to enlighten their minds.” 


- Someone has to point out who the “disaffected ones” are. 


- {1T 100.1} “We have nothing to fear in this matter. As we near the judgment, all will manifest their true character, and it will be made plain to what company they belong. The sieve is moving.” 


- The judgment of the living had to begin at 9/11 or else the Angel of Rev. 18 did not descend at 9/11. 


- “The closing work” is generally marked at Oct. 22, 1844, but more specifically at the judgment of the living, and it is done when Christ says “It is finished”. 


- {19MR 40.4} “In the days of the early Christians, Christ came the second time. His first advent was at Bethlehem, when He came as an infant. His second advent was at the Isle of Patmos, when He revealed Himself in glory to John the Revelator, who “fell at His feet as dead” when he saw Him. But Christ strengthened him to endure the sight, and then gave him a message to write to the churches of Asia, the names of which are descriptive of the characteristics of every church.” 


- Christ’s birth and the vision at Patmos typify His final second coming. Acts 1:9-11, He comes with “clouds”. Also Dan. 7:13 (GC 426, 4 comings, GC 427, “separate and distinct”), Lk 21:6-8, 24, the signs of Christ’s coming, Jerusalem trodden down by Gentiles (Rev. 11:2) until 1798, then in v.25 (the beginning of Millerite history); the “distress of nations” by Islam, and the “second coming with clouds” on 10-22-44, which parallels our history from 1989 to the “final” second coming with “clouds”. V. 30, the trees “shoot forth” at 9/11 which is a sign that the “Summer & harvest” at the end of the world is near, and v. 32, the “generation” that sees these signs will also see Him come. 


- After the COP there is still a purification process, “their earthliness must be consumed” (GC 621) before Jesus comes. 


- Mal. 3:1-4, Jesus came down at 9/11 (divinity flashed through humanity to begin the cleansing process, while probation was still open, and we are to “eat the little book” (of Daniel, Rev. 10:9) He brought which again is to unify divinity & humanity, and He put “line-upon-line” = “cord-upon-cord” that made a “scourge” for the money-changers and overturned their tables); and at the END of the “cleansing” He “shall come suddenly” at MD (for the “Priests”), but “their earthliness must be consumed” before the END of the purification process at MD. The “cleansing” is 3-fold, the human temple, the SDA Church temple, and the heavenly temple. 


- GC 424, the Millerites were looking for Jesus to “come to His temple” at the END of the “Two Temple Cleansings” on Oct. 22, 1844 when the “door closed”. 


- 4T 86, purifying before being called into service, before making the “offering in righteousness”. - {RH December 1, 1896, Art. B, par. 8} “…he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” A message which is as a two-edged sword must be given to the people, to clear away the evils that are seen among them. A living testimony that will awaken the paralyzed conscience is to be borne.” 


- There is to be a (Laodicean) message that clears away the evils in the camp (Isa. 58:1), but some  deny that you can see the difference between “wheat & tares” before MD or you become an “accuser of the brethren”. 


- EW 259, “Those who rejected the testimony of John were not benefited by the teachings of Jesus.” The purification happens in 3 steps, before MD. 


- {2SM 148.2} “But one was needed to prepare the way before Christ who was bold enough to make his voice heard like the prophets of old, summoning the degenerate nation to repentance.” John the Baptist’s message to Laodicea (as a two-edged sword) was the first step in the purification process, parallel to 1888 & 9/11. 


- 6T 404.3, the preparation is going on in the heavenly temple, and also in our bodily earthly temples in the closing work of the sealing time now. 


- GC 425, Purification on earth as in heaven. “While the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven, while the sins of penitent believers are being removed from the sanctuary, there is to be a special work of purification, of putting away of sin, among God’s people upon earth.” Then “the offering” is ready. 


- {1888 219.2} “I know that there is precious truth to be unfolded to us (Dan. 11 & the 7th Seal) if we are the people that are to stand in the day of God’s preparation” (from 9/11 > MD where the “Day of the Lord” Sunday law crisis is at least typified, because after “Raphia” there is an attempted Temple desecration [abomination of desolation which is the Sunday Law] and a slaughter of Sabbathkeepers). 


- {5T 590.2} Preparation leads to the 3rd step of judgment. “We are in the day of God’s preparation. Let nothing be regarded as of sufficient worth to draw your minds from the work of preparing for the great day of judgment.” 


- {Ms19b-1890.65} This has been repeated to me so many times, “It is the day of God’s preparation to prepare a people to stand in the day of the Lord.” - {RH December 27, 1898, par. 14} This is the day of the Lord’s preparation. He says: “Behold, I come as a thief (NOTE: at MD, when the “storm” hits). Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.” The great work from which the mind should not be diverted, is the consideration of our safety in the sight of God. The storm is coming, relentless in its fury. Are we prepared to meet it? Are our feet on the Rock of Ages? Are we one with Christ, as he is one with the Father? (cf. the EGW/Will Ross “railroad depot”, “windstorm”  vision). 



 by Elmer M. Johnson

Brother Will Ross, now deceased, was a personal friend of mine

for about 45 years. In our church fellowship we very often spent

Sabbath afternoons discussing his experience in the message, and his

conversations with Mrs. Ellen G. White./

About 1908, while living in Loma Linda near Sister White, he

frequently accompanied her in her walks, and would discuss the message

and future events. On one of these occasions, while waiting at the

railroad depot, in company with Sister Mcinterfer and Elder D. E.

Robinson, her granddaughter's husband, Sister White related to the

three of them about the storm of persecution that was to come upon

Seventh-day Adventists. Brother Will related it to me as follows:/

"Sister White told us as we three stood there on the depot

platform, that a terrible storm of persecution was coming like a

windstorm that blew down every standing object. There was not a

Seventh-day Adventist to be seen. They, like the disciples, forsook

Christ and fled. All who had sought positions were never seen again.

"After the storm there was a calm, then the Adventists arose like

a great flock of sheep, but there were no shepherds. They all waited in

earnest prayer for help and wisdom, and the Lord answered by helping

them to choose leaders from among them who had never sought positions

before. They prayed earnestly for the Holy Spirit which was poured out

upon them making them fully ready for service. They then went forth

'fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with

banners,' to give this message to the world.

"I was astonished, and asked if that applied to Loma Linda, as we

were looking in that direction. Sister White replied to my question by

stating that it applied to the entire denominational world. It so

stunned me that I did not ask any more questions."

 /--- Will Ross, Boulder, Colorado/

 /In the year 1943 when Elder D. E. Robinson was visiting the

churches in Colorado, I was serving on the platform the Sabbath that

Elder Robinson visited the Boulder Church, having with him the large

Bible which Sister White held in her hand and leafing through during

one of her visions./

 /At the close of the service Brother Ross spoke with Elder

Robinson about when he, Sister Mcinterfer and Sister White were

standing on the depot platform visiting together, and Sister White

related to him about the terrible storm of persecution that was coming

to Seventh-day Adventists. Elder Robinson replied, "Yes, Brother, Ross,

I remember it."/

 /So I documented this reply January 15, 1946, not wishing to

forget this important narration related to me by Brother Ross. I

frequently discussed it with him in later years, and his statement

never varied. - [signed] Elmer M. Johnson/


- {RH August 18, 1885, par. 14} The third angel’s message must go over the land, and awaken the people, and call their attention to the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Another angel (Rev. 18) unites his voice with the third angel, and the earth is lighted with its glory. …Do you really believe that this work in which we are engaged is truly the third angel’s message? If so, then you understand that we have a mighty work to do, and that we ought to be about it  We must sanctify ourselves by a strict obedience to the truth, placing ourselves in right relation to God and his work. As the truth goes forth, Satan intensifies his zeal to defeat its progress by presenting pleasing delusions. As we urge the truth, he urges his errors. (Like Rev. 18 didn’t happen at 9/11) … Here are two companies; one of them is being bound in bundles to burn, the other is being bound by the cords of truth and love (when the Angel of Rev. 18 lightens the earth with his glory). Satan is binding his followers with the work of iniquity; Christ is binding together his people in love and faith in the keeping of his commandments. And this work will increase more and more, and Satan will work to divide and separate God’s people one from the other. And while he is doing this kind of work, be careful that none of you are found helping him. We want to put away our cold-heartedness, and let love, tender compassion, true courtesy, and the spirit of tenderness come into our midst. Here we are in the waiting time (tarrying time), in the day of God’s preparation.

Answer to a question:
The KN & KS are using proxies now, or "puppets" let's say. The proxy of the KN is now the USA since 1989, and even though the atheistic USSR that opposed Rome is dead, Russia still opposes the USA as a proxy for the KN (Rome). Therefore Russia takes over as a proxy for the KS.

- Each Reformline, with its various Waymarks, is a symbol in itself that must be guarded (can’t move the characteristics of 9/11 to MD).


 - The Millerite Reformline illustrates the process of the Two Temple Cleansings, and also the Judgment of the Living. It is clear that the Protestants began closing their door of probation when they refused Miller’s second set of lectures in 1842, and the “visual test” of the 1843 Chart, but it was a process that ended on 4-19-44 at the 1st Disappointment. The Millerite “Temple Cleansing” was more about the sealing than the close of probation for them because the Investigative Judgment began after the “door closed” at 10-22-44 (even though the Millerite “tares” had closed their individual probations sometime earlier). 


- EGW describes Jones & Waggoner’s 1888 “loud cry” & “trumpet” (Isa. 58) message to Laodicea (their “foundation” message) in the same words as Rev. 18 which is parallel to 9/11, therefore 1888 is also parallel to 9/11. The Laodicean message lists 5 sins (wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked) which are directed at the “5 foolish virgins” who are the “tares” in the church, visible at 1888 which is also 9/11, BEFORE MD, which is also the “closing work” (GC 611) and the “Day of the Lord’s Preparation” before the first Sabbath/Sunday crisis, which is the “Day of the Lord” and “Close of Probation” for the “Priests” that is typified by events at MD. Therefore there is no revelation of sins after MD for the “Priests”.


 - 9/11 marks the “tarrying time” (4-19-44) as well as the “closing work” and the “Day of the Lord’s Preparation”. 


- {RH August 18, 1885, par. 14} “The third angel’s message must go over the land, and awaken the people, and call their attention to the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Another angel (Rev. 18:1-3) unites his voice with the third angel, and the earth is lighted with its glory (at 9/11, not MD). … Do you really believe that this work in which we are engaged is truly the third angel’s message? If so, then you understand that we have a mighty work to do (The work from 9/11 > MD is the “glory”, GC 611.), and that we ought to be about it. … As the truth goes forth, Satan intensifies his zeal to defeat its progress by presenting pleasing delusions. … Here are two companies …” 


- Commenting on the above quote: Eze. 37:7-9 (dry bones & wind) compared with the “4 anointings of David” from 1989 > 9/11, the “glory” is the “work” (GC 611). 9/11 = “tarrying time” & 4-19-44 for the Protestants. We are the voice of the 3rd Angel, and there “two companies”, a counterfeit new movement (“new organization” 1SM 204) taking place that comes out of the previous movement, but if you believe you can’t tell the “wheat & tares” apart before MD then you cut off your ability to tell the difference between the “two companies” and are in great danger. 


- The 1843 & 1850 Charts were the 1st test (old paths) for us, but the 2nd or “visual test” for us is the controversy over truth & error. 


- {RH August 17, 1897, par. 14} Satan is striving to gain every advantage. He desires to secure, not only students, but teachers. He has his plans laid. Disguised as an angel of light, he will walk the earth as a wonder-worker. In beautiful language he will present lofty sentiments. Good words will be spoken by him, and good deeds performed. Christ will be personified, but on one point there will be a marked distinction. Satan will turn the people from the law of God (which is the same as moving the “foundation” from 9/11 to MD). Notwithstanding this, so well will he counterfeit righteousness, that if it were possible, he would deceive the very elect. Crowned heads, presidents, rulers in high places, will bow to his false theories. Instead of giving place to criticism, division, jealousy, and rivalry, those in our schools should be one in Christ. Only thus can they resist the temptations of the arch-deceiver.” 


- {RH August 17, 1897, par. 15} “…Men professing godliness have despised Christ in the person of his messengers. Like the Jews, they reject God’s message. (You can’t separate the message from the messenger.) The Jews asked regarding Christ, “Who is this? Is not this Joseph’s son?” He was not the Christ that the Jews had looked for. So today the agencies that God sends are not what men have looked for. But the Lord will not ask any man by whom to send. He will send by whom he will. Men may not be able to understand why God sends this one or that one. His work may be a matter of curiosity. God will not satisfy this curiosity; and his word will not return unto him void.” 


- [par. 16] “Let the work of preparing a people to stand in the day of God’s preparation be entered upon by all who believe the word.” 


- [par. 17] “Every soul that names the name of Christ should be under service. All should say, “Here am I; send me.” The lips that are willing to speak, though unclean, will be touched with the living coal, and purified.” However, one must be justified before MD, not after. 


- {12MR 186.3} “Satan has been having things his own way; but the Lord has raised up men and given them a solemn message to bear to His people, to wake up the mighty men to prepare for battle, for the day of God’s preparation. (There is a battle going on during the “preparation” time.) This message Satan sought to make of none effect, and when every voice and every pen should have been intensely at work to stay the workings and powers of Satan there was a drawing apart; there were differences of opinion. This was not at all the way of the Lord.” 


- {3SM 174.1} Questions were asked at that time. “Sister White, do you think that the Lord has any new and increased light for us as a people?” I answered, “Most assuredly. I do not only think so, but can speak understandingly. I know that there is precious truth to be unfolded to us if we are the people that are to stand in the day of God’s preparation.” (New truth will enable us to stand in the Preparation day.)


- “The effect of every vision” is from 9/11 > MD (not from MD > MC).


 - GC 392, “The publication of this chart (1843) was regarded as a fulfillment of the command given by Habakkuk.”…” The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision.... I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass; it shall be no more prolonged.” “They of the house of Israel say, The vision that he seeth is for many days to come, and he prophesieth of the times that are far off. Therefore say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; There shall none of My words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done.” Ezekiel 12:21-25, 27, 28. {GC 392.3} 


- 9/11 forced the students of prophecy to look back at our SDA pioneer “old paths” as they appear on the 1843 & 1850 Charts, and connect 8-11-40 with 9/11, the restraint of Islam in the 3rd Woe. Then it became clear that the Millerite time was repeating now and that both Charts are “Present Truth” again. 


- Class discusses the “10 virgins” of the Millerite time, and their lack of preparation. The lamps of the wise virgins parallel with the symbolic lamps of the “Candlestick” that appear at each Waymark. It was the duty of the “Priests” to add oil to the lamps at each Waymark to keep the lamps of the Waymarks on the total “Candlestick” burning. The foolish “Priests” ignored their lamps at each Waymark and let them go out. 


- Amos 8:11-14, famine of the words (oil) of the Lord at the end of the world. “North to East” = trying to understand Dan. 11:40-45 (the KN & Islam), during the time of the “Image of the Beast” throughout “Israel” (from Dan > Beersheba), but it is too late. 


- “Midnight” (MD) begins for each individual who has closed his own door of probation by rejecting or neglecting light before the “corporate” Close of Probation, so in a sense the whole life of that person from that point onward is “MD”. 


- Question of whether the 7th Seal is before MD or after MD. 


- The work of the High Priest on the Day of Atonement was not for “hidden”, “unknown” or unconfessed sins, but only for recognized and confessed sins. 


- {ST October 23, 1879, Art. B, par. 6-8} “Bogus sanctification” & insubordination.

This false sanctification is most dangerous and deceptive in its influence upon all who accept it. A peculiar atmosphere surrounds them, an influence which, when brought in contact with others, if not discerned, is breathed in unconsciously by the receiver. This atmosphere is charged with poison which is death to spirituality. There are no snares of Satan more hard to be discerned and defined, and souls be rescued from, than this delusion. ST October 23, 1879, par. 6

Those who accept this bogus sanctification do not hesitate to draw away from the body and set themselves up as criteria. They claim that the Lord is leading them, and do not seek counsel of the church, but move out independently, deceived in themselves and deceiving others. The poison of this so-called sanctification is inhaled, and the atmosphere, apparently so balmy, is intoxicating and destructive to those who are charmed with it. Each individual will have an independence of his own, claiming to be taught of God; therefore no one must get in their way or interfere with their course of action. This is as Satan would have it. The voice of the church, God's delegated power upon earth, is set aside and despised. These professedly sanctified ones are filled with vain conceit, and with presumption move on in their own wisdom, exhorting others to come up to the exalted standard of themselves. They disregard the teachings and prayer of Christ that his disciples may be one as he was one with the Father, “that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.” The unity and oneness of the church was to be the living epistle, known and read of all men. The world was to see in their harmony and love for each other the life of Christ exemplified. ST October 23, 1879, par. 7

Individuals who will strike out upon some new light and some new truth, independent of the body, are pursuing a course directly contrary to the word of God. If they have any influence over others, it is to disaffect them and lead them away from the watchcare, counsel, and strength of the body. And the very ones who claim sanctification, have in their hearts insubordination, pride, envy, jealousy, and evil surmising of their brethren. They sit as judges upon the life and character of their brethren. These are the fruits generally to be found growing upon the tree of false sanctification. This class have graduated. They suppose they have come to the knowledge of the truth. If they attend camp-meetings, they will think they are so far ahead of the servants of God who labor in the meetings that they cannot learn anything, therefore the word or message of instruction God gives his servants for the people is not for them. They will generally be found drawing one or two away, holding them in conversation, imparting to them the great light they suppose they have; and thus some are deprived of hearing the message of God to the people. These self deceived men are drawing away souls from the body, scattering from Christ, and bringing in dissension and division. Individual experience is set above the authority of the church, and their example leads others whom they deceive to regard lightly the voice of counsel and admonition of the church. This course has worked the ruin of very many souls in every age of the world. As children in the family of God we need the wisdom and experience of matured Christians to direct, to encourage, and to defend us in times of danger, and to lead on to constant growth in grace, and to seek daily attainments in the knowledge of the truth and true holiness."